Best Fast Passes For Animal Kingdom

Looking for the best fast passes for Animal Kingdom?

Animals Kingdom is the ultimate wild and nature park with all the fun of character meets, amazing rides and cute animals.

Our main focus is on the rides as now there is The World Of Pandora, the epic exhibition Everest and more.

How To Use The Fast Pass System

Each person gets three rides they can fast pass per day. In this case, I’ve selected the top most popular rides that you’re going to want to fast pass where possible.

These rides typically have a wait time of more than 60 minutes so having a fast pass for these rides is expected to save you three hours.

Once you’ve completed the fast passes for Animal Kingdom for the day you can get one additional fast pass until either the park closes or no additional fast passes are available.

To learn more about Disney fast passes and how to book and use them I suggest checking out this article.

Animal Kingdom rides runs on a tier system, the tier system breaks down the rides which can be booked together.

For example in tier 1 is Avator Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey, you can’t book both of these rides. You can book 1 ride from the tier 1 and 2 rides in the tier 2 category.

Here is a simple break down :

One tier 1 Ride + two tier 2 Rides = 3 Fast Passes for Animal Kingdom

Three X tier 2 rides = 3 Fast Passes For Animal Kingdom

Though it may seem a little confusing at first it is simple to understand. Due to the number of people constantly wanting to get onto the Pandora rides they have made both of them tier 1, this is to make sure other guests can get onto at least 1 of the rides.

This is to stop guests booking fast passes for both rides taking up fast passes which could go to other guests.

Fast Passes For Animal Kingdom – Tier 1

Avatar Flight Of Passage

Located in the World Of Pandora

Height restriction of : 113cm and taller

Na’vi River Journey

Located in the World of Pandora

Height Restriction: None – Family Friendly

Fast Passes For Animal Kingdom – Tier 2

These rides fall under the category of tier 2. Within this category you can book 3 fast passes or you can book one tier 1 and two-tier 2 fast passes. There is no specific order in which you have to book your fast passes for Animal Kingdom.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Located: Africa

Height Restrictions: None – family-friendly

Expedition Everest

Located in Asia

Height Restriction is 113cm and taller


Located in Dinoland USA

Height Restrictions are 102cm and taller.

Kali River Rapids

Located in Asia

Height Restriction is 97cm and taller

Breakdown Of The Top Fast Passes For Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Number one on your fast pass list should no doubt be Kilimanjaro Safaris. This is an amazing family ride that everyone can sit back and relax on.

The safari takes you around the plains of Africa to showcase some of the magnificent animals and some fun facts about them. For now, however, I’ll assume this photo should give you a good hint…

Avatar Flight of Passage

Pandora is the newest region within the Animal Kingdom park and is incredibly popular. I’d always suggest using your fast pass on at least one of the two rides in this area.

The most popular of which is the Avatar Flight of Passage.

This ride does have a 144cm height restriction. So if you’re wanting to experience a ride as the whole family I’d suggest going on the Na’ vi River Journey instead. Alternatively, you can always use the child swap services so the whole family (except for those too small to ride) can experience.

Expedition Everest

Personally, my favourite thrill ride of all four major Walt Disney World parks, Expedition Everest. Again, this ride has a height restriction of 112cm, so you can use the child swap or choose an alternative ride to fast pass if you’re wanting to only experience rides as an entire family.

The ride is fast, fun and even a little jumpy! It is such a great ride and one we always try and fast pass as the wait time can get a little extreme and long-winded.

The ride has fans, misting machines and water fountains within the general queue for the really hot days. You can also get this great memory of your time on the ride!

Na’vi River Journey

This is a great ride for all the family to enjoy, this is also a ride from Tier 1 so it can get busy really quickly. If you don’t manage to get a fast pass for this ride you can try and get on it very early morning at rope drop.

The ride has no height restrictions making it a perfect ride for everyone to enjoy. It takes you through the wonderful and mystical world of Pandora with creatures, noises and enjoyable characters.

Kali River Rapids

If you have watched the video above you can see we got a fast pass for Kali River Rapids. This is another one that we always enjoy, it is family-friendly but still has a height restriction on.

We absolutely loved going on together and it was so much fun. The rapids are of course a water ride, you can wear ponchos and waterproofs if you like but sometimes it is nice to have the water to cool you down.

The wait time again can get a little long and not always worth waiting when you can get a fast pass fairly easy for this ride. I would personally book 3 of the other rides first which everyone in the party can enjoy and then move onto other ones in the park.

There are also plenty more attractions, things to do and shows to see and explore. We always enjoy ‘it’s tough to be a bug’ as that is a great family favourite.

Booking Extra Fast Passes At Animal Kingdom

If you manage to have spare fast passes I would suggest using them to get you front seats at some of the other rides.

Primeval Whirl

Located in Dinoland USA

Height Restrictions are 122cm and taller

It’s Tough To Be A Bug

Located in Discovery Land

Height Restriction: None, family-friendly

Festival Of The Lion King

Located in Africa

Height restriction: none, family-friendly

Another place to use your Fast Pass is for a meet and greet, this is a great idea if you can get a slot after using your 3 fast passes for the day or if you aren’t looking at using them for rides.

I’d suggest the meet and greet with Mickey & Minnie Mouse. This could be your first fast pass of the day as you enter the park (allowing you to hopefully complete all three fast passes for Animal Kingdom and unlock rolling fast passes earlier).

You can also use your animal kingdom fast passes to meet Doug and Russel from UP or use it to secure a good view of the ‘ Rivers of Light’ show in the evening.

If you have any other queries, questions or want to read more check out our other posts on Walt Disney World.

That is everything for our best fast passes for Animal Kingdom, if you have been before and have a favorite ride let us know in the comments. We would also love to know if you have a route and routine when you visit Animal Kingdom and where you go to first.

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