9 Amazing Magic Kingdom Quick Service Restaurants

Whether you are using the dining plan or planning your meals for a budget there is something for everyone to eat at Magic Kingdom. No matter who you are feeding whether they like pizza, burgers, french cuisine or Mexican you can find a little bit of something to suit all tastebuds.

Magic Kingdom is the big boss of the Walt Disney World parks in my opinion. It is always the first park we come to on our trips and one we always go back to. Magic Kingdom has plenty to offer everyone from families, couples and those out to celebrate something special.

As we generally holiday as a group of adults one of our favourite things to do is try out new dining experiences on our visit.

There are plenty of magical places in Magic Kingdom so it can be a little hard to know where to start. It all depends on what you are looking for if you have fussy eaters or you are looking for a place to use your dining plan. You can find each menu with a symbol to tell you if the dining plan is accepted for that meal or not.

There are plenty of places to find quick service meals in Magic Kingdom, thankfully as it can get extremely busy.

Lunch is a great time to find some super filling and tasty food, you can also use your dining plan on the majority of the places in Magic Kingdom. Some of the places even allow mobile ordering which is a great use of your time, like a Fastpass but for food!

Gastons Tavern

Gaston’s Tavern has to be one of the places to go for sweet snacks. This Magic Kingdom quick-service restaurant is limited to the variety of main meals but has a lovely variety of sweet and savoury snacks. Perfect if you are just topping up or looking to snack your way around Magic Kingdom.

You can get a couple of sandwiches here like the Smoked Turkey and Gouda Sandwich or the Ham and Swiss Sandwich. There is also the option of a fruit and cheese platter for those who fancy something a little different.

The snacks include things like hummus and chips, vegetable cups, macaroons, cinnamon bun and chocolate croissants. You can also buy LeFou’s signature stein and LeFou’s brew which looks super good and fun!

Read Full Menu Here

The Lunching Pad

The Lunching Pad is always a fan favourite as it is fun to look at and in the centre of Tomorrowland. You can use the mobile order app here which is great as you can skip waiting in a huge queue and head to the counter as you are notified.

This is an outdoor only seating area as it is located in the heart of Tomorrowland with the people mover above and rides such as Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin and Stitch’s Great Escape nearby. This is a great place to stop and have a snack or lunch if you are in the area.

They serve sliced roast beef sandwiches, all-beef hot dogs both served with chips (crisps). You can also get churros, a cream cheese stuffed pretzel or a plain Mickey pretzel. With only 2 options for main meals here it can be limited but the food is really nice, alternatively, save your hunger for somewhere with a bit more variety to the menu.

Read Full Menu Here

Pinocchio Village Haus

We have eaten here a couple of times and the best part of the venue is being able to sit and watch people get onto the “It’s A Small World” ride. You can also find paper signs and props to hold up to the window for people going on the ride or waiting in line. I love this feature of this Magic Kingdom quick-service restaurant as it keeps everyone entertained, not just the children.

You can find everything from pizza-style flatbread, Chicken parmesan pasta, chicken nuggets and antipasto salad. While the food is fairly straight forward it is really nice and simple. I always really enjoy eating here as the food is always really nice and it doesn’t get too overcrowded with seating both inside and out.

There is only one selection of plant-based meals which is Penne Pasta with marinara, you can also get this in a children’s size portion. One of the best things to eat here is the Tangled wall Eclair, it is so beautiful to look at and even better to eat!

Read Full Menu Here

Peco’s Bill Tall Tale Inn And Cafe

This quick service is a little different as the food is Mexican based which I love as it adds a little something different to offer guests. The food at Disney World is great and I love eating all the different creations and cultures they include so this quick-service restaurant is no different. It also means you don’t have to wait until going to Epcot to fill your craving for Mexican food.

The menu here is much more extensive and has much more variety than some of the other Magic Kingdom quick-service restaurants. With roughly 14 main dishes and another 7 sides to choose from everyone can be happy here but make sure you leave room for the mini churros because they are so delicious!

There are more American style dishes such as burgers and salads on offer for both adults and children. Otherwise, you can choose from a fajita platter, beef nachos, southwest salad with pork carnitas and jerk chicken lettuce wraps to name a few. There are both vegetarian and plant-based meals here which look and taste as good as the rest.

Read Full Menu Here

Sleepy Hollow Inn

Sleepy Hollow Inn is similar to Gastons Tavern with the majority of the menu being snack-based meals. Though that shouldn’t stop this delicious quick-service spot from being on the list. With 8 different sweet and savoury dishes to choose from you can easily find something to make that grumbling in your stomach disappear.

Some of the most popular meals at Sleepy Hollow Inn are the fresh fruit waffle sandwich, breakfast egg and cheese waffle sandwich and the mickey waffle with powdered sugar.

You can also find a small variety of soft drinks both hot and cold such as the French Vanilla Iced Coffee, Twinings of London Hot Tea and Minute Maid.

Read Full Menu Here

Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe

Located on the edge of Tomorrowland is this space-themed quick-service restaurant. Perfect place to go for a cool down from the hot Florida heat and a bite to eat. With over 8 different meals to choose from, there is more than enough to make everyone in the group happy.

This is a great alternative to eat at The Lunching Pad just around the corner, there is more variety of foods and indoor seating. The food here is a little more classic American food with hot dogs in both regular and foot-long, burgers, sandwiches and salads.

The children’s menu has items such as Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken Breast Nuggets and Kids’ Salad with Turkey. There is also s’mores on offer for dessert, though personally, I would save yourself for a churro and chocolate sauce!

Read Full Menu Here

Columbia Harbour House

Located in Liberty Square this is a great place to find a tasty meal and enjoy the scenery of the area. The quick-service restaurant is very much ‘on theme’ like many of the areas of the park and has its own charm to offer guests.

Columbia Harbour House is another Magic Kingdom quick-service restaurant serving up classic American style cuisine. The food here is different compared to any of the other restaurants. One of the most unique dishes on the menu is the Lobster Roll served with potato chips and is definitely one of the reasons to come here for the food.

Other dishes on the menu include Grilled Salmon, Chicken pot pie, Harbour Salad with Chicken and without and Grilled Shrimp Skewer, not to forget the classic chicken nuggets. You can also find great desserts such as the Minnie Mouse Chocolate Lava Cake.

Read Full Menu Here

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner is probably one of the first restaurants you see, located at the end of Main Street opposite Starbucks, you can’t miss it. There is no surprise that this Magic Kindom quick-service restaurant is on our list because the food is so good and mouth-watering that you might just want to stay and try out the full menu.

There is a number of dishes from beef hot dogs with toppings such as chilli cheese, bacon macaroni & cheese and plain. You can get these in regular size or take on the challenge of the foot-long perfect for sharing! Each of the meals is served with apple slices or fries.

There are 2 different plant-based “dogs” with a slaw or plain again served with french fries or apple slices. If you don’t fancy anything too filling or you are up to sampling the full menu look at getting the bacon macaroni & cheese fries, these also come with a chilli cheese topping. There is also a range of other snacks and desserts to take around the park with you.

Read Full Menu Here

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest restaurant is another on the character dining as you have the chance to see the Beast and Belle at the restaurant. This is one of the unique, fine dining experiences, especially for dinner meals. You can come here for breakfast and lunch if you are looking for a little less formal but want the chance to dine here for the experience.

The restaurant is very popular and booking a reservation can be tricky and can be hard to get hold of. Many people choose to book the restaurant for a special occasion, to meet the Beast and for the scenery of the rooms. This is often said to be the top best place to eat at Magic Kingdom for everyone.

You can book this for breakfast or lunch as a quick service meal. You are still required to book unlike the other Magic Kingdom quick service restaurants where you can turn up and eat.

Read Full Menu Here

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