8 Things To Do At Center Parcs While Pregnant

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Center Parcs is a very family-friendly holiday destination, and somewhere we have fallen in love with over the past couple of years. Mainly due to how flexible we can be with our activities and how easily accessible everything is.

We love Center Parcs because there’s something for everyone – even those of us who are pregnant. We have visited Center Parcs twice while I was pregnant and always found something fun to do, so I didn’t just have to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else have the fun.

Of course, everyone feels different when pregnant. So be sure that you only do what you feel up to doing and what your body can manage.

1. Willow Weaving

Something I enjoyed from the very first time I tried it was willow weaving. It was an activity both myself, and Cora took on our honeymoon at Center Parcs back in 2019. I enjoyed it so much I booked on again during a trip with Cora’s parents and even got her mum involved.

Willow weaving is an activity that you can participate in no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy. It’s also an activity you can do both sat down or stood up, so even if you tire easily, you can easily take a break.

I also suggest this as a fulfilling activity while you are pregnant as you get plenty of helpful assistance from the course leaders, so even if you struggle, they will give you a helping hand.

2. Swimming

Swimming is free, which makes it a perfect activity for everyone, including those who are expecting. As the water lifts the baby’s weight naturally, you’ll feel lighter for those few hours in the water.

Don’t worry if you forget a swimming costume when packing for Center Parcs (we’ve done it before) as there’s an on-site shop with a variety of swimming costumes and accessories (goggles, towels, armbands etc.)

There is also plenty to do for the rest of the family in the Subtropical Swimming Pool, such as slides, different pools and rapids.

So while you are unable to join in these activities, you can still enjoy the faces of everyone else coming down the slides and enjoying the rapids.

If you want an increased level of relaxation during your pool session, then consider booking a cabana. Inside, you can sit back and relax while everyone else enjoys the pool.

3. Pottery Painting

Another activity I found that is incredibly enjoyable and suitable for all ages and types is pottery painting.

On our very first visit to Center Parcs, we booked on for a pottery painting session and enjoyed the slow pace for an afternoon.

We loved pottery painting on our first visit to Center Parcs so much we’ve now made it our ‘Center Parcs tradition’.

We believe that Pottery Painting is a perfect activity for pregnant people as you can take as much time as you want (and, in my case, at least, enjoy the sit down)

Pottery Painting at Center Parcs is perfect if other guests within your group are also creative. I know this is something both my nieces enjoy doing every visit. However, you don’t have to paint yourself if you don’t want to.

Instead, you can opt to enjoy the sitdown while supervising children who are working on a masterpiece.

4. Adventure Golf

Cora and I opted to play Adventure Golf at Center Parcs for the first time during our visit when I was pregnant.

While there was not much seating around the course, we did take things at a relatively leisurely pace and stopped in between holes.

If you’re feeling left out on your Center Parcs trip as the rest of your group goes off into the treetops or out paddleboard, consider getting together for a round of Adventure Golf.

5. Nature Walks

Something Cora and I always enjoy when at Center Parcs is a walk around the forest.

You can book a guided nature tour or take the time to go for a walk yourselves.

Center Parcs nature walks are enjoyable when pregnant, both solo or with family and friends.

We found many hidden walking paths dotted around the Whinfell Forest complex, which led us to little remote ponds and tracks.

6. Visit Aqua Sana

Aqua Sana is, in my opinion, the best Center Parcs activity for pregnant people.

It was something I never really thought about doing before I got pregnant, but after some encouragement from Cora on our first trip during our pregnancy, it was something I decided was a nice thing to do.

On our first visit to Center Parcs during my pregnancy, I opted for just a facial and a manicure. However, when we went for our second visit to Center Parcs a couple of months later, I opted for the VOYA Organic Precious Moments.

However, on our next trip to Center Parcs, I was six months pregnant and opted to book two treatments; the VOYA Organic Precious Moments and a manicure.

For my facial, I was blown away with the difference it could do to making me feel, and I felt so much better (as I was recovering from a cold and needed some serious regenerating to my skin).

The treatment was catered to me, my skin and my pregnancy. Nothing was too strong smelling as to not trigger any sickness feelings, which I appreciated.

Other treatments at Aqua Sana are also available these include; pedicures and hand, face and feet massages – all of which are suitable during pregnancy.

However, some specific treatments are not suitable for pregnant people – these are highlighted on the Center Parcs website.

7. Electric Boats & Pedalo Hir

Now don’t get me wrong, getting in and out of a boat nearing the end of my second trimester wasn’t easy (or quick!). However, it was well worthwhile.

When booking a boat at Center Parcs, you have the option of either an electric or a pedalo.

The electric boats are much more relaxing as you don’t have to do the peddling part and maybe a little more soothing for you during your pregnancy. However, if you want to add a little more exercise to your day, then pedalos are a great option.

I like the idea of heading out onto the lake in a boat as it is very relaxing, great if you want to try and get closer to the birds and ducks sitting out on the water and even join in an activity instead of standing on the sidelines.

8. Family Carriage Ride

If you want to spend time with your family and enjoy a fun activity together, then this family carriage ride is perfect. It doesn’t require any exercise – or, in fact, do anything except sit back and enjoy.

The family carriage ride at Center Parcs is perfect if you are pregnant as you can sit back, enjoy the view out of the carriage and explore Center Parcs in a whole new way.

I also really like this activity if you have younger children or children under the age of 3 or 4 as it is exciting and fun and it is something you can all enjoy together. Best of all, if you are visiting within the festive time (November/December), you can book a festive carriage ride.


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