14 Best Bags For Universal Studios (2023)

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When visiting Universal Studios you want a bag that is both lightweight and practical. You want something that’s going to comfortably store everything you need to bring with you to the parks, but also be small enough to fit in any lockers or under any seats while on rides or attractions.

Luckily, having been to Universal Studios Orlando more than ten times in the past decade, and being annual pass holders at Universal Studios Hollywood we’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to choosing the perfect bag for the parks.

1. Waterfly Crossbody Sling Bag

The Waterfly crossbody sling bag is the perfect hybrid between a fanny pack and a traditional backpack. Available in a wide range of colours, this backpack is perfect for bringing a handful of essentials to the Universal Studios parks.

However, while this bag is incredibly comfortable, keep in mind that it is small. You’ll only be able to fit in the likes of a phone, wallet, keys and sunglasses.

2. Herschel Fourteen Waist Pack

If you’re looking for something small to comfortably wear in the parks then consider buying a fanny pack instead of the more traditional backpack.

This one-litre option by Herschel is incredibly popular and available in a wide range of colours. We have one of these ourselves and managed to fit all the park essentials in comfortably.

Of course, a bag this small won’t be right for everyone and will still be required to be placed inside a locker while on selected rides at the Universal Studios parks.

3. HIKPRO 20L Lightweight Packable Backpack

This 20-litre capacity lightweight backpack by HikPro is a solid choice for those looking to comfortably bring a couple of essentials into the park.

Better still, this thing is packable and compresses into itself measuring just 6.7 inches by 6.7 inches once complete.

However, this backpack is only water resistant, and given its lightweight and small capacity, it’s not suitable for those looking to pack a large number of items and if overloaded the handles could snap.

4. Under Armor Backpack Hustle Backpack

If you’re looking for a backpack with more strength and space, then consider the stylish Under Armour Hustle backpack.

This backpack is water-repellant, has multiple internal and external pockets and comes with adjustable straps.

While the Under Armor Hustle backpack is a little more pricy than some of the other backpacks on this list it’s been incredibly well-designed to last the test of time.

5. Outlander 33L Daypack

The Outlander 33L daypack is a great alternative to the HikPro backpack discussed above.

Available in a range of different colours this backpack is great for those looking to bring a couple of essential items into the park.

This backpack also compresses itself. Which makes it perfect for stowing during travel or back home.

6. Nike Heritage Hip Pack

A great alternative to the Herschel fanny pack mentioned above is this Nike Heritage hip pack.

However, keep in mind that as with any of the smaller bags on this list, the size and number of items you’ll be able to take to Universal Studios in this bag are limited.

7. JanSport Superbreak Plus Backpack

If you’re looking for a simple backpack that will take everything you throw at it during a trip to Universal Studios then look no further than the stylish JanSport Superbreak Plus.

This backpack is more on the expensive side. However, Jansport has been making backpacks since 1967, as such when it comes to durability and quality you’ll struggle to find any better.

8. Herschel Cruz Cross Body Bag

The Herschel Cruz cross-body bag is one of the smallest on this list at 0.5 litres. Nevertheless, this bag is incredibly stylish and comes in a range of colours and styles.

This bag isn’t going to be suitable if you’re planning on bringing a large number of items to the park. However, for simple essentials, it’s absolutely perfect!

9. Loungefly Mini-Backpack

If you’re looking for style over practicality then consider this incredible Captain America Loungefly backpack. This backpack is as small as some of the fanny packs on this list measuring just 5.5″ x 11.5″ x 17.5″.

As such it’s really only suitable for those visiting the parks looking to store basic essentials such as a phone, wallet and keys.

10. KUWANI Change Bag

If you’re travelling to Universal Studios with a baby or toddler then consider purchasing the incredibly practical KUWANI change bag.

This bag comes in a range of different colours and styles, while its features seem endless; bottle holders, multiple pockets and pouches and a foldable mobile crib.

11. Carhartt Legacy Backpack

The Carhart Legacy is one of the largest and most expensive backpacks on this list.

Made of durable 1200D Poly with Rain Defender water repellent plus Duravax abrasion-resistant base this bag is designed to tackle whatever your day at the parks throws at it. This backpack is also available in a range of colours and styles depending on your preference.

12. Harry Potter Hedwig Letter Rucksack

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter then look no further than this incredible Hegwig / Hogwarts Letter-inspired rucksack.

Form meets function with the design of this rucksack making it perfect for kids, teens and adults and can comfortably hold a bottled drink, a jacket, a sunhat, sunblock, sunglasses, pens, a wallet and keys all with room to spare.

13. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag

This Travelon Anti-Theft cross-body bucket bag is perfect for those looking to combine; security, form and function.

The straps of this bag can also be easily adjusted allowing you to wear it in a number of different ways depending on your requirements.

14. Double Compartment Lunch Bag

If you’re looking to save money at Universal Studios by bringing your own food, drinks and snacks then an insulated cooler bag is a great choice.

This bag has a capacity of 15 litres, which can be expanded by an additional 1.6 litres using the zipper on the top while the range of pockets makes it perfect for not only bringing food and drink to the parks but also safely storing your essentials including your phone, keys and wallet.


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