14 Best Bag’s For Universal Studios

We have been to Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood enough times to know what you need to take and what kind of bag works well.

I am usually a strong advocate for packing sensibly, wearing comfortable clothing and being practical but Universal Studios is way too fun to be too restrictive. While I still think certain practicality applies to clothing, these rules are a little more relaxed when it comes to bags.

The most important thing is to work out what you want from a bag during your trip to Universal Studios. Whether you need functionality and practicality or you want some practicality along with some super fun Universal Studios style print from some of your favourite characters.

Can You Take Bags To Universal Studios

Bags are allowed into the parks of Universal Studios and are recommended for holding your essentials during your day. They are also perfect for holding your items together while you go on the rides.

There are very few restrictions in place on what type of bag you can bring. Just remember that when you are entering the area and parks of both Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, your bag will be checked by security.

What Kind Of Bags Are Allowed In Universal Studios

All bags, backpacks, purses, packages and items are subject to X-ray and/or additional inspection prior to entering CityWalk or the Theme Park(s). Suitcases and bags with wheels are prohibited.

Universal Studios have not directly mentioned measurements and sizes on their that are restricted so make sure your bag isn’t too large as they can still refuse you entry if they feel your bag is too large or would cause harm.

Should I Bring A Backpack To Universal Studios?

We definitely recommend taking a bag or backpack to Universal Studios to hold some of the essentials. This is mostly so you have somewhere to put your phones, tickets, snacks and money.

If you are coming as a larger party or family you could look at having one larger bag for items such as sun cream, water and snacks then everyone else can have a smaller bag or no bag for tickets and phones.

Alternatively, if it is just one or two of you going together you can take a considerably smaller bag. If you are going with children I would recommend a backpack that is easy to put on your back and still have your arms free for holding hands and carrying smaller children.

Can You Take Bags On Rides At Universal Studios

Unfortunately, bags are not allowed on rides and there are only three rides which do not require bags to go into lockers, these include Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls and Popeye & Bluto’s Blige Rar Barges. These also the rides in which you may get wet.

The rides in which you can not take your bag on there are free lockers provided. These hold your bag for a set amount of time and can be set and released using your fingerprint so you don’t have to worry about a key.

Where Can I Store My Bag At Universal Studios

The easiest option of where to store your bag is to leave it with one of the people from your party who are not going on the ride.

Alternatively, there are free lockers at most of the rides where you can store your bags. These can get a little busy when everyone is rushing in and out so make sure your stuff is in your bag ready to put away as soon as you get in the area.

Are lockers Free At Universal Studios?

Lockers located at rides are free to use for guests, you will have to place your items and loose objects into a locker before proceeding onto the ride.

There are some alternative lockers that are larger and located near the entrance to the park that enable you to store bags you don’t need to carry around all day. This can be food and snacks that you will only want to get to at lunch or a change of clothes for after water rides.

Tips For Choosing The Best Bag For Universal Studios

  • Try and pick a bag that is comfortable, easy to wear and straps are adjustable
  • Work out what you want to take and what is essential to put in your bag, that way you can make sure the bag is big enough.
  • Look for a bag you can use at other occasions and events and is multipurpose
  • Organise within the group or family who will be taking a bag and what each person will have to make sure you don’t end up carrying 7 bottles of suncream between you.
  • Find a bag that is both durable, waterproof if possible and is good quality so it is long lasting for your many more strips to Universal Studios.
  • If you require pockets or compartments for cameras, money and tickets look for those.
  • Have a bag that has a zip fastening so that your items are secure at all times.

Different Types Of Bags For Universal Studios

While you might start looking at bags for your trip you should probably look at what bag is best suited to your requirements. For example, if you have a large group or family that require extra clothes or suncream and nappies, you won’t want to take a fanny pack, you would probably need a backpack or satchel.

Make a list of things you would need or want in your bag from suncream to cameras and don’t forget tickets and money! That way you can choose a bag and size that suits the duties of what you need for a day at the Universal Studios parks. You can then find the right bag and style for you.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are the ultimate park bag, no matter where you are going these are super handy and easy to wear. I would recommend using a fanny pack if you are going as a solo person, with a group of friends or if you just need a quick to use bag alongside your larger family bag.

On our latest trip to Orlando, we found that 4 out of 8 people in our group were using fanny packs to save on carrying around a larger bag and to have the essentials close to hand.

You may still be required to place your fanny pack in lockers on certain rides but you can check that with the staff on the day. Some you may be able to tuck under a t-shirt for extra security while on a ride (if permitted).

Fanny packs can also be very diverse in how you wear them which is really helpful. You can wear them around your waist/hips or across your body so it sits on the front of your chest. Wearing is across your chest is a great way of keeping it secure and making sure it doesn’t slip down your waist while walking around the parks.


Backpacks are the easiest, in my opinion, to carry around Universal Studios and one of the most diverse bags you can use. With the size ranging depending on what backpack you choose, you can find any to suit your style and even size for your party.

Loungefly smaller backpacks are very popular with Disney fans and Universal Studios fans as they are good quality, look good and come in a range of super cool prints and designs. They are also solid in shape so you can stand them up in a locker and they don’t tend to sag.

Though they can be a little limiting on what you put in there as the structure is already set. If you were to use a soft shell style backpack you can put more in, stuff it with clothes and snacks if you need to and make it work for you. You may also find you want a backpack with multiple pockets to place your valuables like money and camera.

Along with a pocket on the side for water bottles and drinks, that is something I really value in a backpack as I love taking my water bottle to the parks.


Satchels are a great alternative to backpacks, especially if you don’t like carrying a backpack or can’t have as much weight on your shoulders.

These can sit on one shoulder at your side or across your body and rest on your opposite hip. I love this option as you have easy access to what is inside and if you need to grab hold of anything quickly.

These are popular for people who find backpacks too much fuss to take off every time. While you can fit plenty into one of these bags, be sure you don’t make it too heavy to carry around.

We find these can often be popular with families who put the bag on the handles of the pushchair and let it hang there. It is then easy to access and doesn’t have to be a weight on your shoulders.


Saddlebags are a smaller version of satchels and are a great bag for Universal Studios. These are highly practical if you only plan to take a few small essentials and there are only adults in your party.

These styles of bags are great as they sit over your body and hang on one side. They can look really discreet in photos and are very low maintenance when exploring the parks. They are also super easy to get to and keep and eye on (not that should be a worry at Universal Studios).

You can easily get in and out of the bag on your hip to get out your express passes, tickets or money a tasty refillable cup drink.

I usually take a backpack for the extra things I want to carry but keep my phone, tickets and money in my pocket for ease and knowing I can get to it quickly if needed.

14 Best Bag’s For Universal Studios

Now you might have a better of each bag style and what will work best for you and your group during your trip it is time to show you the bags we recommend.

We have included information about the bag such as if it is waterproof/showerproof, has zip fastenings, size and where to buy it.

1. HIKPRO 20L Lightweight Packable Backpack

You can find the HIKPRO 20L backpack on Amazon and is a brand rarely spotted elsewhere but still works just as good as a top rated brand. The bonus to this backpack is that it packs up into itself and can be stored away in another bag until you need it.

This is great if you are flying to Orlando and need to save space where you can.

There are also other features that are handy to have such as the elasticated pockets on the side for drinks and snacks and zip pockets for things such as phones and wallets to be stored away in.

The backpack is also showerproof so your valuable items should be safe if there is a quick tropical storm during your day at Universal Studios (so you don’t have to stop enjoying your day).

Buy Here: HIKPRO 20L Lightweight Backpack

2. The North Face Unisex Jester Backpack

The North Face Jester backpack is a great comfortable backpack to use for a day or two at Universal Studios. The bag is super comfortable and easy to wear so you don’t have to worry about backaches or the straps rubbing.

North Face are a great quality brand and make long-lasting products so you can use this bag for a number of purposes or keep as your park bag every time you visit.

The model itself doesn’t specify if it is waterproof but you can always buy a rain cover if you feel you need one.

There are also sections like built-in wallet spaces, zip fastenings and compartments to keep everything organised and easy to find.

Buy Here: North Face Jester Backpack

3. Under Armor Backpack Hustle 4.0 Backpack

The Under Armor backpack is a great contender for the best bag for Universal Studios as it has many different qualities that are helpful.

While the backpack is waterproof which is really helpful especially if you are visiting during the wetter months in Florida.

There are also multiple pockets within the back inside and outside making it perfect for finding a safe and secure home for everything.

There are also pockets on the sides to hold water bottles and snacks you want to get to quickly.

Buy Here: Under Armor Backpack Hustle 4.0 Backpack

4. Loungefly Stranger Things Characters Backpack

Loungefly is famous for taking a bare backpack shell and turning it into something fun and exciting. I love Loungefly products as they are a little more personal and fun. If you also love Disney World, you might know that many love to take a Disney-themed back.

Well, Universal Studios is no different, from fans of Harry Potter to The Simpsons and even Hello Kitty can sport their own styled backpack and look awesome doing it.

The backpacks range in sizes and designs but I chose the Stranger Things Character backpack as we saw them being sold at Universal Studios Hollywood during our last visit.

They are made from leather/pleather so they are showerproof, zip fastened so they are much safer for your valuables and have a little zip pocket on the front for things you need often like express passes and tickets. The straps are adjustable to suit anyone.

Buy Here: Loungefly Stranger Things Characters Backpack

5. Herschel Fourteen Waist Pack

Herschel is another brand that is both fashionable and suitable for everyday use. They create a number of bag products so even if you don’t like the idea of a fanny pack you can look at the backpacks and cross-body bags available.

The fanny pack is a really useful bag to store smaller items from your tickets, phone, mini suncream and money.

Though small the bag can fit in plenty of essentials and it stops you from overpacking and carrying around a tonne of useless stuff.

I also love the tough canvas style material of this fanny pack as it won’t irritate the skin but won’t bobble or easily tear during use. It is a tough material that will last for a long time and be perfect for use at any of your favourite theme parks.

Buy Here: Herschel Fourteen Waist Pack

6. Eastpak Springer Bum Bag

Eastpak are very similar to Hershel in terms of quality and durability but focuses more on practicality than design. You can find a number of fanny packs made by Eastpak so if you are not completely sold on this particular design they offer more options.

The bag is showerproof and works well for a number of places, tasks and days out.

Whether you are going on all the rides or monitoring the pushchair and being the bag holder this is super easy to wear and use.

It is also perfect for both men and women so it can be used as a family fanny pack.

This model is super handy as it has two individual pockets which are zip fastened making them super secure.

One can hold tickets, money and express passes while the other has your phone or camera in. Then you can save the big pocket for things such as sunglasses or suncream.

The thick and sturdy canvas style belt is easy to adjust to suit any size and placement on the body. I also really like that the zip handles come with extended rope toggles to make it easy to open and close the pockets, especially when you are in a rush or have your hands full of butterbeer.

Buy Here: Eastpak Springer Bum Bag

7. Jansport Mono Fifth Ave Fanny Pack

Jansport is a staple fashion and everyday bag maker, they are commonly used for everyday bags and backpacks for schools and colleges.

The Jansport fanny pack is very similar to the Eastpak fanny pack, though the Jansport fanny pack is made from a sticker sleeker material and is showerproof.

It also only comes with one front zip pocket and one larger main pocket, though this is perfect for anyone looking to keep their bag for Universal Studios simple and small.

Buy Here: Jansport Mono Fifth Ave Fanny Pack

8. Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

The Travelon anti-theft is a perfect fit for a day at Universal Studios as it is small enough to be discreet and easy to carry but large enough to carry all your essentials.

The anti-theft features of the bag are really useful and handy if you tend to travel to many different countries and cities.

The bag is really stylish and easy to style with any fan favourite t-shirt you might be planning to wear to Universal Studios.

There are a number of smaller pockets that are perfect for storing away tickets, money and your phone.

The quality is high-end and is a wipe-proof type of fabric and also shower-proof making it perfect for water rides and tropical showers. The straps are comfortable and adjustable to suit any height you need.

Buy Here: Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

9. Baggallini Everywhere Bag

The Baggallini everywhere bag is much like it states, it is great for using pretty much everywhere. This bag is a perfect bag for Universal Studios as it is small, compact and easy to wear.

The pockets have 2 side pockets which are discreet and perfect for holding smaller items from money, lip balm and park tickets.

The strap is a sleek fabric that’s easy to clean and keep clean, it is also adjustable making it effortless to change and adapt to each individual person.

You can find the bag in a number of colours and even with different-sized pockets on the front.

Buy Here: Baggallini Everywhere Bag

10. Herschel Grade Messenger

Herschel has made it a couple of times onto this list and it is easy to see why. With many colours that are a perfect fit for everyone and anyone in the family.

The sturdy fabric is both wipe clean and shower proof perfect for heading to the parks and heading on the water rides.

The bag has a great hidden pocket on the top of the flap which is great for holding small items and tickets.

There are options for other pockets on the interior of the bag which you can store smaller items. The bag is also big enough to fit in a light rain jacket but not too small that it limits what you can carry.

Buy Here: Herschel Grade Messenger

11. Kipling Arto Cross-Body Bag

Kipling is a huge name and very popular with many people around the world so it is no surprise that they made it onto the list. Kipling makes small but sturdy crossbody bags and handbags which are perfect for everyday use.

With a number of different colours and patterns, there is something for everyone in this style of bag. The bag comes with a cute little gorilla keychain attached.

Kipling bags are incredibly useful and durable which is great for using them regularly. I love the number of compartments and easy-to-access pockets in the bag.

The material is showerproof and wipes clean which is perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance bag that can handle getting a little dirty or wet from time to time.

Buy Here: Kipling Arto Cross-Body Bag

12. Jansport Weekender Mini

Jansport is great bag manufacturer with some wonderful designs and styles that are both great for everyday use and for nipping in and around the parks at Universal Studios.

This small crossbody bag is one of the best bags for Universal Studios as it is simple, plain and easy to wear. The bag is comfortable and big enough to pack your essentials but not too big that you will take too much.

It is showerproof for those days or hours you might be caught in a tropical storm or you can hide it under your poncho for safekeeping.

The bag is also great as it is unisex so no matter the purpose of the bag anyone from dad to grandma can use it.

The straps of the weekender bag are adjustable so you can use it across your body or slung over your shoulder if you want to. Inside you have a small pocket where you can store your tickets or money for when you want to get yourself some popcorn or lard lads doughnuts.

Buy Here: Jansport Weekender Mini

13. Nike Heritage Hip Pack

Nike is a well-known brand as we often recommend their footwear and trainers for a day at Universal Studios. Since the brand and quality are so good we also thought their bags were worth a mention, in particular the Heritage hip pack.

The design and style of the fanny pack are really simple and classic Nike with a black canvas and a white tick.

It is also fairly discreet if you are looking for a bag that would suit a number of different outfits and colours.

One of the key features is that there is a small hidden pocket on the back of the bag along with the main pocket.

It is easily adjustable so you can wear it around your waist/hips or across your body. Another key feature to mention is that it is showerproof so great for water rides.

Buy Here: Nike Heritage Hip Pack

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