5 Christmas-themed Places To Visit During Your Winter Trip to Dublin

Temple Bar, Dublin

Our trip to Killarney and Cork last year enchanted us and we decided to see what was happening in Ireland for December 2018!

As the capital city of Ireland, Dublin elegantly combines Christmas attractions with traditional Irish culture. If you are lucky enough to fly to the beautiful island during the holiday season, get ready for a wonderful Christmas-themed trip!

Dublin is deeply influenced by Irish pop culture and traditions. From music and dancing to crafts and literature, the charm of Dublin certainly lays in its cultural identity.

Dublin Flea Market

Speaking of arts & crafts, the Dublin Christmas Flea Market is a great introduction to the Irish artsy culture. Featuring crafted and hand-made collections of art pieces, jewellery, ceramics and more, the market is also an opportunity to meet local artists. As a great Irish ambassador, the market showcases artists from all around the island who enthusiastically share their passion and savoir-faire. They will introduce you to the Irish traditional collectables as well as a more contemporary take on the arts.

Location: The Point Square

Date: December 6-9 to Dec 13-16

Recommendation: Stop by the Food Hall, you’ll thank me later…

Naughty or Nice Christmas Season

The month of December marks the binge-watching race of Christmas movies. All of us have at least one movie in mind that reminds us of our childhood. Even if you travel, hot chocolate and cheesy movies can still be part of your trip thanks to Dublin’s Lighthouse cinema. From Home Alone to Love Actually, their selection of Christmas movies goes back to the black and white classics such as It’s A Wonderful Life by George Bailey. If your trip falls on the right week of December, you might even see The Muppet Christmas Carol. Don’t forget to pack some red and green clothes!

Location: Market Square

Date: Dec 1stto Dec 23rd

Recommendation: The Nutcracker Ballet will be screened

Temple Bar Area

In the city centre of Dublin, the Temple Bar Area is a must-see during your trip. All the pubs, streets and decorations will offer you the best of Irish culture. The most authentic Irish music experience can be found in O’Donoghues: take an evening to enjoy a Guinness and appreciate the local talents of Ireland. You will also able to taste the authentic delicious produce from local farmers, evoking tastes of Christmas past. This time of year is also the launch of the annual book market! Avid readers will get lost for hours in the Irish literature… And, don’t feel guilty if you spend two, three or all of your evenings around Temple Bar Area.

Location: Suffolk St

Recommendation: Give a try to O’Donoghues’s homemade Beef and Guinness Stew


Want to add a touch of adrenaline to your trip? Funderland is the Dublin Attraction that starts every year after Christmas. Re-live your childhood memories with your travel mates and give a sense of adventure to your trip! Funderland mixes roller coasters, carousels, drop towers and bumper cars among other amusement rides that would be too long to list here. The Funderland isn’t complete without a stop by the largest ice rink in Ireland. No need to worry about bumping into someone else, this time you all have plenty of space to have fun on the ice.

Location: RDS Main Arena

Date: Dec 26thto Jan 13th

Recommendation: The cotton-candy is literally the best I’ve ever had.

Wild Lights

These past few years, visiting a zoo has become a controversial topic. Whether you joined the cause to defend animal freedom or not, Dublin zoo has the best attraction to introduce you to animals in the least harmful way. The Wild Light show is a collection of lanterns in the shape of animals. The 2018 exhibition showcases the colourful and fascinating aquatic life. You will also meet the most dazzling polar bears, penguins or seahorses like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

Another unique event this year is Celebrating China, a 16-metre high silk Christmas tree which mixes Chinese and The North Pole elements.

Location: RDS Main Arena

Date: November 1stto January 6th

Recommendation: Bring your camera and take the cutest and cheesiest pictures with your travel pals.

Travelling to Dublin during the Holidays season is a great choice as the Irish are the warmest and nicest people. There’s so much to enjoy that this trip will probably go straight to the top of your 5 best holidays!


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