American Airlines – Economy – Las Vegas To Los Angeles

This was the middle flight of our journey from Gatwick to Las Vegas. This was a flight sold with British Airways as BA4439. However, this leg was with their partner American Airlines.

We had already taken the longer flight with British Airways from Gatwick to Las Vegas – you can read that review here.

This flight wasn’t going to be as relaxing as we knew we still had another flight to go. As part of the package, we booked with British Airways we had to take the second flight (this flight) from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

If we were to skip the flight we’d be seen as skiplagging and wouldn’t be eligible for our return flight home.

This left us getting a final flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas later on that day. Thankfully we had already done the most important part of the trip but this left us tired and somewhat grumpy. Though the local time was only 6 pm we had been awake since 7.30 am UK time.

Airline: American Airlines
Date: Tuesday 15th October
Depart: 18.45
Arrive: 19.45
Duration: 43 Minutes
Aircraft: Airbus A321-231
Seat: 25B, 25C, 25D


Check-in had already been completed back in London where we’d been given the boarding cards for this flight and as we were flying hand luggage only we had no bags to check-in and instead was only required to proceed back through TSA.


Boarding for our American Airlines 501 flight started on time at gate D5 within Terminal 1 for domestic flights.

The flight was boarded in groups. We were allocated group 8 which left us one of the last groups to board the flight.

The flight was very full and only left a small handful of seats available. However, despite this (and the already impending jetlag) boarding was relatively stress free.


This will have been our first time flying on an Airbus A321-231 but not our first flight with American Airlines. The colour scheme was fairly basic with the standard navy blue of the American flag. The cabin was white with navy blue seating and navy carpeting.

The cabin put the earlier transatlantic flight with British Airways to shame, clean, comfortable and modern.

The Flight

The flight was almost at capacity, in which case Helen and I had been situated in seats parallel to one another over the isle rather together in one of the sets of threes – not a problem considering the short duration of the flight.

Aside from that, this flight was as dull as you might come to expect from a duration in which you’ll likely spend more time in traffic on the 405 in LA than you will in the air between the two cities. That said, there was still all the extras and amenities you’d come to expect on a five-hour domestic flight with American Airlines between to cities.

Menu & Meals

Being such short flight drinks and snacks were optimised and served as soon as the seatbelt sign for cabin crew had been turned off.

Complimentary drinks and snacks are available, however I wasn’t up to eating or drinking much at this point. Additional drinks such as alcoholic beverages can be purchased additionally should you require.


American Airlines remains to be one of our favourite airlines in the world. Their customer service is impeccable, the flights are always clean, on modern and comfortable aircraft with additional extras that Americans have come to expect from both international and domestic flights that are somewhat missing from the European counterparts.

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