3 Best Baby Ear Protectors For Travelling (Fully-Tested!)

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Our little boy Oliver has just turned one year old and has been on numerous flights both short-haul and long-haul over the past 12 months.

During that time we’ve used a range of different ear protection products to ensure that he’s both comfortable and unaffected by any loud noises while travelling.

We’ve gone ahead and photographed Oliver (13 months at the time of photographs) in all of these different ear protector brands so you can get a detailed understanding as to how they fit and whether they are suitable for your child.

1. Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protectors

The Alpine Muffy baby ear protectors are in our opinion the best baby headphones for children under the age of three years old.

The phones have been thoroughly tested and proven to reach noise reduction at 23 dB SNR in accordance with US & EU Regulations.

Meanwhile, the soft headband provides a comfortable fit without applying any pressure to the fontanelle cortex (which is incredibly vulnerable in babies under 18 months).

These ear defenders are perfect for removing any ambient noise on a flight or while in the airport without causing any harm to your child.

Oliver can comfortably wear these ear protectors for around an hour at a time without wanting to remove them. They seem so comfortable he’s almost unaware that he has them on.

The ear defenders are made from a sustainable hypoallergenic material and don’t feature any silicone therefore any reactions or irritations are incredibly rare.

Better still, the headphones come with a stylish pouch that allows them to fit into your travel bag without being damaged by other items.

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2. BBTKCARE Baby Ear Protection

Straight away from the photos, you can clearly see that the BBTKCARE baby ear protection headphones are bulky and heavy when compared to the Alpine Muffy.

These ear defenders are no doubt great for children aged two or three upwards (depending on their size).

However, for a younger child, these headphones are significantly more restrictive and this was reflected in how long Oliver wanted to wear them.

These headphones are designed to cover a baby’s ears without causing any pressure, all while still reducing loud noises.

The adjustable headband on the BBTKCARE headphones is designed to provide comfort and allow the product to grow with the child.

Meanwhile, the BBTKCARE brand provides an unconditional satisfaction guarantee for 90 days.

Therefore if you’re unsure about whether or not these ear defenders might be right for your child you can purchase them and return them for a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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3. Snug Kids Ear Defenders

We loved the funky designs of the Snug kid’s ear defenders. However, Oliver was not amused, he sadly hated wearing these headphones.

Again much like the BBTKCARE ear defenders, we think the Snug ear defenders are likely a great choice for older children. However, for children under the age of two or three (depending on their size) the smaller Alpine Muffy are likely a better choice.

That being said, these ear defenders are suitable for babies from six months and are incredibly lightweight at just 180g.

The headphones fold-up into a small compact size making them easy to store in your hand luggage and the slim shell design helps to keep the earmuffs safely out of the way.

The padding around both the earcups and the headband is designed to ensure maximum comfort when wearing these headphones over a long period of time, while the strong material is designed to increase durability.

With a 25dB NRR noise reduction, these are likely the ear defenders we will use with Oliver once he gets a little older.

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