Can You Bring Snacks Into Disney World?

Found yourself wondering whether you can bring snacks into Disney World?

A trip to Disney World can get expensive, fast!

However, one way to save money is by bringing food and drinks into the Disney World parks. In this post, we’ll be looking at whether you can bring snacks into the Disney World parks, the restrictions and benefits of doing so.

Can You Bring Snacks Into Disney World?

You can bring snacks into Disney World. However, while there are no specific restrictions on how much food there are a couple of restrictions on what food.

For safety and security, Disney World has some restrictions on the food and dining supplies that you can bring into the parks. These include;

  • No alcoholic drinks
  • No food that requires heating
  • No glass wares/containers
  • No straws in Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Lodge or at any of the Disney Water Parks.

There are however some exceptions to the restrictions above.

For babies, glass baby food wares/jars are allowed.

You can heat baby food using the microwave at the baby care centre only. It’s against Disney’s rules for staff members to assist you in reheating food in any way. That includes, in the hotel, restaurants or any of the parks.

If you have a medical certificate then you may be able to get a pass to allow you to bring in some of the restricted foods. I’d always suggest speaking the Disney cast team at Guest Relations about this in advance.

Depending on the snacks you bring to Disney World you may find it beneficial to bring them in a cooler bag or box – the year-round heat in Florida is stifling and can quickly ruin certain foods if not stored correctly.

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle. Water at Disney World is free. You can fill your water bottle up at the drinks fountains or get a cup of water from any of the quick service locations. Alternatively, bottles of water can be purchased for upwards of $3 per bottle from the majority of the snack carts located around the park.

You could opt to store your food in one of the lockers situated around the Disney World parks. However, this can come with a certain amount of stress as you’ll be required to go back to the locker when you want to pick up the food.

Lockers cost between $7 and $9 for 24 hours and a require a $5 key deposit. The dimension of lockers at Disney World parks is 11 by 9 by 16 inches.

Consider checking the measurements of the bag or cooler box you plan to bring with you in advance, to ensure they’ll fit comfortably inside the locker.

If you have medical issues such as dietary restrictions or allergies the being able to bring food into Disney World with your specific dietary requirements in mind reduces stress and makes the entire trip much easier.

However, remember that Disney World inspects all bags going into the bag and reserve the right to allow or disallow any luggage whatsoever from the park.

So if you’re unsure about anything to do with the food your bringing into the parks or your park bag, check with Guest Relations in advance to avoid disappointment.

However, you might find that the benefits of bringing snacks into Disney World are more financial. With counter service meals retailing for around the $15 mark, and buffets costing upwards of $40 per person eating at Disney World with your entire family can become very expensive, very quickly.

If you’re nervous about eating at the parks, don’t worry. Walt Disney World has an incredible reputation for accommodating all dietary requirements.

Just discuss the nature of the allergy or requirement with your server in advance – again if you’re worried and want to prepare in advance, speak to guest relations who will be able to assist you further.

Dining at Disney World is in my opinion part of the Disney experience, they have some incredible foods and it’s often a shame to miss out. Especially if it can be done on a budget.

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