10 Things To Do In Venice At Night

A sunset view over a canal with boats tied up on the edges

Venice isn’t just a collection of islands with beautiful and historical monuments but a place romance really blooms. There isn’t just history to soak up and remember but a unique way of seeing a city. Here are our 10 things to do in Venice at night.

A big bonus to heading into Venice in the evenings is that many tourists will either have caught their boat back to their cruise ship, already too tired to explore more or just sat having dinner somewhere.

Not many people will think to head out to explore the main sights in the evening which gives you the advantage to see more in less time.

10 Things To Do In Venice At Night

Go Dancing

There are nightclubs you can find dotted around Venice but Piccolo Mondo has been open since 1963 and started out as an art gallery. Soon over time, the establishment became popular with artists and famous people alike.

The venue became a cocktail bar and piano lounge and then is now a place to party, dance and have a good time. Nothing seems more fun and freeing than having a glass of Italian wine and hitting the dance floor.

Don’t expect to be out too late as much of the main area of Venice tends to shut fairly early. If you are looking for a late night party head to Mestre, where you can find a number of bars open late.

Have A Drink At A Bar

I spotted this cute corner bar in the middle of the day serving delicious fruit juices with a twist of alcohol. It was quite popular and can imagine it becomes a festival of fun in the evening.

Many places will now require you to be in an establishment as drinking alcohol on the streets is becoming a big no. This doesn’t matter, you can find an array of different style bars and clubs to enjoy a drink or two at in alluring Venice.

Or head to the main square where you can sit at Florian’s and enjoy a drink with spectacular views.

For more information on Florian’s click here.

Enjoy Venetian Dining

There is so much more to Venice dining than pizza and pasta, though they do those dishes very well too!

There are a number of dishes that are made and created right in the heart of Venice. These range from biscuits made for sailors to fish dishes. Find out an authentic restaurant to offer up some of these tasty delights.

There is definitely no shortage of restaurants and quaint places to watch the world go by. Enjoy true Venetian food at Ristorante Quadri, a Michellin Starred restaurant looking over the Piazza San Marco.

For more information on Ristorante Quadri click here.

If you are looking to make the most of the trip and try some food that is both truly Venetian and crafted check out local sources and hotel recommendations. These will give you the tried and tested results from themselves and previous guests.

Sunset Gondola Ride

Gondola rides are very popular among tourists and originally were one of the only ways to get around the city. Gondola’s are popular with couples looking to have a slice of romance while seeing the city. They have a couple of routes to take you on and this is one goes from the Grand Canal under the Bridge Of Sighs and more.

Please note that the gondola ride prices go up in the evenings. This can be such an amazing way to see the sunset and take in the beauty of Venice.

You can book Gondola rides in advance or book a tour to save you from finding someone on the spot.

To Book A Gondola Ride Click Here

Become An Expert Of Wine

Italy is famous for good wine and plenty of it! If you like trying something new or like joining a tour to learn more this is a great idea for you. You can go off an do this on your own and find a bar that can supply you with a tasting session or you can join a tour.

Some of the tours may take place in the day and last a couple of hours or you can seek out wine bars for yourself.

You can find a number of tours to sample local and traditional dishes along with wine. Tours are led by professionals or born and bred Venetians, giving you a wonderful experience of what Venetian life is like.

To Book The Cicchetti Dishes and Wine Bar with a Local Tour Click Here

Stroll Along The Many Bridges

There are so many bridges but unsurprisingly they are all beautiful and come with a stunning view. Whether you are into the big names like the Rialto Bridge or the Bridge of Sighs or the less common bridges, there is plenty for you to explore.

Each bridge is unique in design, structure and view so you will definitely get to walk across plenty. There are some lovely views to get a cute picture ready to show everyone back home!

Catch A Show

There is no denying that Venice and Italy itself are ruled by the beauty of the arts. This, of course, includes music so there is no surprise that there will be a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants offering up everything from Jazz music to Opera style singing.

Grab a carafe of wine and settle in for a show. If you like a show I would definitely advise adding this to your things to do in Venice at night.

Look out for the theatre Teatro La Fenice, this theatre has been opened since 1792. It is a grand and beautiful theatre putting on a variety of shows from opera, ballet and more.

You can actually tour around the theatre throughout the day and enjoy a show in the evening. If like the Italians you enjoy a show and performance this definitely has to be top of the list of things to do in Venice at night.

Try Your Hand At The Casino

Yes, there is a casino, of course, there is! If you are looking for different things to do in Venice at night this is one of them! But seriously there is a casino in Venice and you can go and try your luck. Casino Di Venezia was actually inaugurated in 1638 and is the worlds oldest casino.

If that doesn’t attract you to go in and have one small gamble just to see the stunning building then I am not sure what would. There are themed nights with shows so be sure to check out when those are.

There are a variety of tables, slots and more for you to get involved in while you soak up the history of the oldest casino in the world.

Visit The Main Attractions

There are so many tourists all queuing up to get into the main sights such as the bell tower, Saint Marks Basilica and Doge’s Palace. We witnessed queues of extreme lengths and in the heat, it isn’t good. There is so much more you can see and do with your time so be smart and visit the attractions at night.

They are more likely to be quiet as many people visited throughout the day or are out eating or hopped back on their cruise ship.

This is one of the top things to do in Venice at night as it doesn’t just save you time but gives you a better experience of Venice all around. The main attractions are also lit up and look beautiful in the evening light.

There are restaurants that line the Grand Canal offering up fresh seafood and more along with more quaint restaurants hidden away in the little back streets and squares.

There are a number of tours you can do throughout the day and very few in an evening. One of them is a walking tour around St Marks Square exploring the prison.

Book St Marks Square: Walking Prison Tour Here

Go On A Ghost Tour

Venice is an ancient city with many tales and stories so it wouldn’t be complete without a ghost story or two.

You will be guided by an expert through the streets of Venice to learn more about the past and unexplained events.

This is a great way to explore Venice after dark to hear stories, tales and be guided through parts you may not have discovered yet. The tour is a new and interesting way to see more of Venice and learn more about Venetian history.

Book Venice Ghost Tour Here

That is everything on our 10 things to do in Venice at night. If you have previously been to Venice and found something fun and unique to do on a night let us know!

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