9 Best Universal Studios Souvenirs To Buy During Your Trip

We all want to remember our vacation in one way or another and a trip to Universal Studios is no different. There’s a whole host of different photo opportunities but also some incredible products which can be brought home to make the magic of your vacation last that little bit longer.

We’ve been to a number of the Universal Studios theme parks around the world, and the majority of the products on this list are available in all of the parks regardless of whether you’re visiting the park in Orlando, Hollywood or even in Osaka, Japan.

This is just nine souvenirs, we’re well aware there’s plenty more. Let us know down in the comments at the bottom of this page which souvenir is your favourite and why.

1. Interactive Wand

Interactive wands are available to purchase from both Universal Studios and Island’s of Adventure in Orlando Florida as well as at Universal Studios Hollywood inside the Wizarding World area.

A Harry Potter Interactive Wand from Universal Studios retails for $48 plus tax. If you’re on a budget consider picking up the basic wand with no interactive features which retail for $25 plus tax instead.

If you love Harry Potter and have the money to spend then an interactive wand is 100% worth it. It provides endless fun and unlocks hidden messages within the Wizarding World area and is the perfect souvenir to take home and put on display to remind you of your trip.

Amazon has some really cool wand display stands that are perfect for showing off your incredible Harry Potter souvenir.

Of course, Interactive Wands can also be taken back to the park on repeat visits to be used at the interactive stations once again – and if the battery has died (which does eventually happen after around 18 months) Olivanders will replace your wand for free.

2. Hogwarts Robe

Another must-buy item from one of the Universal Studios Resorts with a Wizarding World is the Hogwarts Robe. These are available with the emblems of any of the four Hogwarts houses; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Harry Potter, house robes at Universal Studios cost $115 plus tax. However, there are more affordable Wizarding World clothing items including polo shirts for $50 plus tax, house cardigans for $90 plus tax, scarves for $39 plus tax, and finally, backpacks for $50 plus tax.

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan then a robe may be worth it. However, I’ve found these are hard to display and often hard to wear especially in Orlando where both the heat and humidity are often really high.

3. Character Mugs

No matter who you are buying for, whether it is for yourself, your dad or co-worker everyone loves a useful mug. A mug that is fun like the minions, Simpsons or even from the upside down world of Stranger things, this is a souvenir that would be loved and used.

This is definitely one of the best Universal Studios souvenirs to buy while you can find wandering the parks. There is a character for everyone and that is what is amazing. You can also buy the character refillable cups that both save you money at the park and you can take home an awesome character cup for using at home.

4. T-shirt Or Hoodie

Personally, my wardrobe is full of themed t-shirts from Universal Studios, Minions and more. I love a funny or cute character t-shirt and think it is always super fun when another fan sees your shirt.

I love seeing new and unique t-shirts and always find them so useful. I love to wear a themed t-shirt when I visit the Universal Studios parks so love finding new ones for our next visit.

You can find a number of funny, cute or just amazing t-shirts and hoodies around the park with your favourite characters on it.

5. Soft Toy

Soft toys are probably one of the most common souvenirs to buy from Universal Studios. Though they are probably the most common doesn’t mean they aren’t the best Universal Studios souvenirs to buy.

Soft Toys are highly popular with children and younger audience though I know many people who collect certain themed soft toys. If you are looking for the best Universal Studios souvenir to buy a child, this would be it!

With so many to choose from, from the likes of the fun and silly character of Despicable Me, the mythical and interesting animals and creatures of the Harry Potter films to the weird and wonderful characters of Dr Zeus.

There is something for everyone and in a range of sizes, you can find something that would require a seat of its own or something much more discreet and hand held size. You can also find a wonderful array of Hello Kitty soft toys that I would love to take home.

You can find things like Minions in different outfits such as hula girls, festive-themed or in new sizes. You can also see toys you wouldn’t find in your local stores such as the Pygmy puffs in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, along with many of the other mythical creatures.

My personal favourite is the Pygmy Puff from the Harry Potter stores and would happily take one home every visit. You can also find Hedwig in a variety of sizes and even one that had a head you can turn and swivel, he’s super fluffy and snuggly.

6. Apparel – Hats, Bags & Purses

One of the things I really loved seeing on our last visit was the increase in apparel. Items such as bags, purses and hats with embellishment or characters on. These can be one of the best Universal Studios souvenirs as they are useful, practical and super fun.

You can purchase things like Loungefly bags, character hats and cute Harry Potter purses. These all make great gifts for you or that super fan back home and don’t have to take up too much space.

7. Badges

One thing that you can get that doesn’t mean you have to give up half of your luggage space is a badge. Pin badges were once upon a time the thing to collect and display, after a years of them being nearly extinct they have come back again. This time with a whole new flare and meaning and style.

Badges are popular to attach to clothing such as denim jackets, coats or onto backpacks and lanyards. Over at Disney you can find a whole host of badges and trading, while it isn’t as popular at Universal Studios, the badges are still amazing.

This is one of the best Universal Studios souvenirs to buy and take home as it is small, great quality for a good price. You can find many more unique styles across the parks in the different shops and at the end of rides.

If you are a Harry Potter nerd like me you will love the Head Girl and Head Boy badges you can buy. Along with other badges such as Prefect and with the characters on.

8. Toys

There are so many different toys you can find and buy. Not all of them are worth getting as we often see them discounted in stores at home or in outlets. Some items such as the Harry Potter toys and gadgets you can find in the stores in Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley are worth getting.

I love a variety of toys you can find from toy cars from The Fast And Furious movies, along with props and aliens from Men In Black. Each store at the end of the rides or in that specific area will have a wide range of toys to buy. I love looking at Weasleys Wizard Wheezes as they have loads of unique and fun souvenirs for everyone.

You can find pocket size souvenirs such as keyrings and small toy cars. One of my favourite toys to buy while at Universal Studios are unusual and fun toys at the Harry Potter shops. You can find the extendable ears, love potion and writing quills. These would make great gifts to take home or save for yourself.

Toys such as the interactive wands, the flying snitch and a few more aren’t worth buying as you can often find them for cheaper in the outlets, back home or on eBay. I would buy those prior to your trip or once home to save money.

9. Food

Honestly, we have never bothered to take home food items until we went to Disney World and used up our remaining snack credits on sweets. Since then I have thought about all the cool novelty food items you could take home. (ones that won’t melt or go bad while in transit)

There are a couple of items that I think would make the best Universal Studios souvenirs to take home. One of those is the Despicable Me girl scout cookies, these are found in a couple of the shops and especially near the ride. These are super fun and cute boxes and are just something so different to the rest of the souvenirs, and who doesn’t like food right?

Another is the amazing selection of mystical and mythical sweets over in Harry Potter. You can go to Honeydukes or Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and pick out everything. You can find all the sweets from the books/films and more. I love the chocolate frogs and the every flavoured beans.

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