Can You Bring Drinks Into Disney World?

We get emails at least once a week asking “can you bring drinks into Disney World?”

It’s a valid question, with just one bottle water costing at least $2 and a Starbucks upwards of $8 bringing drinks into Disney World is a quick and easy way to save big money on your trip.

Can You Bring Drinks Into Disney World?

The good news is that you are permitted to bring drinks & snacks into Walt Disney World. There are, however, a couple of exceptions to this general rule that you shoud know.

For the safety and security of yourself and others, there are some foods and drinks that are not permitted to enter the parks. These include;

  • Alcoholic Drinks – While you are able to buy alcoholic drinks in the park, you’re unable to bring those same drinks in the park with you.

  • Food That Requires Heating – You are only able to use the microwaves inside the park for baby food. These are located in the baby centre. It is against the rules for any of the Disney Parks staff members (including in the hotels and restaurants) to assist you in heating or reheating food in any way.

  • Glass Containers – Again, there’s just one major exception to this and that’s baby food.

  • Straws – Straws are not permitted at the Animal Kingdom park, Animal Kingdom Lodge, or at any of the Disney World Water Parks.

If you’re planning on bringing food and drinks into Walt Disney World, here are some hints and tips to maximise your experience;

  • Due to Florida’s warmer climate, consider buying dry snacks or bringing a cooler bag so that items don’t become ‘mush’ in the sun or melt.

  • While you’ll find bottles of water at Walt Disney World for upwards of $2.50 you’re able to fill your water bottle up from the water fountains scattered around the park completely free.

  • Consider storing your drinks and snacks in one of the lockers situated around the park. While you’ll have to go back to the locker when it’s time to eat you won’t have to drag around the food in the sum. Lockers can be rented for the 24 hour period for between $7 and $9 depending on the size.

If you’re planning on bringing anything more than a water bottle and a couple of snacks into Walt Disney World you’ll want to ensure that the hassle is worthwhile.

Here are some of the benefits we’ve found to bringing food and drinks into the park;

  • Medical Issues – If you have medical issues that include allergies or dietary restrictions then bringing your own foods and drinks that fit your specific strict dietary requirements helps reduce stress and medical issues reduce stress when it comes to finding a suitable full meal inside the park.

  • Money – Bringing your own food into the park can significantly help you to cut costs on your trip. While a bag of chips inside the parks will be around $4, you can buy a multipack of 28 in advance at the likes of Walmart for that same $4!

  • Fussy Eaters – If you’re from outside of the USA then you might find the foods inside the Walt Disney World parks to be different to what you might experience elsewhere in the world. If you’ve fussy eaters, then take the risk out of a $7 snack and bring a range of snacks from Walmart (or another grocery store) that all cost less than $7 in total. From there they are bound to find one they like.

    When dining with a fussy eater at Disney World we found it best to eat at one of the buffets such as Crystal Palace or Hollywood & Vine so they had as much to choose from and try as possible rather than committing to one meal.

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