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Updated: August 2018

We’ve put together this guide for 2 days in Berlin. It covers everything from where to stay, through to what to do and where to eat. We hope you enjoy it!

This history of Berlin goes way back to the 13th century. Although the majority of today’s tourists visit to see and learn more about the Berlin wall and it’s significance to Berlin as a whole between then early 1960’s and late 1980’s with just?2 days In Berlin

Since then, Berlin has changed a lot and we were delighted by the Berlin that greeted us when we visited for the first time in 2017. A real mix of different cultures mixed alongside some amazing history made for the perfect weekend away.

Airport To The City of Berlin

Berlin Schoenefeld Airport To City

Berlin Schoenefeld is the second international airport in Berlin and the sixth busiest in Germany. You can travel between Berlin Schoenefeld Airport and the city of Berlin by taxi or on public transport.

By Taxi

Traveling between the city and Berlin Schoenefeld Airport is likely to take 35 minutes depending on traffic. You can hire a taxi outside the airport, however, this is likely to cost around ?45, more than booking a taxi in advance.

You can book a taxi from Berlin Schoenefeld Airport and the city in advance using a website such as Taxi2Airport or upon arrival using Uber.?Use code: cwhfj?for a discount.

By Public Transport

Berlin has a great public transport network that makes travelling between?Schoenefeld Airport and Berlin city affordable, quick and easy. The most convenient method for travelling on public transport on this route will vary dramatically depending on the time of day you travel. Use the planner below to find the best route for your needs.

Berlin Tegel Airport to City

Berlin Tegal Airport is the major international airport in Berlin. The second busiest in the whole of Germany. The airport is made up of 5 terminals and is situated in the north-west of the city.

By Taxi

Berlin Tegel Airport is approximately 11km from the city centre of Berlin. Depending on traffic the journey is likely to take around 25 minutes. Taxies can be hired from outside any of the 5 terminals upon arrival or can be booked in advance using a website such as Taxi2Airport or upon arrival using Uber.?Use code: cwhfj?for a discount.

By Public Transport

If you’re only spending 2 days in Berlin then you’re going to want to get from Berlin Tegal Airport to Berlin city by public transport is easy and affordable. With a dedicated bus ‘TXL’ travelling between the central bus station and the airport every 6 minutes between the hours of 5am and midnight 7 days a week.

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The cost of the journey is just ?2.80 per person each way (Fare for children between 6-14 years: 1.70 Euros) and takes around 35 minutes to complete depending on traffic.

Best Time To Visit Berlin

In our opinion, there’s no right or wrong time to visit Berlin. It’s a great year-round destination that seems to adapt very well to the time of year. We’ve broken down the year by seasons to highlight what you might come to expect depending on the time of year you choose to visit Berlin.

Visiting Berlin In Spring

Spring is a great time to spend 2 days in Berlin. It is going to be cold, expect average temperatures of around 0 degrees. However, while you might need to pack your raincoat you will find some benefits to visiting Berlin in Spring including a number of events such as the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Gardens Of The World.

Visiting Berlin In Summer

If you’re planning on visiting Berlin in the summertime then prepare for an increase in wait times for tourist attractions and larger crowds as many Europeans use the summer time to visit a new location. Of course, while visiting Berlin in Summertime may have the negatives it also has it’s positives including better weather, with the average temperature being around 17 degrees in the daytime and 12 degrees on an evening.

Visiting Berlin In Autumn

It’s around late September / early October when the temperatures in Berlin begin to drop and the rainfall increases. It’s also around this time when you’ll find the?Berlin leuchtet. One of two illumination festivals that transform lesser-known now yet significant buildings all over the town with coloured light.

Image: Awesome Berlin

Visiting Berlin In Winter

Without a doubt, the most popular time of year to spend 2 days in Berlin is in Winter prior to Christmas due to the popular German Christmas markets. However, with winter temperatures in Berlin averaging at -1 degree be sure to wrap up warm!

If a self-designed trip to Berlin isn’t right for you, then it’s worth noting that due to their popularity. Many tour operators offer dedicated Berlin trips to the German market from various locations around Europe.

2 Days In Berlin: Where To Stay

Budget: Ibis Budget Alexanderplatz

If you’re only going to be spending 2 days in Berlin then you want to stay somewhere central to the city with great connection links. For this, we recommend Ibis Budget Alexanderplatz. The hotel is just a 15-minute walk into Berlin square and bursting with places to shop, eat and drink.

What we found the most useful were the 2 supermarkets within a 5-minute walk from the hotel providing fresh pastries for breakfast. The area surrounding the hotel has good tram links and metro links in the center as well as bus services such as coaches going to other cities.

The room is what you can expect from an Ibis?Budget, clean, spacious and well laid out. We stayed in a double room with ensuite bathroom on the first floor.

The beds were comfortable and were just what we needed after a long day of travel. ?The room is great with a desk and chair to work from and airconditioning should you need it.

The room came with ensuite with the usual?complimentary squeezy shower gel, a bar of soap and towels.

The hotel provides breakfast at an additional cost of ?7.50 per person. In this case, we opted to walk the 5 minutes to the nearest supermarket to pick up a fresh pastry for ?1 – ?2. The room doesn’t come with a fridge but when you are out exploring the beautiful city, there is very little need for one.

The hotel also came with complimentary wifi which was fine for checking emails and browsing the internet though not suitable for streaming, videos would need to buffer for some time. We opted to buy a package to upgrade the wifi for 1 week for ?18.99 or you could buy an upgrade for the day for ?6.99.

Mid-Range: i31 Hotel

The i31 hotel is my hotel of choice if you have a little more to splurge on your 2 days in Berlin. Centrally located in Berlin’s Mitte district and just 0.6 miles from the main Berlin Station.

i31 Hotel in Berlin is a four-star hotel with a modern design and complimentary WiFi and soft drinks.?BONUS!??Buffet style breakfast is available within the hotel for an additional ?9 per person and comes highly recommended by previous guests.

Due to the hotel’s fantastic location, you’ll find a number of restaurants to suit all budgets within a short walking distance. If you’re looking to go a little further then bikes can be hired from reception. Alternatively, if you’ve traveled to Berlin by car then i31 hotel comes with underground parking.

Luxury:?Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

If you’re really looking to break the bank during your 2 days in Berlin then stay at the five-star hotel, Hotel Adlon Kempinsi. The hotel is centrally located in Mitte, beside the?Brandenburg Gate.?Thanks to such a?central location, the Hotel Adlon Kempinski allows direct access to some of Berlin?s main landmarks. The Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, and Pariser Platz are all within a 10-minute walk.

State-of-the-art facilities include a double Michelin-star restaurant and a shopping arcade. Thankfully a stay at this hotel comes with a superb complimentary breakfast (available with most bookings). Rooms inside the Hotel Adlon are highly sophisticated thanks to antique furnishings with an extravagant twist and marble bathrooms.

All rooms are equipped with WiFi, a modern media system and some offer views of the Brandenburg Gate. The hotel also has a highly modern gym and swimming pool and a spa offering?Ayurveda treatments.

What To Do In Berlin In 2 Days

If you’ve only got 2 days in Berlin then you’re going to want to fit in as much sightseeing as possible. We’ve put together this guide to help;

TV Tower

The TV Tower is one of the most popular Berlin Attractions. The cost of visiting is ?13 for adults and for children ?8.50 – students at the desk can get a 20% discount. This to me wasn’t worth the money paid and the waiting, I would recommend saving time and money and head over to The Park Inn.

The Park Inn is ?4 and is much easier to get up and less fuss and waiting. The Park Inn has beautiful views and has a lovely view if you wanted to get a picture of the TV Tower in the picture. They have a few deck chairs and a place to buy a drink to enjoy with the view.

Berlin Free Walking Tour

We found the easiest way to travel to and learn about some of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin was via a free walking tour. We suggest spending the first of your 2 days in Berlin on this tour, especially if you’re on a budget. The tour lasted around two hours and was highly informative and very moving.

Due to the popularity of the tour, we suggest you book in advance. This is the greatest way to see all of Berlin’s major attractions who are here for just 2 days or on a very strict schedule.

The tour was one of the most in-depth walking tours we’ve been on in Europe and comes highly recommended. It included sights such as Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall & Checkpoint Charlie.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions in Berlin. Created in 1961 and demolished in 1989 the wall divided the east and the west.

There are a number of museums, gardens, and memorials dedicated to the Berlin wall all across Berlin. The way you choose to experience the Berlin wall is totally up to you. Whether it be a dedicated walking tour, a cycling tour across the East of Berlin along the path that the wall once stood or even a self-guided walk along the part of the wall that’s since been turned into an art gallery.

Check Point Charlie

Check Point Charlie was the most popular crossing point for those travelling between the East and West of Berlin during the cold war in which the Berlin wall stood.

Since the Berlin wall was demolished in 1989, the Check Point has remained as a symbol of what once was. With many choosing to visit the wall to see what a crossing between the two sides of Berlin would be like.

Unfortunately, we personally found Charlie Check Point to be a little too commercialised. With a McDonalds and a handful of ‘tat-shops’ along the side taking away some of the significance and importance that this site has in the history of Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate has stood centre stage in Berlin for more than 200 years. With the architect of the Brandenburg Gate was inspired by the Propylaea in Athens’ Acropolis.

The Brandenburg Gate is situated on the west of Berlin, by the?Gro?er Tiergarten. The nearest public transport stop is the?Brandenburger Tor which is just 500m away.

As you might be able to tell from the photo the Brandenburg Gate is a highly popular attraction with tourists. For this reason, it’s advised to avoid ‘peak hours’ if you’re looking to get some quieter shots. Instead of visiting between the hours of 5am – 9am and 8pm until dark.

Other Berlin Attractions & Tours

Get Your Guide provides a number of alternative tours and things to do in Berlin. Any of which are suitable for 2 days in Berlin or more…

2 Days In Berlin – Where To Eat?


Madami is a Vietnamese?restaurant that caters to everyone and has a wide range of dishes to offer. We opted for the bun nem and the mien tron, both were packed full of flavour and filling. The dishes were quite a large portion of plenty of noodles, salad and chicken and definitely didn’t disappoint.

Wok To Walk

We found Wok To Walk on the same street as Madami but you will find these dotted around the city in different areas.

An egg?noodle base with chicken, mushrooms and a teriyaki sauce and bottle of water came in at ?10.20. The food is made fresh in front of you. An the portions are more than enough to fill you up for the rest of the day/night.

There were options to sit indoors and outside the shop or take away, which is a bonus if you want to keep exploring the city or take it home with you.

Einstein Kaffee

We stopped here for a quick bite to eat before heading off on our free walking tour. We chose a mozzarella?and tomato sandwich with a can of Mezzo Mix for ?6.97.

As you can maybe tell by the name it is a coffee shop. Einstein Kaffee offers up a range of sandwiches, cakes and coffees with ample seating for you to sit and watch the world go by.


We had found Dolores on Tripadvisor as noted as a cheap eat and had great reviews. We had been craving a burrito so it was perfect for us.

If you're only spending 2 days in Berlin then make sure you eat at Dolores

Though it involves a wrap which is technically bread, there is so much more to this meal than that. There was a selection of meals you could choose from or you could create your own from the board. I will note that at present time of writing this they only accept cash. I chose a quesadilla and coke zero. Helen had the easy chicken burrito and coke and we?also got chips and dip to share. The total cost of the meal was ?21.00, including tax.

The food here is beautiful. The burrito and quesadilla are packed full of chicken and flavour. The service was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing.


This was our last meal in Berlin and wanted to try something different. More traditional based but unfortunately our stomachs started rumbling before we got the chance to find anywhere suitable.

As we walked in we were handed a card and briefly told about the service style. We sat down and browsed the menu. We both chose to have the Bruschetta pizza and a soft drink. To order your food you had to go to the designated stand. These are split into a bar, salad, pizza and pasta. You ordered your food at the designated stand and placed it all on the card. You are then given a phone like buzzer to collect your food. At the end proceed to the till to pay the balance.

2 Bruschetta pizzas and 2 soft drinks came to the value of ?23.80 including tax. The food was delicious and the wait was quite reasonable. I definitely found being able to eat and go pay at my own pace easier. We find trying to flag down a waiter can sometimes be a hassle.


That’s our guide to 2 days in Berlin, as always if there’s anything you feel that we might have missed please let us know in the comments below. If you’re looking for somewhere else in Germany to visit after your time in Berlin then consider heading to Hamburg.

We’re always updating our posts with new content and we’ll do our best to add in your recommendations.

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