A Guide To Visiting Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

Despite being small in size Panagsama Beach in Moalboal is still incredibly impressive.

While the majority of the beach was washed away in a typhoon in 1984. The area has managed to recover from the devastation and go on to thrive, with tourism steadily increasing year on year.

Panagsama Beach is the perfect place for adventure seekers to go out scuba diving, snorkeling and even pick up a PADI Diving Certification.

If you are looking to stay in Panagsama Beach these are some places we recommend:

Budget option – Cheif Mau

Mid Range option – Ocean Safari Suites

Family Friendly – Teobas Homestay

How To Get To Panagsama Beach

The most common route of getting to Panagsama Beach is to get to Moalboal from Cebu City. We have a full breakdown of the options and routes you can take to get from Cebu City to Panagsama Beach.

If you are arriving by bus from Cebu City you will be dropped off at the bus station which is situated in Moalboal Town Centre. From there you will need to take a local mode of transport to Panagsama Beach – we’d recommend a habal-habal.

If arriving at Panagsama Beach by private transfer or taxi you can be dropped off at your accommodation in the area or the beach directly.

Pro Tip: The cars can’t get all the way to the narrow entrance where the beach is located so be prepared to walk 5 minutes from the nearest drop off point down to the beach.

If you’re already staying at one of the many hostels or hotels in the Panagsama Beach area then getting to the beach is an easy walk of between 200m and 800m.

Simply head down towards the sea and follow the road round to the left when you get to the bottom.

Pro Tip: This is a tourist location so feel free to ask any of the locals or other backpackers for directions if you get stuck.

You’ll pass a number of diving shops, perfect for renting any equipment you might need – to see the sardine run we opted to rent a snorkel.

As you follow the road down along the sea from you’ll notice Cebu Scuba Academy. It’s situated on your left just before the end of the road.

If you look to the right you’ll notice a small pathway. This will lead you straight out onto the beach.

Here you’ll find Panagsama Beach.

Entry Cost

There is no cost to enter Panagsama Beach.

Guide To Panagsama Beach

Panagsama Beach is located in the southwestern part of Cebu Province. Mostly known for the amazing snorkeling opportunities and the famous Sardine Run.

The area was traditionally a quiet fishing village. Today, it’s a fantastic central location for tourists to explore the area while enjoying the diving on beach itself.

The sand from the beach quickly turns into a coral beach floor which makes it a hive of activity for small fish and sea turtles.

If you’re looking to venture further afield for some adventure then consider checking out;

Kawasan Waterfall

Dau Waterfall

Osmena Peak

Cambais Falls

Cangkalanog Falls

Pretty much all the hotels and hostels in Panagsama Beach offer some form of an excursion to the major nearby attractions however you can also book these attractions online in advance.

Pro Tip: You can walk to White Beach but it can take anything from 45 minutes- 1 hour. We suggest taking a habal-habal which cuts the travel time down to 15-minutes.

A habal-habal ride should cost you no more than 150 pesos.

Where To Eat At Panagsama Beach

While the area and beach may be small there is no shortage of places to eat. Ranging from more relaxed dining and cafes to restaurants that look out over the clear blue water.

Pro Tip: Many of the places only accept cash, there is an ATM located in Cheif Mau if required.

You can find a range of cuisines within the area which makes spending 4-5 nights here much more exciting.

With everything from a French cafe to an Italian restaurant and more traditional Filipino dishes to be found, you can’t go wrong.

Venz Kitchen & Smooth Cafe – If you are vegetarian or even vegan there are a couple of options here for you. Smooth Cafe and Venz are the most popular spots in town to eat.

Chief Mau – We found our favorite places to sit drink and do a little work was Chief Mau, hostel and cafe. It was located over two floors with relaxed seating upstairs and formal seating for dining downstairs.

The food and service were always great and a lovely family run business. They also have two dogs and a cat!

Cafe Cebuano – Another great place with a range to the menu from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can reserve a table which is situated out over the water from which you can watch the sunset into the sea.

We hope this guide to Panagsama Beach has been helpful and useful. If you have been before and have any suggestions on nearby attractions or places to eat let us know in the comments.

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