A South Shore Adventure Iceland With Gateway To Iceland

Young woman sat by the beach on the South Shore Adventure Iceland

While we found amazing deals on flights to Iceland thanks to Wizz Air. neither of us had thought about what exactly we wanted to see and do there.

We started looking at what the best sights to see where and what we wanted to do. There was so much to see and so much we wanted to fit in, we worried we wouldn’t get the chance to do it all in the time we had.

Thankfully Gateway To Iceland got in touch and said we should join them for the South Shore Adventure Iceland tour. This is how we got on…

Quick Note: Before planning exactly what you might do in Iceland we suggest checking out our Iceland Packing List for some inspiration on what you might need to buy in preparation for your trip. 

8.30 AM – Hotel Pick Up

We were picked up by our driver/ tour guide Stefan at our hotel. We then collected other guests and headed out of Reykjavik. There were 8 passengers in total so it was comfortable in the mini-van. During the drive, Stefan told us interesting facts about Iceland and the culture as well as the sights themselves.

Gateway To Iceland Tour Bus on A South Shore Adventure Iceland

10.00 AM – Snack + Toilet Stop

Though not an official stop at a petrol/service station with a cafe and coffee shop attached. There are restrooms to use as at this point we have been driving for 1.5 hours. We have 20 minutes to grab something to drink and use the facilities.

The prices of the coffee and food in the station were inflated but over the road is a Kronan food supermarket which is cheaper. After getting back on the bus we headed off to our first official stop on the South Shore Adventure Iceland.

10.40 AM – Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Just a short drive on we came to our first sightseeing stop on our South Shore Adventure Iceland at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. It is a tall but thin beautiful waterfall that you can walk behind and look out through the falling water.

We spent 20 minutes at this waterfall which worked out as plenty of time to take lots of pictures and walk behind the waterfall (should you wish to do so)

Seljalandsfoss waterfalls from the back on the south shore adventure Iceland

It’s no surprise this made it onto our list of best waterfalls in Iceland – I mean it isn’t every day you get to walk behind a waterfall. There is a chance of little spray so if you are wanting to do it make sure you dress in waterproofs.

11.20 AM – Largest Dairy Farm In Iceland

This was a very short stop of roughly 5-10 minutes at the largest dairy farm. This stop was a great place to stop and see the glacier in the background of the farm. There were the surrounding mountains on either side of the farm and the glacier in the middle. The mountain range behind the farm is called Eyjallaj?kull.

View of the glacier on the south shore adventure Iceland

11.30 AM – Skogafoss Waterfalls

Our next stop was another waterfall but not just any waterfall. The amazing thing about Iceland is that nothing is the same, so everything is unique and different to the last.

This stop was at Skogafoss Waterfalls, a 60-meter giant that you can get as close as you like. The waterfall runs into a river at ground level and through that creates its own rainbows.

Skogafoss waterfalls on the south shore adventure Iceland

We loved this waterfall as it was great to be able to get so close and really see the water fall from the top to the bottom with nothing in the way. We spent 30 minutes here which was more than enough time to get a million and one pictures.

Touching the rainbow at Skogafoss waterfalls on the south shore adventure Iceland

12.10 PM – Solheimaj?kull

Next stop on the South Shore Adventure Iceland was the glacier snout of Solheimaj?kull. While we weren’t going onto the actual glacier we got very close. There are separate tours you would have to take with trained guides to go onto the glacier.

This time our tour guide Stefan came with us to show us where we could go. We walked a 15-minute walk from the car park round to the edge of the lagoon. The lagoon that is there now was once part of the glacier but unfortunately has melted away.

glacier snout of Solheimaj?kull on the south shore adventure Iceland

Stefan showed us a project that a local school had been working on since 2010 to measure how much the glacier was receding every year and it was shocking. There were still blocks of ice within the lagoon that you could see melting as you stood there.

13.20 PM – V?k i M?rdal Village

From the glacier was a short drive to V?k i M?rdal village for a lunch break. This village is the most southern village in Iceland. We were given an hour for lunch and then we would be heading to the black sand beach.

While we came prepared and brought food with us to save money there is a restaurant on site. The restaurant was quite pricey but if you don’t mind the money the food looked lovely.

Lunch break on the south shore adventure Iceland

If you are looking to save a little money where you can either bring your own food or there was a Kronan supermarket towards the back of the complex by the restrooms. There you could find packaged sandwiches and drinks for a much lower price.

We did, however, get a drink from the restaurant and sit at one of the many tables by the big windows. We got 2 bottles of 7UP free at 400 ISK each, for a cup of coffee it was 350 ISK.

14.20 PM – Sea Stacks

As you sat in the restaurant and looked out over the sea you could see something that looked like giant spikes in the water. This was our next stop, the Sea Stacks. Just a short drive from the complex to the beach you could see a long walkway going out to the sea with the sea stacks in the distance.

Looking at the Sea Stacks on the south shore adventure Iceland

The sea stacks are said to be trolls. The trolls that came out at night on a lovely evening to fish. The trolls themselves had such a great time that they fell asleep and once the sun rose they turned into the sea stacks. We had 20 minutes here to take pictures.

14.50 PM – Reynisfjara

Moving on to another stop on our South Shore Adventure Iceland was the famous black sand beach. Reynisfjara beach is famous for scenes in Game Of Thrones and many others but the beach is also famous for being dangerous. We spent an hour at the beach, there was a cafe, hot dog van and restrooms on sight.

Reynisfjara beach on the south shore adventure Iceland

Stefan again accompanied us to show us some of the more interesting parts of the beach. There is also a large sign to warn people about visiting the beach. The waves are the most dangerous part of the beach as they are called sneaker waves.

That means that 5-6 waves can be of normal size and no immediate threat but the next wave could a sneaker wave. This wave is much larger and can easily take hold of a person and drag them to sea. Unfortunately, due to the velocity of the wave and the temperature, it can kill you.

The notice before entering the beach makes it very clear not to get too close, not to turn your back on the waves and to be careful at all times.

Young woman throwing black sand on Reynisfjara beach on the south shore adventure Iceland

The beach itself is stunning, there is a mix of small grains of black sand, smaller black pebbles and large dark stones. Stefan took us around the cliff edge to show us one of the 2 cave areas, this one was particularly beautiful as the rock has been eroding away but in a pattern.

There was plenty of places on the beach to have amazing Instagram shoots including the cliff edge which looked like lots of pillars stuck together to create steps. Many people climbed up a couple and stood for a photo.

Young woman sitting on the rocks at Reynisfjara beach on the south shore adventure Iceland

There was also another cave similar to the other where the rock looked more like wood. The cave had naturally formed and the stone had formed to look like many thin slices stacked together.

Reynisfjara beach on the south shore adventure Iceland

It may have been from years of erosion from the sea or layers of lava from years and years ago. It was very interesting to see and created a great place for birds to nest.

After visiting the beach we headed back on the bus to make our way back to Reykjavik.

16.15 PM – Transformed Cave

We made a stop for a very brief visit on our South Shore Adventure Iceland to a cave that was transformed. It was used for a number of things over the years. While driving Stefan had pointed out small huts and doors fixed onto rock sides. 

He told us that a long time ago farmers would use natural caves to shelter their sheep from cold winds. They would make a door or gate to close them in and protect them from the cold.

a hidden cave with fern growing from the ceiling on the south shore adventure Iceland

It was said that some even added to the cave so that they could fit more in, some built a farm around it and stayed. Some were only used for shelter temporarily and some have extensions. It was interesting to see how natural spaces and shelters were used. Off the side of the road was our last stop to see the natural growth of fern in a cave.

It is said that the cave itself is haunted, and if anyone was to touch the fern they would be cursed for life. We stayed here approximately 10 minutes before setting back off to Reykjavik.

18.00 PM – Back To Reykjavik

We arrived back into Reykjavik from the South Shore Adventure Iceland and was directly dropped off outside our hotel.

During the trip, we left our bag on the bus as it was always supervised by the tour guide or was locked. There was also plenty of opportunities for the restrooms and get a drink if needed. I learned a lot about Iceland and the heritage of the people.

If you have been to Iceland before let us know what you thought? Did you go on any tours or create your own, if so which tours and what you thought?

We would love to know what you thought of our trip to Iceland and whether you are planning another visit. If you have been on the South Shore Adventure Iceland? – Let us know what you thought below.

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