11 Best Airbnbs Near Universal Studios Orlando

Going to Universal Studios Orlando is one of the most exciting vacations one could go on, the park itself is a dream. However, planning where to stay can be an entirely different feeling. Finding a hotel is stressful, whether it is on-site or off-site. Renting an Airbnb is a much more affordable, easy, and comfortable option for your group.

The benefits of renting an AirB&B is that you can spend less and get more, including a private pool, parking included and a fully fitted kitchen to cook meals on an evening. It is the perfect option for many families and larger groups as everyone has their own space and room.

1. Full Luxury Apartment Hosted by Amy

This apartment is the first option on this list because it boasts a short ten-minute drive to Universal Studios. On top of this, it is a fancy apartment that can fit six guests for only around $150 a night. This is a rare find near a theme park.

This apartment also includes several other wonderful amenities, such as:

  • A pet-friendly environment that you pay a small fee to keep
  • The entire apartment to yourself, free to share with anyone that you wish
  • A fully furnished kitchen that can be used to cook meals whenever you would like
  • Wi-Fi that comes free with the rental of the location
  • Free parking, whether in street or driveway parking format
  • Laundry and the tools that you need to do several loads of laundry

On top of this apartment being a quality place to stay, the host is labelled as a Superhost. This means that they have provided quality stays for many guests over a long period. Knowing all of this, you are sure to be in good hands if something should go wrong.

This apartment has everything you need to make your theme park stay wonderful. Look no further if you are on the hunt for something that feels like a vacation away from your vacation.

2. Entire Condominium Hosted by David

This condominium is a mile away from Universal Studios and can fit six guests. For around $180 a night, this full house deal is a great option for guests seeking a bit of relaxation during their busy days.

The condominium includes amenities such as:

  • A furnished kitchen that can be used to cook any kind of meal that you need
  • A pool that is shared with other occupants of the area
  • Free parking in a lot that is shared by residents of the community
  • Free Wi-Fi that comes with the rental
  • A washer and dryer and the supplies that you need to do laundry
  • A view of Universal’s Volcano Bay Resort from the windows of the condominium
  • Proximity to dining and entertainment

The closeness that this location provides to so many forms of entertainment is unbeatable. For a full party, this is an affordable option that can be split among friends. It will provide a stay that feels like you are going from the park to your home.

Condominium stays are a little more expensive than the average Airbnb. However, they are worth it if you are looking to get a full vacation experience. On your time away from the parks you can watch movies, play board games, and even swim in the pool. Making the most out of your vacation will come easy with a place like this to come back to.

3. Walking Distance Luxury Apartment Hosted by Amy

This is another apartment hosted by Airbnb Superhost, Amy. This spot is only four miles from Universal Orlando, which means that it is within walking distance. A drive to the park will only set you back a few moments. For around $140 a night, you and five other guests can enjoy all the amenities that this space has to offer.

The amenities that come with this location are just as superb. They include a variety of useful items such as:

  • Proximity to grocery stores and other convenience locations
  • Free Parking in a lot that belongs to the apartments
  • An electric vehicle charger for any standard electric vehicle
  • A washer and dryer and the supplies needed to do them
  • A pool that is shared by the community
  • Permission to have a pet in the space
  • Wi-Fi that comes free with the rental

For a luxurious space that is close to the parks and the nightlife, choose this apartment. It will provide an excellent space to recharge after a long day at the parks. Vacation will feel perfect after a good night’s sleep in this space, and you will feel ready to take on each day after staying here.

4. The Heated Pool Oasis Hosted by Antonio

This is another home that is hosted by Superhost Antonio. At around $350 a night, this space is a bit more expensive. However, it is capable of providing room for ten people at night. This means two to three families could share the space. For the amenities that come with it, this is a better bargain than most quality hotel rooms.

This large home has many perks that are included when the payment is placed. Many of them are unique to the space and cannot be found at any other location in Orlando. Some of these are:

  • Location in a very nice neighborhood, three minutes from Universal Studios
  • A kitchen that can be used to cook any kind of meal
  • Barbeque that is outside for cooking dinners with the family
  • Heated Pool that is private to you and your guests
  • Private Entrance that is only used by you and your guests
  • Wi-Fi that comes free with the rental
  • Free Parking in the driveway and on the street

If you are planning to go with a large group of people, this house is an excellent choice. Whether you are going to the theme park, swimming, or hosting a barbeque, this home will provide the space and items that you need to do each of these tasks successfully. Having fun will not be a problem here.

5. Entire Townhouse Hosted by Best Orlando Rentals Team

This three-suite townhouse is a luxury location only a five-minute drive from Universal Studios. At around $285 a night, this one-of-a-kind location is hard to beat if you need a lot of space. It is clean, safe, and boasts a responsible co-host who has been reported to be helpful to past guests.

Of course, a stay is not a stay without the bonuses that come with it. The great amenities that come with this location include:

  • A pool that is shared by the location and the other people who occupy the space
  • A hot tub that is shared by the location and the other people who occupy the space
  • A kitchen that can be utilized to cook any type of meal
  • Free parking in a safe lot utilized by the other townhouse occupants
  • A crib that can be moved around the space
  • A gym that is shared by the location
  • A private entrance to the room that is only used by you and your guests
  • A balcony or a patio depending on the height of the location

The townhouse is also located near many grocery and drug stores, making it simple to stop and grab necessary items if you forgot to pack them. Staying here will simplify your theme park trip and make the process much more relaxing than it would be with a hotel. Here, you can experience the full package.

6. Penthouse With Orlando Eye View Hosted by David

This is the first penthouse on this list of exceptional Airbnb locations. While it costs quite a sum, this place can hold a total of fourteen guests. It has four bedrooms and two baths, so the price of around $400 could easily be split between three or even four families. It is only four miles away from Universal Studios.

Besides these wonderful traits, the penthouse also has many other items that come with it that can be beneficial to a group of vacationers. Some of these include:

  • Hard surface flooring in every room for maximum cleanliness and convenience
  • Large televisions in each bedroom for entertainment
  • A smokeless indoor grill for a unique cooking experience
  • Video games and other forms of entertainment
  • Resort-style pools that are shared with other residents of the building
  • Two jacuzzis that are shared by other residents of the building

There is much, much more that comes with this wonderful penthouse. The fourth-floor home has views of both Icon Park and the Orlando Eye. It is sure to satisfy anyone who desires to stay in the lap of luxury during their vacation.

Families can come back to this penthouse and relax in the evening. It is such a wonderful space that you may need to take a day or two to explore all that it has to offer. Though expensive, it is worth the splurge if you have a large group of people.

7. Lakefront Pool Condo Hosted by Best Orlando Rentals Team

If you are searching for an Airbnb with a lakeside view, look no further than this condominium hosted by the Best Orlando Rentals Team. For around $200 a night, you can get a space that holds seven guests comfortably. It is located on the seventh floor of a building and provides visitors with a stunning lake view.

The condominium is also only a mile and a half from Universal Studios, and just as close to lots of shopping and entertainment options. It can sleep even more people if necessary, meaning that it is perfect for families or friends looking to get in on this fun location.

On top of all of this, the lakefront condo comes with:

  • A Harry Potter themed bunk bedroom in one of the spaces
  • Two large outdoor pools that are shared by the building
  • Two large outdoor jacuzzis that are shared by the space
  • A welcome kit with soap and other essentials
  • An elevator to get to the unit on the seventh floor
  • A gym that can be used by anyone who lives in the building

This wonderful location is great for anyone who wants the peace and relaxation of a unit with a lakefront view. It is affordable and sure to fit your specific vacation needs in a manner that is unlike any other location you can stay at.

8. Resort Home by Best Orlando Rentals Team

This resort home is ideal for anyone who wants to spend their Orlando vacation celebrating in style. With three bedrooms and three and a half baths, this unique space can hold up to thirteen guests within its walls. It is even possible for more to fit inside if it becomes necessary for them to stay.

This location is a five-minute drive from Universal, and it looks like a theme park itself. It is located in a gated community, so parties and loud gatherings are not allowed. This can make for a peaceful stay if you are looking for a location full of quiet after a busy day in the parks.

On top of all of these wonderful benefits, this resort home also has:

  • A game room for everyone to enjoy and play in
  • A large swimming pool that anyone is able to use
  • A covered playground, perfect for little kids
  • A jogging trail for exercise
  • A washer and a dryer for doing laundry
  • A kitchen for cooking meals and relaxing
  • Bathrooms in every room, plus a spare one for guests

There are many other additional amenities besides this. For around $250 a night, it is hard to find a location that is bigger and safer than this one. You can feel at peace if you decide to move your Universal stay into this luxurious location.

9. Entire Rental Unit Hosted By Brad

The Condo is located a 10-minute drive from Universal Studios and 20 minutes drive to Walt Disney World which makes it a perfect location for anyone looking to explore both attractions. The condo is suitable for up to 6 guests with 3 beds and 2 bathrooms one of which comes with a bath perfect for families.

The area is well-suited for families with plenty to do nearby along with a pharmacy, markets, restaurants and even a short drive to Millenia Mall. The home comes fully furnished with everything from cooking facilities to comfortable beds and flat-screen tv.

On top of all of these wonderful benefits, this resort home also has:

  • Parking included with your stay at the condo
  • Laundry room
  • A fully fitted out kitchen
  • On site gym for guests to use
  • On site hot tub for guests to use
  • 2 Large pools available for guests

The condo is roughly $200 per night including service and cleaning fees.

10. Entire Residential Home Hosted by Best Orlando Rentals Team

This property is located a short 10-minute walk to Universal Studios making it a perfect location for those looking to spend anything from 3+ days at the Universal Studios Parks. You are also close to places such as the outlets, convention center, Sea World and Walt Disney World.

The home sleeps 9 guest within 3 bedrooms and has 2 bathrooms. There are two bedrooms with a king or queen bed while the third bedroom has 4 bunkbeds in making it perfect for larger groups or families.

On top of all of these wonderful benefits, this resort home also has:

  • Pets allowed
  • Washing machine & dryer available
  • Air conditioning
  • Garden area
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Free parking on premises

11. Entire Residential Home Hosted by David

This particular home is located across from Universal Studios Orlando and is a 10 minute walk from the complex to the resort. The location is perfect for anyone looking to save on parking at CityWalk everyday along with any additional transport costs.

Of course, a stay is not a stay without the bonuses that come with it. The great amenities that come with this location include:

  • Access to a pool
  • Washing & drying facilities
  • Pets allowed
  • Free parking on the premises
  • Air conditioning
  • Access to a garden space
  • Dishwasher
  • Fully fitted kitchen with appliances and utensils

The home has space for 10 guests making it perfect for families and large groups. The accommodation is split into 3 bedrooms with 7 beds and has access to 2 bathrooms. The first bedroom has 1 double bed, 2 single beds, whilst the second bedroom has 1 queen bed with the third bedroom has 1 king bed, 2 single beds.

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