A Guide To Disney Sea Characters

One of the best parts of Tokyo Disney is the Disney Sea Characters, here are all the characters you can meet within the Disney Sea and Disneyland Tokyo park and where you’ll find them.

The characters like any other Disney park are well presented, looked after and come with a cast member escort. Even though Disney Sea is not owned by The Walt Disney Company they still have some creative control.

In spite of this, you wouldn’t think otherwise as many of the features, styles, and way things are run are very much in keeping with the other parks.

Disney Sea Characters

Disney Sea characters are found of course in the Disney Sea park. There are two parks over in Tokyo’s Disney resort and are split. One is DisneySea and the other is Disneyland. There are uniques things to look out for and try at both parks on your visit and not just the characters.

Top Tip: Have you camera person ready, as you don’t want to take up lots of time that others can use and they don’t have cast members to take you picture, (there is no memory maker system in place). You need to make sure your camera person or your selfie stick is ready to go!

Abu – Arabian Coast

Angel – Arabian Coast

Ariel – Mermaid Lagoon

Bernard – American Waterfront

Bianca – American Waterfron

Chip – American Waterfront, Mediterranean Harbour, Port Discovery, Lost Port Delta.

Clarice – American Waterfront

Cruella De Ville – American Waterfront

Daisy Duck – Mermaid Lagoon, Mediterranean Harbour, American Waterfront, Arabian Coast.

Dale – Port Discovery, Mediterranean Harbour, American Waterfront, Lost Port Delta.

Donald Duck – Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock, American Waterfront, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Mediterranean Harbour.

Duffy Bear – Halloween Special – No specific Location

Gaston – Halloween Special – No Specific Location

Genie – Arabian Coast

Geppetto – Mediterranean Harbour

Gideon – Mediterranean Harbour

Goofy – Mediterranean Harbour, Lost River Delta, Mermaid Lagoon, Port Discovery.

Indiana Jones – Lost River Delta

Jack Sparrow – Mediterranean Harbour

Jafar – Halloween Special – No specific location

Jasmine – Arabian Coast

Jimny Cricket – Mediterranean Harbour

John Worthington (Honest John) Foulfellow – Mediterranean Harbour

Jos? Caricoca – Lost River Delta

Jungle Monkey – Lost River Delta

Marie From Aristocats – Mediterranean Harbour, AmericanWaterfront.

Max Goof – Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, American Waterfront.

Max Eric’s Dog From The Little Mermaid – Mermaid Lagoon

Mickey Mouse – Lost River Delta, Mediterranean Harbour, American Waterfront.

Minnie Mouse – Arabian Coast, American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Mediterranean Harbour.

Miss Bunny – American Waterfront

Mr Incredible – Port Discovery

Mrs Incredible – Port Discovery

Poncho Pistoles – Lost River Delta

Pluto – Mediterranean Harbour, Mermaid Lagoon

Prince Eric – Mermaid Lagoon

Scrooge McDuck – American waterfront

ShellieMay – Halloween – no specific location

Snow Witch From Snow White – Halloween – no specific location

Thumper – American Waterfront

Trolls – Halloween – no specific location

Disneyland Characters

Some of the characters play a role in both parks, they may be dressed in a different theme or dressed for a season such as Halloween, Christmas, etc. The Disney Sea characters also pop up in different areas within the parks. You may see them walking from place to place and they will generally walk along with you and take pictures.

Top Tip: Many of the characters won’t have a queue for you to wait in line to have a meet and picture. They are generally stood in an area with a cast member with a group of visitors around. Don’t let this put you off as they generally work hard to have a picture and moment with everyone.

Alice – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Angel (Lilo & Stitch) – Tomorrowland

Bashful – Fantasyland

Belle – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Berlioz ( Aristocats) -World Bazar

Bernard (The Rescuers) – World Bazar

Bert ( Mary Poppins) – World Bazar

Bianca (The Rescuers) – World Bazar

Big Al – Westernworld

Big Bad Wolf – Toontown

Captain Hook – Fantasyland

Chip – World Bazar, Westernland, Toontown

Cinderella – Fantasyland

Carabelle Cow – Toontown

Clarice – Toontown

Daisy Duck – Toontown

Dale – Toontown, World Bazar, Westernland

Doc – Fantasyland

Donald – Toontown

Dopey – Fantasyland

Eeyore – World Bazar

Esmeralda – Fantasyland

Fairy Godmother – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Fiddler Pig – Toontown, World Bazar

Fifer Pig – Toontown, World Bazar

Flynn Rider – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Friar Tuck – World Bazar

Gaston – Fantasyland

Geppetto – World Bazar

Gideon – World Bazar, Fantasyland

Goofy – Toontown, World Bazar

Green Army Man – Tomorrowland

Grumpy – Fantasyland

Happy – Fantasyland

Horace Horsecollar – Toontown

Jack Sparrow – Adventureland

Jessie – Westernworld

Jimny Cricket – Fantasyland, World Bazar

John Worthington – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Jungle Monkey – Adventureland

King Louie – Adventureland

Liver Lips McGrowl – Westernland

Mad Hatter – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Marie – World Bazar

Mary Poppins – World Bazar

Max Goof – World Bazar

Mickey Mouse – World Bazar, Westernland

Minnie Mouse – World Bazar, Westernland, Toontown, Critter Country

Mr Incredible – Tomorrowland

Mr Smee – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Mrs Incredible – Tomorrowland

Perla – World Bazar

Peter Pan – World Bazar, Fantasyland

Pinocchio – World Bazar, Fantasyland

Pluto – Toontown, World Bazar, Westernland

Practical pig – Toontown, World Bazar

Prince Charming – Fantasyland

Prince John – World Bazar

Prince Phillip – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Princess Aurora – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Queen Of Hearts – Fantasyland

Rapunzel – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Robin Hood – World Bazar

Scrooge McDuck – Toontown, World Bazar

Sherif Of Notthingham – World Bazar

We got to visit around Halloween where the parks opened its doors to those who wanted to dress up as their favourite characters like the Toy Story troop above.

Sleepy – Fantaysland

Sneezy – Fantasyland

Snow Prince – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Snow White – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Stitch – Tomorrowland

Stormtrooper – Tomorrowland

Suzy – World Bazar

Thumper – World Bazar

Tweedle Dee – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Tweedle Dum – Fantasyland, World Bazar

Wendell – Westernland

Wendy Darling – Fantasyland, World Bazar

White Rabbit – World Bazar, Fantasyland

Winnie The Pooh – World Bazar

While we didn’t meet as many Disney Sea characters as we would have liked we did manage to spot some characters that are unique to Tokyo Disney Resort. There is so much to see and do while you are at Tokyo Disney that you need more than 2 days to get it done. I hope this has helped you find your favourite Disney Sea characters and plan a route to see them all.

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