Best Places To Eat At Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has so much to offer everyone in the family from the smaller children all the way to the grandparents. That includes rides, attractions and of course you can’t forget the food. Spending a day at Hollywood Studios is a must and so while there, you need to eat right? Well, check out our best places to eat at Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios has just as much to offer in the food department as any of the other Walt Disney World parks. There are also some amazing themes from times gone by, Toy Story Land and of course Galaxy’s Edge.

Best Places To Eat At Hollywood Studios

To help you look out for the best places to eat at Hollywood Studios and to make your route faster I decided to break this up into categories. So if you just want snacks you can find those super easy, I have included whether the dining plans are accepted here and where they are located in the park.


Woody’s Lunch Box

This is of course located in the amazing toy world of Toy Story Land. The lunch box menu has had so many rave reviews that I have lost count. The one thing that I see so many people falling in love with is the lunch box tarts.

These come in 2 different flavours and are amazing. You can get them in both chocolate hazelnut and a seasonal flavour ( currently lemon-blueberry). They are great to share or even snag one for yourself.

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Another point goes to Woody’s Lunch Box, another rave review and has so many visitors and fans talking. This time it is for the Totchos. These are a savoury snack and worth trying. They are made of potato barrels topped with beef and bean chilli along with cheese, sour cream and tomatoes.

Location – Toy Story Land

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Epic Eats

There are a couple of choices in terms of sweet treats at Epic Eats. While there isn’t a load of choice there doesn’t have to be when they clearly have some of the best bites on the menu. This has to be one of the best places to eat at Hollywood Studios just to try one of the desserts.

You can find the funnel cake with Strawberry Topping and Soft-serve Vanilla Ice Cream or the funnel cake topped with cookies and cream and soft serve vanilla. There is also a couple of variety of drinks from root beer floats to the simple bottle of water.

Location – Echo Lake

Dining Plan – No

Quick Service

ABC Commissary

On our first few trips to Hollywood Studios, we ate here. It was in a great area with ample seating both indoors and outdoors and so much to choose from on the menu. We often found ourselves eating here as it was on a route around the park.

This quick-service restaurant is one of the best places to eat at Hollywood Studios due to the range of foods to suit everyone from burgers to vegan and salads. There is plenty of seating both inside and outside for guests and plenty of food choices.

Location – Commissary Lane

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Catalina Eddies

This place is located in what I call the food area on Sunset Boulevard. It is on the walk towards Tower Terror opposite the Beauty And The Beast show. There are a couple of different food stalls all serving different food and desserts. This place is super nice and easy with great salads, pizza in different toppings and some good desserts.

What I like most is that the salad is quite large so you can feed two adults as a snack or between two with a piece of pizza. There is also ample seating for everyone and gives everyone access to something in the area they would like.

The food itself is good and pretty standard of quick service, I always enjoy the food here and look forward to going back to try something new.

Location – Sunset Boulevard

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Rosie’s All-American Café

If you are a fan of burgers, hot dogs and fried onions this is the place for you. Rosie’s has all the previous foods but made with love and all the flavour you can think of. The food is known to be a little on the pricey side but honestly worth going to try.

There are a number of great meals to try and not to mention desserts which include a key lime verrine along with a Darth Vadar cupcake. There are also alcoholic beverages available such as frozen very berry lemonade.

The diner is also great as it has a menu online for those with gluten allergies, dairy and egg allergies along with fish/shellfish, soy and peanut/nut.

Location – Sunset Boulevard

Dining Plan – Some Accepted


Another location for pizza! If you are looking for pizza in the area but you don’t want to sit down and be waited on you can head here. This place has pizza options for everyone and plenty of choice for fussier eaters.

There is also a range of drinks and even a couple of desserts to try, following the italian theme of course.

Location – Grand Avenue

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Backlot Diner

Backlot diner is another place to go for a burger, similar to the ones over at Rosie’s All-American Café but with different toppings. This place is still as amazing and delicious so it is worth checking out.

Location – Echo Lake

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Clearly this place has so much to offer there is no point in trying to convince you. What is super fun about this place is that there are so many new ingredients and foods to try. The menu is fun and different to many of the other places to eat.

This is definitely a place for anyone who likes to try new foods and would love to try galactic food. There is a range of savoury snacks, meals and desserts along with drinks.

Location – Galaxy’s Edge

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Character/Sit Down Dining

Hollywood & Vine

Though not all reviews of the dining experiences are 5* I wanted to add this to the list as if you have children that don’t want to sit still this will help. We found booking character dining easier as they were buffets so the children could pick and choose different foods to try and eat.

They also got free entertainment in meeting the characters, giving the adults a little more free time to relax and enjoy some food. We enjoyed the selection of food and got to see the characters in a different outfit and style which was super fun.

Location – Echo Lake

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Mama Melrose’s Italian is located near the Muppets 3D vision show at Grand Avenue. The restaurant is based on a woman who went to Hollywood to become an actress but used her family recipes to open a restaurant.

The restaurant has a big draw for those who are wanting to visit the shows of Fantasmic but otherwise it is overlooked. There are all different types of traditional Italian meals on offer with plenty to offer everyone. There are plenty of choices for kids and a variety of desserts, wines, and cocktails.

Location – Grand Avenue

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant

The Sci-Fi Dine in diner is quite popular and can often get booked up fast. This is a uniques restaurant as it is all set as a drive-in movie theatre. The seating areas are cars and your waiter/waitress is on skates.

The food is said to be pretty good and comes with plenty of options. The films that play are old black and white films to represent the time and keep in with the theme. You can also order a range of beers, cosmic cocktails, and alcohol free drinks.

Location – Commissary Lane

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

Now this may not be a full restaurant but the lounge is definitely one of the best places to eat at Hollywood Studios. This place is old style chic with class and good food and drink. There are appetizers such as fine cheeses, sliders and shrimp.

The biggest draw to this place is the range of alcoholic beverages there are available. You can take in the views, relax and spend an evening in style. I wouldn’t plan to take children but rather savour this place for a couples /adults evening.

Location – Hollywood Boulevard

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

That is everything for our best places to eat at Hollywood Studios. If you have been to any of the places above and have a favourite dish let us know. Also if you have any further recommendations let us know in the comments below.

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