Best Transportation From Disney To Universal Orlando

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Looking for the best transportation from Disney to Universal Orlando?

Whether you’re going for just the day, or plan to split your holiday between these two resorts there’s multiple ways you can travel between the two.

In this post, we’ll breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of each method so you can be sure that your transportation from Disney to Universal is hassle-free and affordable.

Driving From Disney To Universal Studios

The distance between Walt Disney World and Universal Studios is around 23km (14 miles) although this can vary significantly depending on where within either of the two resorts you’re travelling from/to.

The journey requires you to drive along the famous I4, which runs alongside International Drive.

International Drive has a vast number of attractions, entertainment options and famous restaurants.

Due to the costs involved hiring a car during your trip to Florida is only going to be worthwhile if you’re planning on doing more than just travelling to and from the Disney and Universal parks.

Another cost to factor into your transport from Disney to Universal is parking. You’re going to be required to pay for parking at Universal Studios or Walt Disney World (if you’re doing this trip in reverse).

Taxi From Disney To Universal Studios

If you’re scared of driving in the United States (like we are) or believe it would be a false economy to hire a car during your trip then a taxi may be the next best option.

The benefits of using a taxi service are;
– It’s private
– It’s just as quick as driving yourself
– No stress of driving abroad
– No need to pay for parking
– Don’t have to personally drive home after a long day walking around the parks.

We always recommend using either Lyft or Uber. There’s a wide variety of cars on both platforms allowing you to book luxury vehicles and SUVs (suitable for 6 – 8 passengers).

The cost of a Uber or Lyft from Walt Disney World to Universal Studios is around $17 for a basic car (suitable for up to four passengers) and $29 for an SUV (suitable for up to six passengers).

Luxury vehicles are available for around $55 although I’d also recommend Execucar for a similar level service. If you’re travelling with a child and require a car seat both Uber and Lyft offer you the ability to refine the cars available by those with a car seat only.

Bus From Disney To Universal Studios

While it is possible to get a bus from Disney to Universal Studios it’s something both Helen and I would advise against. There is no direct bus service offered and instead, you’d be required to catch at least two buses.

In total, the journey would likely take you in excess of 1.5 hours. However, below I’ve listed the hotels we’re aware of that offer a shuttle bus to both Disney and Universal Studios.

So, while they don’t offer one between the two it is possible to go back to the hotel to then catch another bus from the hotel out to the other park whether it be Walt Disney World or Universal.

Hotels With A Shuttle Bus To Both Disney & Universal Studios.

Below is a list of hotels that can be booked online. You can refine and check these hotel facilities to ensure they have a shuttle o transport between Disney and Universal Studios – many of them also include Seaworld too.

You can then ‘double-check’ or get the reassurance of the shuttle service facility either by checking recent reviews from travellers on TripAdvisor or by ringing the hotel directly.

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