11 Romantic Things To Do In Killarney For Couples

Must Visit Places in Killarney, Ireland - Killarney, National Park

If you’re looking for the ultimate guide of things to do in Killarney, Ireland then you’ve come to the right place. We visited the town of Killarney, Ireland for the first time back in 2017 after TBEX announced they’d be hosting their 2017 European conference here. Despite having actually never heard of the town (even though we live just a one-hour plane ride away in England).

We set off on our journey to Killarney with an open mind. Having already visited Dublin earlier in the year and fallen in love with the Irish charm. Quickly, we found that Dublin has nothing on this quaint little tourist town in the center of Kerry.

Since then we’ve gone back to visit Killarney on a number of occasions, during that time we’ve managed to put together this comprehensive guide of things to do in Killarney for future visitors of the town to maximize their visit.

1. Walking Through The National Park

This will definitely be a must-do on TripAdvisor and we would certainly recommend it even if you are not a keen walker this is something that everyone should experience.

With many trails leading around the area and to different places to visit we opted to head over to Ross Castle. The national park is mesmerizing and very peaceful.

National Park Estate - 7 things to do in Killarney

I took a trail along the river to the lake edge and when they say lake edge they mean the whole edge. Once at the end of the trail you are completely surrounded by water.

National Park View - 7 Things to do in Killarney

The view of the mountains in the background is beautiful. The walk for me was roughly 3-4 miles there and back, well worth the time and you won’t be disappointed. This was without a doubt one of the most romantic things to do in Killarney for couples.

For More Information On Killarney National Park Click Here

2. Explore Muckross House

Muckross House is located 6km out of Killarney Town Centre and is often seen by many as the entrance to Killarney National Park. If you’re looking to visit the house then you’ll need to visit during the opening hours which vary depending on the time of year in which you’re visiting.

Muckross House is among one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Ring of Kerry so in peak season except the grounds to be busy with independent tourists and pre-arranged coach tours.

Built-in 1843 Muckross House is a great example of traditional Tudor architecture and should definitely be on your list of things to do in Killarney.

While there’s no charge to walk around the grounds and through the gardens there is a charge to go inside in which you’ll be required to take part in a guided tour.

The guided tour is 9 euros for adults and 6 euros for children (between the ages of 6 and 18, under that age is free). The tour is approximately one hour long and leaves every 30 minutes.

Again, these tours can sell out quickly during the peak season so be sure to pre-book your tour as soon as you arrive and explore the grounds during the ‘waiting time’ between your booking at the tour beginning.

For More Information On Munkross House Click Here.

3. Ride Around Town In A Jaunting Car

One way to explore the town of Killarney is on a Jaunting Car. These carts on two wheels pulled by horses were popular in Ireland back in the 19th century and Killarney is now one of the only places in Ireland where you can experience this mode of transport.

We suggest booking with a Killarney Jaunting Car with Tangney Tours which has been run by the Tangney family for more than 220 years.

4. Place A Bet On A Horse At Killarney Racecourse

Named the most scenic racecourse in Europe, Killarney Racecourse hosts a number of racing festivals throughout the year. However, Killarney Racecourse isn’t just home to horse racing as this venue is also the home of the Irish dance group the Celtic Steps.

5. Visit Ross Castle

Ross Castle is a restored castle in which dates back to the 15th century. The castle eventually was neglected and was bought by a man who then began the restoration to the castle.

He then turned the castle over to the government as long as it was kept as a national park and no development was to be done in the area.

There are scheduled tours around the castle that last 40 minutes and cost €5.00 per adult and €3.00 per student/child. The tour was great to see the intimate structure of the building and the small details that went into the architecture even in the 15th century.

Ross Castle - 7 Things To Do in Killarney

To get to the castle you can drive there and park up or you can walk through the national park from the town center with ease.

The walk was roughly 20mins and we saw some wonderful views along the way. I enjoyed seeing a field full of deer prancing and playing, you could even hear them from a distance.

You can find more information about Ross Castle and visitor hours on the Killarney National Park website.

6. Explore Killarney House and Gardens

Recently opened to the public offering tours around the house formally known as Kenmare House due to the original inhabitants being the Earls of Kenmare. The house was originally much larger and had more buildings within the land.

The other parts of the property had burnt down and so the family relocated to the renovated stable block. This is the building you see today is where the McShane family lived up until 1988 and so it became apart of the National Park.

Killarney House and Gardens - 7 Things to do in Killarney

The house has recently opened up the 3 lower floor rooms that have been restored to show to the public the wonderful place in which the McShane family spent their days.

The tour is currently free and lasts around 20-30 minutes. The upstairs room is currently undergoing restoration to become exhibition rooms so the entry for the tour may change.

Killarney house and gardens - 7 things to do in Killarney

If you aren’t too bothered about looking around the house, take a stroll around the gardens and see the beautiful flowers. The gardens are often worked on to keep the gardens well looked after and the flowers in season.

If you are a photographer and looking to have a lovely backdrop the gardens are a beautiful place to be.

You can find more information on Killarney’s house and gardens on the Killarney National Park website.

7. Embrace The Beauty of Torc Waterfall

3km south of Muckross House is Torc Waterfall. The waterfall is 75 feet high and feeds into the Owengarriff river. Torc waterfall is one of Killarney’s most well-known tourist attractions and a traditional stopping point for bus and coach tours.

8. Try The Local Cuisine

Though we are quite familiar with Irish dishes here in the UK it is something of a novelty to people around the world. We tried out a few different restaurants end enjoyed every one of them for different reasons, one of my favourites was Obriens, they made the best sandwiches with a lot of filling.

Scottish Bar and Courtyard - Must visit bar in Killarney, Ireland

If food isn’t your thing you can always check out the local bars and live music to hear some amazing traditional Irish music. Get that on your list of things to do in Killarney and you won’t be disappointed.

9. Take Irish Whiskey Tour

What we learned from our first trip to Ireland was that you can’t get the full experience of Ireland until you have done a whiskey tasting. While neither Cora nor I are a fan of whiskey anyway we went on 2 whiskey tours while in Dublin earlier in the year.

Though we didn’t go on one in Killarney there are plenty of places that offer whiskey tasting tours and bars that want you to try the local and homemade whiskeys. I would recommend you add this to the list of things to do in Killarney to get the full Irish experience.

As always if you think of anything you think should be on the list of things to do in Killarney let me know and I will add it in. If you have visited Killarney before let me know what you enjoyed and what you loved doing while you were there.

10. Sing In One Of The Singing Pubs

Killarney is well known for it’s singing pubs with many pubs have live music every night. The live music is likely to cover everything from traditional Irish folk songs to modern day covers and by the end of (or just an hour into) the night, you’ll likely find the entire pub singing along too.

11. Go On A Day Tour

One of the more popular things to do in Killarney is to take a tour. You can find a number of tours that take you out for the day to explore some of the mountain areas, walks, and nearby towns and villages.

With so much Irish charm to soak up taking a tour is a great way to see more of what Ireland has to offer.

Killarney – Dingle Day Tour

Ring Of Kerry Tour From Killarney

That is everything on our list of things to do in Killarney for couples. Killarney is a quiet and calm town with plenty of life and Irish charm. If you have been to Killarney and enjoyed an activity, share it in the comments below.

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