Review: Moscow Airport Lounge at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Terminal D

Our flight from Rome to Japan included a layover in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

This was set to be a 1.5-hour layover, but by the time we’d taxied the plane and made it through immigration and security we had just 20 minutes before the final call of the second-leg of our flight.

Determined to check out the Moscow Lounge at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. We speed-walked, speed ate and speed photographed for a chaotic 20-minute lounge visit.

This particular Moscow Airport Lounge is situated in Terminal D and was opened in 2018 just in time for the Fifa World Cup.

Pro Tip: Read more about the different airport Lounges inside Moscow Airport.

There’s multiple Aeroflot Airport Lounges in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport of which this is the most recently created/updated.


There are five lounges within Terminal D of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, all of which are currently open to priority pass holders.

We chose to visit the Moscow Lounge as it was central to the terminal and meant that we wouldn’t be too far from our gate (even if it was at a far end of the airport terminal, which turned out to be the case)

The Moscow Airport Lounge is located on the 3rd floor airside at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport within Terminal D.

You’ll find it opposite gate 30 on your right-hand side after passing customs and passport control.


There was a small number of people waiting to access the lounge upon our arrival however the staff on the front desk we’re incredibly efficient.

Despite the lounge being relatively busy, we had no trouble using our Priority Pass – I do wonder if that was down to the staff noticing we’d only be having an incredibly short visit.


The Moscow Airport Lounge was open plan and incredibly spacious with plenty of seating.

It was nice to see some architectural thought going into an airport lounge – certainly more than just the standard format of chairs to create as much seating as possible without it seeming too informal.

Formed into two sections; an upper level and a lower level the lounge had a sweeping design.

The majority of the food and drink was located by the kitchen and reception area at the front of the lounge.

However, at the top of the Moscow Airport Lounge by the children’s area, there were additional snacks including crisps and sweets.

The Moscow Lounge is embedded centrally within the terminal providing no outside view. Instead, nearing the top of the lounge you’ll find some frosted glass that allows you to look out onto the rest of the terminal.

Despite the lack of an outside view, the lounge didn’t feel claustrophobic due to fantastic lighting and light furnishings.

There was a variety of seating in the lounge, mostly catered to dining or lounging:

Bar Stools

Standard Chairs

Relaxing Lounger Chair

We decided on these seats as they were nearing the front of the lounge and next to the food, ideal for our quick visit.

Food & Drink

The catering at the Moscow Lounge was definitely on a higher class than I expected. The food looked wonderful and would be greatly appreciated if we had longer in the lounge.

As we were in a hurry I chose a ham sandwich, salad dish and a meat pancake roll. Unfortunately, I found the bread a little hard to bite and couldn’t eat the top half.

I moved onto the salad and it was nice but a little fancy for what I was after.

I was especially impressed with the catering towards babies and children. There were jars of baby food and facilities catered to families.

This isn’t something we’ve seen previously, however it’s a great idea for those travelling as a family.

I noticed there were a variety of noodle pots available, ready-made soups and warm dishes.

Though not something I was interested it all looked lovely. There were chicken wings, steamed vegetables and tom yum soup.

Of course, we couldn’t leave the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Lounge without trying out a couple of desserts first.

There’s a whole tray full of mini deserts in the refrigerated area. These included eclairs, lemon poppy seed cake, muffins etc.

I put together a small sample of the desserts and by far my favourite was the eclair. So much we grabbed another 2 for the walk to the gate.

If you’re looking to enhance your visit to the Moscow Lounge you’ll find paid food options in a fridge opposite the general catering area.

The majority of the refrigerated items were caviar – which costs anything from 5,000RP to 50,000 RP.

On the countertops were self-serve juice dispensers with tomato juice, apple and pineapple. In addition, there was also self-serve dispensers for soft drinks including; Coke, Lemonaid and Fanta.

The wine was kept in a case however, it’s still self-serve and can be dispensed directly from there. Other alcoholic drinks include a range of Russian beers and lagers.


There were toilets integrated into the lounge on a slope section up to the upper level. Within the bathrooms were a suit press stationed for anyone wishing to use it.

I had not seen anything like this in a lounge before but I would assume they get a lot of businesspeople coming through and it is a great added feature.

One of the nicer features of the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Lounge was the special built-in child’s’ playroom. Though I didn’t go in I could see it was a soft play area with activities built-in.


This lounge is a great location to grab a bite to eat and relax in-between or prior to a long haul flight.

The staff were fantastic and we were really pleased with the amenities on offer. We wouldn’t hesitate to visit again on a future visit to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

Moscow Airport Lounge

Food & Drink


The Layout of the lounge was definitely modern and new, there were different levels in which you could sit which gave the lounge some areas of privacy. The lounge itself was fairly small but made plenty of space with the layout.
The food was catered to the local people and had some noodle pots for the next biggest percentage of traveller passing through. I wasn’t impressed with the food but it was all beautiful and well presented.


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