A Chef’s Tour – Bangkok’s Backstreet Food Tour Review

Chicken Satay Sticks with Peanut Sauce - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

Though I feel on our second visit to Thailand we experienced different types of Thai food and tried new things there is still a lot of dishes to try. A lot of the time it can be overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

There are plenty of Bangkok food tour sites available but are they what you are looking for?

That is when A Chef’s Tour got in touch and asked if we would like to take part in their Bangkok Backstreet Food Tour, of course, we said yes. The Bangkok Chinatown food tour was to take place in the evening when all the best places were open for business.

About The Tour

Our guide for the evening was Chef Nutth, he has been in the business for over 20 years. Not only a guide for ‘ A Chef’s Tour’ but also a major foodie, chef and restauranteur.

You can tell Chef Nutth has a great passion for authentic Thai cuisine and if he doesn’t talk about it or get you to try it, it is not worth having. The Bangkok food tour costs $45 per person, the menu sometimes changes due to availability and what is in season. While the tour tries to create

A chef's tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

The Bangkok Chinatown food tour takes place under the Chinatown gate which is located in the middle of a roundabout. The tour lasts roughly 4 hours, you are taken around the hidden back streets of Chinatowns best places to eat.

There are roughly 10 dishes to try so don’t eat too much before the tour starts. The tour will take you through the main dishes, refreshing drinks and sweet desserts.

Chef Nutth is a great tour guide who will show you around some of the traditional sites along the way as well as tell you facts and interesting notes about the culture and surrounding area. He was kind enough to answer all of my many questions about how the food is made, the ingredients and about the culture here in Thailand.

How To Book The Tour

To book the tour it is simple and easy to do, head to ‘A Chef’s Tour’ website, find the Bangkok’s backstreet food tour and book now. There will be a calendar come up and you can choose the date you wish.

There is a maximum of 8 people per tour, the tour does not take place on Mondays at that is typically street cleaning day so vendors aren’t out selling.

Once you have booked you will receive an email and all details on where to meet your guide and location will be included. Along with helpful tips on the best station to go to if using public transport.

Walking The Backstreets Of Chinatown

Since Chef Nutth had grown up in the area he was full of knowledge on where is best to go. We started out at a small street food vendor serving up crispy fried dumplings filled with Chinese chives.

The dumplings were both soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, they came with a dipping sauce of black bean sauce also known as Nam Jim sauce.

A Chef's tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

While walking from spot to spot on the Bangkok food tour, Chef Nutth was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the culture and the working day of the Thai and Chinese people.

He pointed out small shops that were traditional Chinese and showed us the dried fish stomach, shark fin and birds nest. Filling us in on what they are each used for and how they are cooked.

Our next couple of stops were not far from the first and along the same path, the first was chicken satay sticks with a peanut sauce as well as fish cakes. The chicken is said to be marinated with yellow curry powder and coconut milk to give the flavour and then is cooked on a grill.

It is said with the chicken satay stick dish that once you have eaten chicken off the stick. You then use the stick to eat the salad with the flavour of the chicken still present on the stick. The food was beautifully made and also beautifully presented on a bed of tangy ajat cucumber relish.

A Chef's Tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

The next stop was a green leaf drink and it said to be good for the digestive system as well as blood pressure. The drink is a cold drink and is served in a small glass with a straw.

It is a popular stop for locals and a must try for tourists. I will admit it isn’t to everyone’s taste but good to try if you are around.

A Chef's tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

The next place on our Bangkok Chinatown Food TourChef Nutth took us to was a little different as it actually guava fruit. You can buy this by the bag and eat with a stick just when and where you like.

The guava fruit is a lovely taste (in my opinion) on its own but it is traditionally served with a salt and sugar mix. You dip the guava pieces into the salt and sugar mix and eat it. It is very delicious and a must try.

It is said that the Thai people quite like sweet food, so often that they will take something like fruit and add a sweetness to it.

A Chef's Tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

A great feature of the tour is that you are walking between stops but you don’t have to walk too far. This is great because it gives you a chance before the next stop to be ready for the next tasting without having to be exhausted.

This teamed up with the tour taking place in the late afternoon/evening when the air is cooler and more manageable is a great way to explore the Bangkok Chinatown food tour.

The next couple of stops on the Bangkok food tour were famous for their dishes and portion sizes, we were taken by Chef Nutth into the very back streets to where they held their fish market in Chinatown. The market takes place very early morning and is said to be cleared up and done by 11 am.

We were seated as a very quiet backstreet where we were served a large bowl of what they called worker soup. The soup itself was made of greens, stewed pork and handmade egg noodles. The bowl is said to be fed to the workers to keep them full and ready for a busy day.

A Chef's tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

Our next famous stop on the Bangkok food tour was known to be famous due to there never been anywhere to sit. People flock to this hotspot to try the beautiful Thai red curry with crispy Chinese sausage.

The vendors serve up a number of different dishes and many people mix and match to create their own bowls. The food is delicious and well worth finding to try.

A Chef's tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

Along the walk of the backstreets on the Bangkok goof tour Chef Nutth told us about the traditions of the Chinese people and how they celebrate the Chinese New Year. We were also lucky enough to see the Oldest Chinese Temple in Chinatown.

One of our next stops was another fruit inspired dish. This was based on unripened mango. The mango itself when unripened is sour and so to create a sweet taste to the fruit, it is dipped in a sauce.

The sauce itself is made with a number of ingredients such as fish sauce, chilli, onions and brown sugar. Though this doesn’t sound all that appealing it was actually one of my favourite dishes of the night.

A Chef's tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

The next stop on the Bangkok food tour was another stop at a very famous spot, so famous that there are 60 employees working at the restaurant. The restaurant itself operates over 2-3 floors and they use a hook and rope to transport orders and dishes up to the second floor. What I imagine was used before the invention of dumbwaiters.

The restaurant is very popular and so they use a ticket number system for those who want to wait for a table. We weren’t waiting more than 10 minutes before we could get a table for 5.

A Chef's Tour - Bangkok Chinatown Food Tour

Here we tried a spicy seafood soup, steamed lemongrass muscles and stir-fry morning glory with soy sauce. Though the spicy seafood soup was too hot for me personally I still tried it and the seafood was beautiful.

After a couple more stops on our Bangkok food tour, our final one had to be our favourite. Chef Nutth must have known us well as our last stop was doughnuts with a custard dipping sauce.

The place he took is was a place that the Queen herself had stopped for doughnuts during Chinese New year. They now proudly have a picture on their stand to show that day.

I can confidently say that they made the most beautiful dessert I had in a long time. Though I am usually not a big fan of custard (English traditional yellow custard) I loved this one.

The custard is made from pandan leaf found in Asia, the doughnut is quite a plain flavour before adding the green custard making the doughnut a perfect combination of sweet flavour and crispy dough. This had to be my favourite dish on the Bangkok food tour.


I would definitely recommend this Bangkok food tour for anyone wanting to try true Thai food. This is the perfect mix of getting to know the culture along with trying some culinary delights. Chef Nutth is a lovely tour guide and is passionate about what he does.

The tour is well laid out and you get to see the best of the best. The places we visited and the foods we tried, we wouldn’t have found on our own and would never have discovered.

This is a perfect tour for anyone wanting to get the most out of their trip to Bangkok. Chef Nutth was even nice enough to get us a taxi to get home.

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