9 Airport Lounge Etiquette Tips You Should Know!

We have been in our fair share of airport lounges across the world and know that there are some things that are just not acceptable.

9 Airport Lounge Etiquette Tips You Should Know!

We have seen many sights of people acting like drunks on a night out, people who decided to eat the whole jar of peanuts and some who think we all want to hear about their day.

It should go without saying but, try and not be that person.

In an effort to help us all achieve a certain standard when visiting airport lounges across the world, here are our 9 airport lounge etiquette tips you should know.

1. Don’t Take Your Shoes Off

Though after a long day of travelling it might be tempting to take off your shoes and let your feet rest. I would strongly advise against it, there are many other people in the lounge trying to relax before their flight. People also will be eating and really don’t want to smell your feet or look at them while they do.

2. Don’t Be A Seat Hogger

There is nothing worse than getting into a lounge to see a single person take up a table for 4. Many lounges will give you a seat or will ask you to stick to the seat number for your party. Be respectful of other loungers wanting to have space for everyone in their party. Also, don’t think that your bags count on seats as that makes you look worse! Also feet on seats is a big no no! No one wants to sit on a seat after your shoes have been on it.

3. Share Food

Lounge food most of the time is very nice and a lot of the time just what you want. There are some lounges we have visited that has been somewhat limited on food, it has been rare but it happens.

This can be harder for those who are vegan, vegetarian or have any dietary requirements. Though the food does get filled up and replenished you don’t want to be the person that takes the last 10 cheese sandwiches.

4. The Bottle Isn’t Just There For You

Many lounges have open fridges with wine, champagne, spirits, and beers along with soft drinks available. The wine bottles are generally left in the fridge or in a bucket if they are self serve.

This means you can help yourself but don’t be the person to take the bottle for yourself to the table. I can honestly say this is one airport lounge etiquette tip I have seen so many people break.

We have seen so many people do this and unfortunately, doesn’t look well with other guests and can be incredibly rude.

5. Wear Headphones

One of my big airport lounge etiquette tips is to wear headphones. We often catch up on work and edit videos while we are in the airport lounges.

It is a good time to relax, eat and drink while getting some work done. There are usually many other business people using the lounges who may be working on laptops.

If you are looking to listen to music, do some work or just tune out someone’s noisy eating wear headphones. Wearing headphones is a great way to keep the noise out but let everyone else in the lounge enjoy the peace and quiet.

6. Take Phone Calls Outside

I don’t like talking on the phone and think I am always aware that others can hear me. The airport lounges are usually quite quiet and peaceful, relaxing with minimal background noise in terms of music etc. That last thing someone wants to hear is you on the phone to your mum, take your phone calls outside or text. This has to be one of my biggest tips on airport lounge etiquette.

7. Try Stick To The Dress Code

Not all airport lounges have a dress code and many won’t have a strict one as people are going on holiday. Though if you are flying in a higher class and are planning on using an airport lounge that has any specific dress code, look into the details first before arriving.

A sign would be on show to show any airport lounge dress code that is expected. Many lounges are made for holiday makers and so expect sandals and shorts.

For obvious reasons, anyone not wearing a t-shirt or decent clothing will be asked to leave or not allowed in.

8. Use The Lounge With Respect

I don’t feel I should say this point but there are some people who still treat public spaces like it is their place only. The lounges including the staff are busy which see hundreds and sometimes thousands of people come in and out every day. Once you are in the lounge treat everything and everyone with respect.

If you are done with your plates and drinks pile them together, make the staff’s life easier when clearing away. Try not to make too much of a mess and if you do, clean it up. The staff no doubt will come and help but your willingness to help sets you apart from other guests.

9. Drink Responsibly

I’m not your mum, I know but when your sitting back and relaxing with a glass of wine remember to drink responsibly. There have been too many people that have either missed their flight from been drunk or not been allowed on for been too drunk.

It creates a bad atmosphere for other guests/passengers, it ruins your holiday if you miss your flight or can’t get on. It also doesn’t make your flying experience better, unless it knocks you out… which also isn’t great.

That is all you need to know about our top airport lounge etiquette tips. If you have any specific tips you want to share leave us a comment. Also if you are planning on heading to an airport lounge soon check out our reviews on some of the lounges we have been to. Let us know if you are planning on paying, using a priority pass or getting in with other methods.

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