4 Incredible Free Things To Do In Bergen, Norway

Bergen Norway Things to do in Bergen

Are you looking for free things to do in Bergen, Norway to help you save money on your trip?

An illuminated Bergen sign on the side of a mountain that you see upon arrival at Bergen airport.

Bergen is an incredible city in Norway, however, like the rest of Norway, it can be extremely expensive to visit. For that very reason, we’ve put together this incredible list of free things to do in Bergen, Norway.

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When you search for photographs of Bergen, one of the most common images you’ll see is that of Bryggen. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is absolutely breathtaking.

Bryggen street is one of the most popular things to do in Bergen, better still, it's completely free. The photo shows Bryggen street which is made up of traditional Norwegian houses in multiple shades of orange, red and white.

Visting Bryggen is a completely free thing to do in Bergen – It’s a street after-all. However, if you do have some money spare then we suggest getting a guide to take you around this area for around 200NOK per adult?so you can learn more about the history and the events that made Bryggen what it is today.

Bryggen street from a distance. You can really see the contrast in colours of the landscape here. The burnt orange, white and yellow traditional Norwegian houses stand out from the water and the green mountains in the distance.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more fixed then consider visiting the newly refurbished Bryggen Museum for 100NOK per adult, 50 NOK per student and free for children.

Fish Market

While we weren’t planning on making any meals while we were there we enjoyed walking around the Fish Market. This has been described by many as food art and a must on a list of things to do in Bergen. The market itself has moved from the outside to inside and is located at the harbour.

One of the many fish counters at the Fish Market in Bergen which is completely free to visit. The counter shows different fish meats including whale and tuna.

The fish market is worth a walk around to really appreciate the long-standing tradition and skill of the fishermen. You can get tasters and try out a few different recipes and types of fish if your looking for something more. The staff are all very friendly and welcoming.


The lake is located near the city centre and is a great place to visit. It is located approximately a 10-minute walk from the Fish Market. No matter the weather the lake provides beautiful views and a lovely walk around. There is also a lovely garden scene to walk around and look at the beautiful flowers.

Photo of the lake at Byparken in Bergen which is a free park to visit and just 10 minute walk from the fish market.

The park has lots of statues and pieces of artwork to look at and admire. It is also home to a gazebo where it is used for special occasions. The gazebo itself was?donated by a German consulate in the 19th century.

This photo shows the gazebo in the Byparken which is made up of traditional light greens and whites and was constructed in the 19th century.

This connects the statues of Ole Bull and Edvard Gried, who both are looking towards the pavilion.

Bergenhus Fortress

Built in 1240, Bergenhus Fort in Bergen is a great attraction for the savvy traveller with the entrance being completely free for both adults and children. Set over three floors the museum inside sees an exchange in exhibitions throughout the year.

Photo of the exterior of the Bergenhus Fortress which is a free museum in Bergen set over three floors.

The building was destroyed in WWII and has since been restored to its former glory. Alongside the exhibitions, there’s also a self-serve caf? where you can grab a coffee and reflect on what you’ve learnt.

Bergenhus Fortress from another angel here showing the tall structure.

That concludes our incredible list of free things to do in Bergen. As always we’d love to know what you enjoy doing in Bergen, let us know in the comments down below!

In the meantime, if you’re planning on visiting the capital of Norway, Oslo then be sure to check out our guide.

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