Universal Studios Refillable Popcorn Bucket – The Ultimate Guide!

The Universal Studios refillable popcorn bucket can save you a fair few dollars on snacks during your trip without feeling hungry or compromising on taste.

There is a lot to know about the Universal Studios refillable popcorn bucket, from where to buy it, where to refill it and more.

There are also different rules, guidelines and that you might not have thought about. This cost-effective snack option is key for getting around the park snack happy and at a low cost.

What Are Universal Studios Refillable Popcorn Bucket

Universal Studios refillable popcorn bucket is a big heavy-duty plastic buckets with a lid and a handle.

They have Universal Studio’s branding around the bucket and sometimes come in different patterns for events or different times of the year.

The popcorn buckets can be purchased from any of the three Universal Studios parks in Orlando, Florida as well as the Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Once you’ve purchased the popcorn bucket you’re able to fill it up with popcorn as often as you like for the rest of the day. All you need is a stand or cart that is selling the popcorn to pay for the refill.

How Much Do Universal Studios Refillable Popcorn Bucket Cost

The standard Universal Studios cups is $8.99 + tax in Orlando and 7.99 + tax in Hollywood.

Refills then cost $1.99 + tax each time you get a refill in Orlando. Refills for popcorn in Universal Studios Hollywood are $3.49 + tax.

Remember, if you’re an annual pass holder then you’ll get a discount on Universal Studios food, drink and merchandise.

The screenshot above is from Universal Studios Hollywood. Where you’ll find a discount of 15% if you’re a gold or platinum, annual pass holder.

Discounts are not specified online for annual pass holders at the Orlando Universal Studios resort.

Where Can You Refill The Universal Studios Refillable Popcorn Bucket?

Within each of the Universal Studios Orlando parks there are 4 stations you can refill your popcorn bucket. Just look for the sign for popcorn and you know you will have found it!

Universal Studios Orlando offer up flavoured popcorn such as caramel and cheddar, if you are wanting to add flavour to your popcorn then you would be looking to pay full price.

Universal Studios Hollywood

During our recent visit to Universal Studios Hollywood, we found a limited number of places we could refill our popcorn buckets.

Can You Use The Same Refillable Cup On A Different Day At A Different Universal Park?

I believe you can, much like the refillable cups all you have to do is pay for the refills. Many people take back the previous years bucket and get the discounted refills.

Meaning you can use your popcorn bucket every day while you are in the parks making the most of the bucket, discounted refills and unlimited snacking!

This is ideal for annual pass holders or those who repeatedly visit Universal Studios Theme Parks!

Can You Use The Refillable Popcorn Bucket At A Universal Resort Hotel?

At this time you are unable to use the refillable popcorn bucket for refills of popcorn if you’re staying on-site at a Universal Studios hotel.

You cannot get refills at discounted price over at Citywalk either.

Benefits Of The Universal Studios Refillable Popcorn Bucket

  • Easy way to snack on something around the park
  • Affordable
  • Can be used at all the Universal Studios theme parks
  • Can be used at meal-times inside the Universal Studios restaurants
  • Easy to carry around and store in a locker while on rides

Drawbacks Of The Universal Studios Refillable Popcorn Bucket

  • Not helpful if you don’t like the flavour popcorn that is available
  • The bucket doesn’t store in a bag or backpack due to the size

Universal Studios Refillable Cups Value For Money

So, how does the cost of a Universal Studios refillable popcorn bucket compare to simply purchasing snacks as and when you need them throughout the day.

Bringing Your Own Snacks

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from bringing your own snacks to the parks. This would be saving you the $8.99 + tax and any of the following refills.

You can shop on-site or at the nearby supermarkets to stock up on snacks for your visit.

Getting Non-Refillable Popcorn Bucket At Universal Studios

Of course you can buy popcorn at the regular price of $5.39 + tax in Universal Studios Hollywood. This would save you over $7.09 based on getting the popcorn bucket and one extra refill at $3.49 – tax.

The buckets though generous in size would be empty between a family of 4 in no time. We got to the bottom on our popcorn bucket quite quick between two people.

If you plan to get 2 of the normal popcorn at $5.39 + tax it equals to 10.78. You only need to have a 3rd to make having a Universal Studios refillable popcorn bucket worth getting. This also doesn’t apply to future trips or a second day of using it.

Buy Other Snacks Instead

There is no shortage of places to get fun and interesting snacks at any of the Universal Studios parks.

There is the famous Lard Lad Donut you can find around the Simpsons area along with some of the other carts around the park. There is also plenty of places to find ice cream, sundaes and frozen treats.

You can also find a unique snack which is called a Brookie – Brownie and Cookie combined. Known as one of Universal Studios signature snacks. Along with the candy apples and cauldron cakes found in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Sharing The Refillable Popcorn Bucket With Others In Your Party

If you’re happy to share your Universal Studios Refillable cup with others in your party then sure thing!

Personally, I would encourage it! Having the cost of one bucket and a refill at $1.99 + tax every time, sharing is much cheaper and easier than carrying around two buckets!

Damaged Refillable Popcorn Buckets

If any part of your refillable popcorn bucket becomes broken. Staff at any of the participating popcorn stalls will replace your bucket for free.


In conclusion, with each popcorn serving in the parks usually costing around $3 + tax, then there are some big savings to be had with a Universal Studios refillable popcorn bucket.

It’s also a great way in which Universal is tackling single-use plastics. We love the ease of having a ready made snack with us around the park. We wouldn’t have a trip to any of the Universal Studios parks without one!

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