25 Things To Do In Berlin At Night

Thinking about spending a couple of nights in Berlin?

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting Germany’s capital city on a number of occasions throughout the years. It’s a city filled with history and heritage which means there’s always something new to see, do or experience.

Being such a thriving city, Berlin has plenty for you to still experience once the sun sets. In this list, I’ll be sharing my 25 favourite things to do in Berlin at night. In this list, you’ll find something for all budgets and preferences.

Be sure to leave me a comment at the bottom of the post if you’ve any suggestions for things I’ve missed from this list that you believe should be included.

Private Walking Tour

Fancy seeing the best attractions in Berlin in a different light?

Several companies across the city offer nighttime walking tours of this beautiful modern metropolis. One of the most popular is the Highlights of Berlin tour.

This tour starts at Alexanderplatz at the centre of the city and leads visitors by many of the city’s most famous sights, including Bundestag, Brandenburg Gate, and the Berlin TV Tower. 

Take A Cruise Down The Spree

If you’d prefer to relax during your time in Berlin, you might want to plan a night cruise down the serene Spree River.

This tour takes about two and a half hours, and as you drift along the Spree, you’ll pass famous landmarks such as Bellevue Palace and Deutscher Dom. During the cruise, you’ll also get to feast on a three-course meal for a unique dining experience. 

Go On A Pub Crawl

Berlin is known for its vibrant nightlife and plethora of pubs. One of the best ways to experience Berlin’s bars is by planning a pub crawl. You won’t be short of options when planning your pub crawl, with an array shisha bars, steampunk dives, and bustling techno taverns to visit.

Some of the most recommended pubs for a crawl in Berlin include Bierbar Alkopole, Murphy’s Irish Pub, and Bei Schlawinchen.

Take A Brewery Tour

Another great way of sampling Berlin’s famous beer is by taking a late-night brewery tour. During one of these tours, you’ll visit some of the best breweries in Berlin and taste an array of delicious craft beers from across the city.

While on the tour, your guide will tell you all about the history of beer brewing the German capital, and you’ll be treated to traditional German snacks to keep you going during your extensive tasting sessions. 

Discover Berlins Vintage Bowling Alleys

One of Berlin’s best-kept secrets is its fascinating underground vintage bowling alleys. Tucked away in the basements of local pubs and bars, these bowling alleys (known as kugelbahnens) offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy a pint while knocking down some pins.

You’ll be ‘bowled over’ by these classic bowling alleys, which feature charming European decor straight out of the 60s. 

Bowling here is slightly different from traditional ten-pin bowling. Instead of ten pins, there are nine, and the bowling balls are a lot smaller and don’t have finger holes, making the game a little trickier. Some of the most popular alleys include Kugelbahn, Bornholmer Hütte, and Tante Lisbeth.

Experience A Charlottenburg Palace Night Show

Enjoy a night of refined culture at Charlottenburg Palace. You’ll have undoubtedly toured this lavish Baroque palace during the daytime, and you can return at night of a truly magical dining experience known as ‘An Evening at Charlottenburg Palace’. 

Firstly, you’ll enjoy a delicious three-course candlelit meal in the Charlottenburg Palace Orangery, before being treated to a performance by the Berlin Residence Orchestra.

While listening to one of the best orchestras in the country, you’ll get to savour a complimentary glass of sparkling wine. If you’re planning to attend this concert, ensure you book several weeks in advance, as tickets sell out quickly.

Visit A Comedy Club

Germany is known for its off-beat, kooky comedy style, and you’ll find yourself in fits of laughter while attending one of the many comedy clubs dotted across Berlin. Many of these clubs have performances in English, so don’t worry about turning up and not understanding what’s happening on stage. 

One of the most popular comedy clubs in Berlin is the Comedy Cafe. This alternative comedy club opened in 2015 and boasts shows such as the ‘Adorable Creatures’ open mic and ‘We Are Not Gemüsed’ by local comedians Paul Salamone and Caroline Clifford.

Comedy Cafe also serves up craft beer, so you can sample some local libations while chuckling at these hilarious Berliners.  

Go On A Graffiti Tour

While ambling around Berlin, you’ll no doubt notice the array of vibrant street art plastered across the cityscape.

In Berlin, this graffiti isn’t considered a nuisance — its a test of local artistic temperament. You can plan a late-night tour of Berlin’s street art and learn more about this fantastic artwork. 

One of the most popular tours is the Berlin Street Art Tour and Graffiti Workshop. This tour takes you on a four and a half trip through Berlin’s more eccentric neighbourhoods and down narrow alleyways, where you’ll get to see some of the best-hidden murals and paintings in the city.

While touring these bohemian back-alleys, you’ll get to learn the history of Berlin’s underground art scene, which began in the 1970s. Afterwards, you’ll get to participate in a graffiti workshop, where you’ll learn techniques used by famous artists. You can even keep your creation as a unique souvenir from your vacation!

Watch The Sunset At The Berlin TV Tower

Constructed during the 1960s, the TV Tower is one of the most recognizable buildings in Berlin’s skyline. The tower is over 1,200 feet tall and was built to broadcast television programs created by the German Democratic Republic. It features a sphere over 650 feet in the air with a viewing platform and restaurant. 

The tower’s viewing platform and restaurant are open until midnight and boast sweeping panoramas of Berlin. The stunning views of Berlin’s twinkling lights below make nighttime the best time to visit the TV Tower.

If you fancy a meal with a view, consider booking a table at the Sphere Restaurant. The classy Sphere Restaurant is ideal for a romantic meal with your significant other high above the clouds. 

Rock out at the Hard Rock Cafe

A classic holiday destination is the Hard Rock Cafe. This famous chain-restaurant has locations in cities across the world and has been a music institution since 1971.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin is similar to all others, with its guitar-ladened interior, and array tasty dishes. Chow down on a burger and sip on a tropical cocktail while watching live music acts perform on stage. 

Dance the night away at Berghain

Berlin has a thriving techno music scene, and anybody who loves techno will want to attend a rave at Berghain. Berghain is located at the sight of an abandoned power plant and has hosted some well-known DJs, including Ben Sims, Radio Slave, and Alinka.

Berghain also contains the Panorama Bar, which is the perfect place to grab a drink and chat with friends before heading back into Berghain’s raucous atmosphere.

If you are planning on spending an evening in Berghain, be aware that it is notoriously difficult to get in. Bouncers here are very strict and will often reject clubbers for the slightest discrepancy.

Some tips for standing in line at the club include not making much noise or causing a scene, and don’t stand there scrolling on your phone. Also, be careful about the way you dress. Many regulars suggest that you don’t wear any flashy clothes or anything expensive that makes you stand out. 

Visit The Wilhelm-Förster-Observatory and Planetarium

Wilhelm-Förster-Observatory and Planetarium is a superb way to spend an evening in Berlin. This 300-seat observatory was built in the 1940s and named after astronomer Wilhelm Foerster who ran the Berlin Observatory for nearly 40 years.

Once you’ve taken your seat inside the observatory, you’ll get to see over 4,000 comets, stars, and planets, projected onto the ceiling, for a truly glorious starry display. The Wilhelm-Förster-Observatory also hosts laser light shows and events for kids in case your in town with family. 

Dine Out At A Fancy Restaurant

As Germany’s capital, Berlin boasts some of the best dining experiences in the country. From native German cooking to tasty Indian cuisine, you’ll find a wide range of restaurants on offer while wandering around Berlin at night. 

Restaurant Facil is one of the most elegant restaurants in Berlin. Located at the Mandala Hotel, Restaurant Facil has two Michelin stars and serves up contemporary German dishes sure to impress even the harshest of food critics.

If you’d prefer a more laid-back dining experience, swing by Hackethal’s. This cosy German pub dishes up hearty traditional German meals that go great with a pint of local lager. Popular meals include Chicken fricassee and Thuringian sausages with sauerkraut.

Learn More About Germanys History At The DDR Museum

During Berlin’s annual Long Night at the Museum, which takes place in late August, many of the city’s best museums are open until the early hours of the morning.

The DDR Museum aims to recreate what life was like for East Germany citizens when it was under the control of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic.) 

You’ll find some great exhibits at the DDR Museum, including taking a simulated drive in a Trabant P601 car and trying on DDR clothes in a recreation of an East German tower block. There are tons of games and activities in the DDR Museum, and it is often considered to be one of the best museums in the country.

The museum also contains hundreds of intriguing artifacts, including DDR recipes, propaganda magazines, and toys for kids. The Long Night at the Museum event means in addition to these standard exhibits, you’ll get to experience some special events, making late August the perfect time to visit the DDR Museum. 

Test Your Espionage Skills At The German Spy Museum

Another excellent museum worth visiting during the Long Night at the Museum event is the German Spy Museum. This unique museum documents the history of German spies during the Cold War and World Wars through an array of interactive exhibits and artefacts.

Have a go at finding covert listening devices in a Cold War-style apartment, or try your hand at traversing the museum’s laser maze. You can also take a lie detector test, send a message in Morse code, and attempt to crack a safe. 

Marvel At Masterpieces At The Old National Gallery

Any art lover will want to swing by the Old National Gallery during the Long Night at the Museum.

You’ll find artwork by many of the biggest names in European art on display within this stunning gallery, with thousands of pieces of art in the museum’s collection. Some of the well-known painters on show here include Claude Monet, Adolph Menzel, and Auguste Renoir.

Grab A Late Night Cup Of Coffee At An Independent Coffee Shop

Berlin is a great city for coffee lovers, with dozens of great cafes scattered across the city serving up some of the best coffee in the world.

Some of these coffee shops are open until the wee hours of the morning, making them the perfect place for night owls to refuel. One of the best late-night options is Schwarzes Cafe.

This cafe/ restaurant is open until 24 hours a day, apart from on a Tuesday. Whether you fancy a late-night snack or a cup of joe, Schwarzes Cafe has you covered.

See A Performance At The Friedrichstadt-Palast

While visiting Berlin, you’ll want to catch a show at Friedrichstadt-Palast. This Art Deco theatre is one of the most popular in Berlin, and hosts what are called ‘grand shows,’ which features over a hundred performers, meaning these shows boast some of the largest on-stage casts in the world.

With such a large number of artists performing in these shows, it’s lucky that Friedrichstadt-Palast also has the biggest stage in the world!

Visit The Brandenburg Gate

There’s no better time than at night to visit one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin, Brandenburg Gate. This monument has stood in Berlin for over 200 years and once formed part of the Berlin Wall.

Locals used to climb on top of the gate’s colonnades to see what life was like in the other half of the city. Nighttime is an excellent time to visit the monument, with spotlights illuminating this impressive landmark.

You’ll also find Brandenburg Gate is a lot less crowded during the night, making it perfect for travellers looking to get the perfect picture.

Stroll Down The Unter den Linden

After visiting Brandenburg Gate, take a walk down Unter den Linden. This prominent boulevard sits right at the heart of Berlin, and is perfect for a nighttime stroll, with the trees lining the road lit up in a variety of vibrant colors.

As you amble down Under den Linden, you’ll pass by many of Berlin’s most famous landmarks, including Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, and Berlin State Opera.

Take A Romantic Horsedrawn Carriage Ride

Trying to plan a romantic evening activity for you and your significant other? Consider a horsedrawn carriage ride around Berlin.

There are several companies in Berlin which offer this service. Many of these carriage rides will take you past some of the city’s best attractions, and the ride usually lasts around an hour.

Some carriages will even give you a glass of sparkling wine or mulled wine to enjoy while you take in the city’s sights.

See The Remains Of The Berlin Wall At East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is an outdoor art gallery that turns the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall into a hub for artistic expression. Over 100 artists from around the world have painted murals on the walls, with some amazing and unique artwork spread across a mile of Berlin Wall.

One of the most famous pieces is Dmitri Vrubel’s Fraternal Kiss, which features prominent communist politicians Honecker and Brezhnev kissing. If you’re visiting at night, you’ll still be able to make out all the artwork thanks to plenty of nearby streetlamps, and you’ll also avoid any large crowds.

Take A Segway Tour Of Berlin

If you’re sick of walking around and you’re looking for a fun way to tour Berlin, book yourself on a Segway tour. Most Segway tours of the city last for roughly two hours and lead you past some of the city’s most famous areas, such as Potsdamer Platz and Hackescher Markt.

Your guide will also provide tips on the best places to eat, drink and have fun in Berlin, so you don’t miss out on any of the city’s hidden gems. 

Visit An Independent Cinema

Berlin has a thriving independent film industry, with many unique independent cinemas located across the city. Many of these miniature cinemas are located at art galleries and shops, showing some of the best avant-garde and arthouse movies available.

Some of the best theatres include ACUD Cinema, Intimes Cinema, and Lichtblick Cinema. If you’re visiting Berlin during the cinema, keep an eye out for the open-air film festivals that pop up across the city.

Explore Some Of Berlins Abandoned Attractions & Buildings

There are several intriguing abandoned spaces in Berlin, which get a bit creepy once the sun goes down. Some of the most popular places to visit in Berlin include a former East German theme park called Spreepark and Teufelsberg, a disused NSA Spy Station.

Thankfully, you don’t have to explore these terrifying ruins on your own; you can book a guided tour that will take you around.

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