11 Awesome Movies To Watch Before Going To Disney World

There’s currently in excess of 500 movies that have been made by Walt Disney, luckily for you, we don’t expect you to watch all of these movies before a Disney World vacation. In most cases, you might have not known these movies existed, or even if you did that these movies were part of the Disney family.

In this article, we aim to highlight some of the most prominently featured movies and characters in the parks at Walt Disney World. We’ve broken the list down by park, so if you’re only planning on visiting Magic Kingdom, for instance, you can focus on that list specifically – that’s just an idea.

For us this article was a bit of fun, we’re big Disney fans and any chance we have to write another Disney associated article or help anyone plan a Disney trip in any capacity is something we’re up for!

Side note: These movies are not in any particular order. Don’t feel compelled to watch one that you assume your family might not like or assume that the movie at the top of the list is any better than the one at the bottom of the list.

Also, just because you’re only going to Magic Kingdom, for instance, don’t assume you can’t enjoy any of the other magical Disney classics that have been listed under some of the other parks.


Located just between Fantasyland and Liberty Square you’ll find references to the film Tangled including the wonderful Rapunzel’s tower. As of right now there are no rides or meet and greets in this area. An sadly, you’re not able to get up close or access the castle.

However, there’s a fantastic photo op in this location which is absolutely perfect if you’ve got the memory maker. Head to this location at night and get your photo taken with one of the incredible luminous lanterns.

If you’re a fan of Tangled, then don’t forget to head to the Princess Pavilion in Fantasyland for a meet and greet with Rapunzel.


Just next to “It’s A Small World” in Fantasyland you’ll find Pinocchio’s, Village Haus. This is a great quick service dining location with plenty of references to the incredible Disney film; Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is also referenced during the “Happily Ever After” fireworks display at Magic Kingdom and although he has no designated meet and great location can sometimes be found wandering the park.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan as a character and the movie as a whole is heavily referenced in the ride; Peter Pans Flight. This ride is actually in Disneyland Paris and Disneyland, CA too.

This ride opened alongside the Magic Kingdom Park back in 1971, so for many visitors, it’s heavily nostalgic. Controversially, I find it incredibly over-rated.

Swiss Family Robinson

Climbing the Swiss Family Treehouse in Magic Kingdom is one of our favourite things to do, time after time. There’s never a queue and despite the heat, it’s always incredibly rewarding to see the views out over to Space Mountain from the top.

If you watch the Swiss Family Robinson film then you’ll no doubt take particular interest to the details within the treehouse that corresponds with that of the film.

Monsters Inc & Monsters University

While you don’t have to have seen Monsters Inc (and or) Monsters University to appreciate the incredible jokes at The Monsters Inc Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom it certainly helps.

This is without a doubt one of our favourite attractions / shows at Magic Kingdom and if you’ve seen Monsters Inc you can surely imagine why. Better yet, it’s suitable for the entire family!

Snow White

Snow White doesn’t have an official Meet and Greet spot in Magic Kingdom, however, she can on occasion be found at the front of the park between the information point and guest relations (on the right-hand side if facing the castle)

Characters from the film are referenced on the thrill ride; Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. Which is one of the rides we recommend getting a fast-pass for if your party is interested in thrill rides.

Dumbo (1942) & Dumbo (2019)

I’m not going to get into a debate about ‘the right’ Dumbo film to watch for your trip to Magic Kingdom. As long as you watch one of the two (or both) you’ll be fully set to experience the magic of the film inside the park.

Thanks to the recent re-release of the film there’s a lot more Dumbo merchandise available in the shops, not to mention a chance to experience some Dumbo magic on the ride; Dumbo The Flying Elephant which is situated inside Storybook Circus.


If your little ones love Princesses then, we’d recommend watching Cinderella in preparation to meet her at Fairytale Hall. Don’t forget you’ve also the chance to meet Cinderella and some of the other princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table a restaurant at the far side of the Magic Kingdom park.

Pro tip: If you’re looking forward to meeting the princesses then don’t forget to also watch Beauty and the Beast to prepare to meet Belle at Fairytale Hall and possibly even The Beast at the restaurant, Be Our Guest.

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion ride reflects that of the very mansion featured in the film, Haunted Mansion featuring Eddie Murphey. Again, it’s a ride and film suitable for the entire family (although little ones might find it a little scary).

This ride is a classic, and very popular so if it’s one you’d like to go on I’d consider putting it on your list of Magic Kingdom fast passes.

Aladdin (1992) & Aladdin (2019)

Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 & Toy Story 4

While you don’t necessarily have to have seen all the Toy Story films to enjoy Toy Story Land within Hollywood Studios, you probably should. The franchise is one of Disney’s most successful and now has an entire area dedicated to it within the Hollywood Studios park.

Toy Story Land is designed to shrink you down to toy size and see the world like a toy. Everything is gigantic and filled with animated detail. There are some fantastic rides including Slinky Dog Dash and Toy Story Mania as well as incredible character interactions.

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