8 Incredible Quick Service Restaurants At Hollywood Studios

Are you looking at the different quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios?

Disney World is full of planning from fast passes, which park to do on which day, timing the parade and so much more. Disney World for so many is a once in a lifetime trip so the pressure is on to make it right and memorable. With that in mind it is easy to forget about where to eat, but you shouldn’t because you should know that everything at Disney is an experience, even going to the bathroom!

Hollywood Studios has so much to offer everyone in the family from the smaller children all the way to the grandparents. That includes rides, attractions and of course you can’t forget the food. Spending a day at Hollywood Studios is a must and so while there, you need to eat right?

There are a number of quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios, each one different to the last. You can find a whole host of places to eat and different food types to suit everyone. Disney has been working really hard to cater to everyone including gluten-free, vegans and vegetarians along with other allergies.

8 Incredible Quick Service Restaurants At Hollywood Studios

There are a large handful of quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios to choose from so no matter where you are in the day or what you want to eat you will find something. Each quick service restaurant will have anything from a small menu of 4-5 options of main meals to a more extensive menu, they will also have drinks and desserts to choose from.

If you are creating your plan and outline for your day don’t forget to look at our Hollywood Studios itinerary and check out which fast passes we think you should be aiming for.

Woody’s Lunch Box

This is of course located in the amazing toy world of Toy Story Land. One of the most popular dishes here is the lunch box tart dessert. These come in 2 different flavours and are amazing. You can get them in both chocolate hazelnut and a seasonal flavour.

Another point goes to Woody’s Lunch Box, another rave review and has so many visitors and fans talking. This time it is for the Totchos. These are a savoury snack and worth trying. They are made of potato barrels topped with beef and bean chilli along with cheese, sour cream and tomatoes.

Image courtesty of DisneyWorld.co.uk

Woody’s Lunch Box is one of the only quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios that is open and serves a breakfast menu. With S’more French Toast Sandwich, breakfast bowl, yogurt parfait or even a turkey sandwich to chose from there is plenty to suit every tastebud.

The lunch and dinner menu changes up to offer meals such as BBQ Brisket Melt, Totchos, 3 cheese melt and a turkey sandwich. There are also some really nice sides and snacks here both sweet and savoury. The food is really imaginative taking dishes that people know and love but adding a different twist.

Read Menu Here

ABC Commissary

On our first few trips to Hollywood Studios, we ate here. It was in a great area with ample seating both indoors and outdoors and so much to choose from on the menu.

This quick service restaurant at Hollywood Studios is one of the best places to eat due to the range of foods to suit everyone from burgers to salads.

Image Courtesy of DisneyWorld.co.uk

ABD Commissary is another spot to go to if you need a little breakfast pick me up, serving Mexican corn chilaquiles and eggs, smashes avocado and eggs on toast and much more. I would definitely go here for breakfast for the smashed avocado on toast!

You can also dine here for lunch and dinner, though if you ate here for breakfast you might want to try somewhere else in the park. So much food to try so little time! The lunch menu is slightly different to the dinner menu so be sure to check it out before you plan to stop there.

There is plenty of seating both inside and outside for guests and plenty of food choices. We always enjoy sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine but inside there is aircon and a vast array of seating. There is also a pin trading board just near the doorway to keep little hands busy while yous top for lunch.

Read Menu Here

Catalina Eddies

This place is located in what I call the food area on Sunset Boulevard. It is on the walk towards Tower Terror opposite the Beauty And The Beast show. There are a couple of different food stalls all serving different food and desserts. This place is super nice and easy with great salads, pizza in different toppings and some good desserts.

Image courtesty of DisneyWorld.co.uk

What I like most is that the salad is quite large so you can feed two adults as a snack or between two with a piece of pizza. There is also ample seating for everyone and gives everyone access to something different in the area they would like.

The food itself is really nice and tasty, we really enjoy going here for the salad as it makes a nice change from the burgers and chicken nuggets we have over at Magic Kingdom.

Read Menu Here

Rosie’s All-American Café

If you are a fan of burgers, hot dogs and fried onions this is the place for you. Rosie’s has all the previous foods but made with love and all the flavour you can think of. The food is known to be a little on the pricey side but honestly worth going to try.

There are a number of great meals to try and not to mention the dessert which is a key lime verrine. The kid’s meals as always are simple but so tasty so no need to worry about hungry fussy eaters.

Image courtesty of DisneyWorld.co.uk

Rosie’s All American Cafe is open from lunch to dinner in the evening. This is the place to come for good American filling food with classic burgers, fried and coleslaw. This is a great place to go if you are looking for a more filling meal, especially on an evening before staying to watch fireworks or head on more rides. There are also a great choice of alcoholic beverages for adults to enjoy and only one dessert to choose from.

Read Menu Here


If you are looking for pizza in the area but you don’t want to sit down and be waited on you can head here. This place has pizza options for everyone and plenty of choices for everyone to enjoy. Pizza is a great easy meal to serve a hungry family, especially after a long day exploring the park.

Image courtesy of DisneyWorld.co.uk

Of course you may have guessed from the name that this little cosy quick service restaurant is located on Grand Avenue near the Muppets 3D ride. This Italian hub has everything you need to fill up before heading back onto the rides.

Along with a number of pizza toppings available there is also a Antipasto Salad and meatball sub. There is also a spicy Italian “sausage” sub which is a plant based meal. Along with a variety of both soft drinks and alcoholic drinks this makes for a perfect place to sit and have dinner.

Read Menu Here

Backlot Express

The backlot express is tucked away between Star Wars – The Adventure Continues and Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show. This quiet area is a great place to hide away for a nice meal and cool down before heading back out to explore the rest of the park.

Image courtesy of DisneyWorld.co.uk

Here you can find a number of meals from 3 different types of fresh juicy burgers, cuban sandwich, salads and chicken strips. Meals are served with either french fries or carrot sticks.

There is also a plant based option of hummus and a themed wookie cookie sandwich to satisfy every tastebud. You can also find a nice variety of both soft beverages and alcoholic beverages on the menu. The menu has a number of gluten free and allergy free options you can view.

Read Menu Here

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Docking Bay one of the other quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios that offers up breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a separate menu for breakfast while lunch and dinner are the same.

Located in the Galaxy’s Edge section of Hollywood Studios this place is bound to be popular. Though that shouldn’t put you off going, especially as the menu is so good. Breakfast serves up cinnamon rolls, Bright Suns Breakfast Platter which is similar to a english breakfast with eggs, sausage, purple potato hash and a cinnamon roll.

Image courtesy of DisneyWorld.co.uk

The lunch and dinner menu offers up a range of exotic and interesting meals such as Batuuan beef pot roast, Endorian fried chicken tip yip and Surabat shrimp & noodle salad. There are so many exciting options to choose from along with plant-based meals, innovative desserts and creative drinks.

This is definitely a place to come if you like to try new foods and want to have a whole new experience.

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Fairfax Fare

Fairfax Fare is located on sunset boulevard along with some of the other restaurants such as Hollywood Scoops and Catalina Eddie’s. The menu here is Mexican inspired and offers a different taste and range of foods from the other quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios.

Image courtesy of DisneyWorld.co.uk

There is only a lunch and dinner menu serving up a Fajita Combo Platter, 7-Layer Rice Bowl with Pulled Pork and Mojo Pulled Pork Sandwich. You can also get a veggie salad and the 7 layer rice bowl with chicken instead of pulled pork or the plant-based Southwest Bowl.

Again you can find a number of both soft beverages and alcoholic beverages to enjoy with your meal and a Tres Leches Verrine dessert to top it all off, though with all that good food you might need to take a walk before heading back for dessert.

Read Menu Here

That is everything for our 8 incredible quick service restaurants at Hollywood Studios. If you have been to any of the places above and have a favourite dish let us know. Also if you have any further recommendations let us know in the comments.

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