6 Best First Aid Kits For Safari

It’s no secret that when going on safari it’s essential to pack items that you otherwise may not take on other vacations, or take additional supplies.

In that case, you may find yourself purchasing additional supplies or dedicated items prior to your trip. To help you in the planning and preparation stages of your safari we’ve put together a list of the six best first aid kits which are specifically tailored to safaris and other long expeditions.

Even if you don’t plan to purchase one of these dedicated kits simply seeing what’s each one should help you to see the items best suited to your own which you should be able to purchase individually.

Don’t forget to pick up other safari essentials prior to your trip including; water bottles and insect repellant.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Guide Medic Kit

Starting with the daddy of all first aid kits. This kit is chosen by the International Mountain Guides as their option for first aid.

Whilst seemingly being intended for more mountainous/trekking activities this first aid kit is both compact and easy to use and holds everything you and your family will need to look after yourself whilst out on safari.

With an incredible 163 pieces of inventory in a tightly packed, lightweight and waterproof bag.

This super easy to access medical kit is top of the range and certainly one of our favourite first aid kits on the market.

Providing organised compartments for various needs and supplying not only exterior equipment but also important medication this First aid kit is perfect for a safari trip of any length and size. The price, however, does reflect this and it will set you back. 

Buy Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Guide Medic Kit

Adventure Medical Kits World Travel First Aid Medical Supply Kit

At the second-highest priced on this list, we move onto the World Travel first aid kit. Designed more with a backpacker in mind than some of the other kits, it recommends coverage of up to 4 people for multiple days – more than enough to sort your out during your time exploring the Serengeti.

Sporting all the essentials from gauze to rehydration pills, this kit is perfect for any safari trip.

Fairly bulky in size, it has enough space to accommodate for any added extras such as malaria medication.

The best thing about this kit, however, is not the medical supplies it includes but the information to use with the medical supplies.

Conveniently included in this gear is a comprehensive guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine and a Visual Communication Tool which allows you to get medical care in any language. Very handy added extras that set this kit apart from its other competitors. 

Buy Adventure Medical Kits World Travel First Aid Medical Supply Kit

Xpress First Aid 100 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit

As we come into a more expected price range things do get a bit more basic, but that is not to say this kit is not going to sort you out for your next safari.

The Xpress first aid kit covers all the basic first aid essentials and actually handily includes a survival kit consisting of a whistle, blanket and tourniquet for any eventuality.

Whilst not providing appropriate medicine for a Safari trip it does have space or the ability to swap some of the abundances of bandages for space for malaria pills, rehydration sachets or anti-diarrhoea tablets – which, trust me, you will need (even if it is just for peace of mind).

The best thing about this first aid kit is its portability and multi-purpose nature. Due to the bag design and its lightweight nature, this choice would allow you to strap it to the outside of your bag or over your shoulder, allowing for extra space in your rucksack. 

Buy Xpress First Aid 100 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight Kit 5 – SS20

Sleek and colourful in its design the Ultralight/Watertight .5 medical kit is a superb option to get bang for your bucks. An outer bag made of tough silicon nylon allows for this first aid kit to be waterproof at up to 200ft meaning you will never have the problem of soggy bandages if you get caught in an African downpour.

Despite being a very small kit, it incorporates a lot of basics including gauze for cuts, moleskins for blisters and some antihistamines for any nasty bites you might tackle.

The design of the bag is not compartmentalised like others on this list which means easy swapping and space for swapping in essentials or further medication is easy.

Short on space, this kit does lack some important first aid accessories and because of this, it will only provide you with basic medical support.

If you are looking for sustained medical supplies you will have to look elsewhere. But for the basic day to day first aid, this kit is a brilliant option and super easy to take with you wherever you go on your next Safari trip. 

Buy Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight Kit 5 – SS20

GRM Upgraded First Aid Kit

The well designed GRM Upgraded First Aid Kit is an absolute corker. Made up of a whopping 465 pieces this gear is equipped for almost any medical eventuality.

Sporting an impressive range of supplies that are suitable for both children and adults (a real bonus), this medical kit comes in a compartmentalised bag with a reflective strip for locating during darkness.

Because of its sheer size, the bag could be a tad bulky for some, but remains portable and certainly easy enough to fit in any rucksack.

Its see-through pouches make access to the contents easy and it too, like others on this list, provides a strong survival kit for any eventuality.

Importantly, and unlike many first aid kits on the market, this kit provides a selection of PPE equipment which is deemed essential by some.

Even though it has a bulky nature this particular kit is seemingly trying to cover all bases, but failing to cover specifics, leaving it lacking in important medical supplies for backpackers and those going on safari.

It doesn’t contain any medicines or tablets necessary unlike many of the other kits on this list. Despite this, due to its design, these would be easy to add into the kit should you need to upon the research of what you need to take with you. 

Buy GRM Upgraded First Aid Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid Medical Kit 2.0

This first aid kit is a real pocket rocket. Low on price and high on value, the Adventure First Medical kit 2.0 boasts a small but crucial assortment of medical supplies for a budget price. Covering all the important bases you are needing in a traveller’s first aid kit this gear allows for specifics.

It has an impressive selection of wound care, a light survival kit and a carefully selected array of medicines that tick all the boxes for those looking to cover themselves medically.

Whilst you will certainly need to customise it for your safari trip, this kit allows space within its small stature to include necessary additions (stuff like malaria tablet and rehydration sachets).

Whilst perhaps not being the best equipped on the list this kit does provide you with a super compact and nicely chosen selection of medical supplies which will help you out should you ever get caught out on Safari. 

Buy Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid Medical Kit 2.0

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