Best Places To Take Pictures At Disney World

We have all seen the amazing pictures people manage to get at Walt Disney World. I often see so many and think that is such a cool place to go for a picture.

It can also be hard to remember to take pictures and cut through the crowds to do so. You can also see some people managed to get the pictures without a person lurking in the background.

I decided to put together this helpful guide on where to find the best places to take pictures at Disney World.

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Best Places To Take Pictures At Disney World

Some of these places are great places but the timing has to be on your side. If you are looking to up your social media game and get some impressive pictures at Disney World to send home then you can totally make it happen with a little timing and effort.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the holy grail of Disney in my personal opinion, it is also the first park we go to on every new trip. Magic Kingdom has plenty of great places to take pictures at Disney World. There are so many different photo opportunities within the parks as each one has different sections that are themed.

Infront Of Cinderella’s Castle

One of the most iconic places to take pictures at Disney World has to be in front of the castle. The castle is iconic to the Disney parks and so that is where my first picture takes place.

There are so many places you can get pictures with the castle in the background, some are harder to get without crowds in the background and some are close up and hidden away.

Starting off in the small garden areas around the front of the castle. Here you can walk down pathways that are slightly raised which gives you an advantage. You can also step up on the edge of the path to give you some height. We got some great shots of the kids here on our last visit as you can really get a good angle of the castle in behind.

The next area is the walkway heading into the castle, this is only open between showtimes so if you want to make sure there is no one in the picture get there early. Once the show has finished and people disperse within the park you can stay to get some nice shots while it is quieter.

At either side of the castle, you can catch little walkways that lead you to the back or side of the castle. These are great little spots to get a much quieter space to take a picture. It is also one of my best places to take pictures at Disney World.

There are PhotoPass opportunities at intervals leading up main street U.S.A to the castle

Storybook Circus

If you like colour and lots of lights this is the place for you. Storybook Circus is a family area for smaller children mainly but has some amazing settings. The colourful tents, pretty lights and the general circus theme is amazing.

If you want to get some super amazing pictures head to Storybook Circus early evening when the sun is setting and you can catch the lights coming on to get the ultimate setting.


There is a place I love and don’t often spend much time in is the back of the castle in Fantasyland. Nearby Pinocchios Village Haus restaurant, the carousel and Princess Fairytale Hall is tall turrets and castle walls.

The walls have dome shaped cut out along for guests to walk through, they are really stunning and just add more magic to the area. If you get to a good angle from walking from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train you can catch the castle in the background as you walk through the doorways.


Epcot is probably one of the best places to take pictures at Disney World. The whole park is set into sections with different themes which makes for an amazing background for new photos. You can explore the countries around the world and pretend you have been there!

Epcot can be much more fun if you plan to visit while the Food and Wine Festival is on or the Flower and Garden Festival. They create new attractions, themes and make the park look like a different place on these events which is really cool.


We will start with England, if you are from England this might be a little boring but I think it is still quite fun. There is a traditional red telephone box within the area which is fun to go have your picture in. You don’t often see them in the UK anymore anyway!

Image From

There is also a little street with the Rose and Crown located on it, this is a super sweet street if you want to make people believe you are in England!


For me, France looks more like just Paris as it has the Eiffel Tower located in the background. There is a raised plant bed within the middle of the main strip of France section. Standing at the bottom with the Eiffel Tower in the background you can get a lovely shot there.

If you happen to visit when the Flower and Garden Festival is on you can get flower versions of Belle and the Beast in the background too.


Italy has a couple of hidden places to take pictures at Disney World. There is, of course, the mini model of the Trevi Fountain along with tokens from Venice. I managed to get a lovely summer selfie sat at the fountain, it can be a little crowded so maybe avoid the lunchtime rush hours.

There is a PhotoPass opportunity here at the entrance to Italy.


Morocco has stunning mosaic walls that are a turquoise blue perfect backdrop for a family selfie. There is also a fountain you can perch on while you have your picture taken. The colour is a brilliant bright blue and makes a great setting.

Morocco also has some beautiful places to shop and eat. Don’t forget to look out for trinkets, hidden Mickey’s and more.

Animal Kingdom


The world of Pandora is impressive, really impressive and is really exciting to see no matter how many times you see it. The best time to visit is early evening as the sun is setting and the whole area of Pandora really comes to life.

You can get some amazing pictures of the family in the area. There is also an area of drums and instruments for everyone to play on. On an evening is definitely one of the best places to take pictures at Disney World in Pandora as the lights come on and the whole area comes to life.

There is also a PhotoPass opportunity in this area.


Dinoland isn’t always that popular with guests but it is fun to go in and have a look around. Also, there is a food truck that serves Nachos that are delicious. In Dinoland there is a really cute place to take pictures. It is a car cut out that you can go and pretend to sit in. It is super fun and plenty of space for all the family to get in and have a ride.

There are also other the best places to take pictures at Disney World Dinoland as the colours are bright, fun and playful.

Tree Of Life

The tree of life is pretty much the first thing you see as you enter the park. It is huge, spectacular and all round amazing. You can find a number of nice locations to take pictures around the edge of the tree of life.

Even if you plan to visit the ride “It’s Tough To Be a Bug”, the walk into the underneath the tree has some great spots you can get better detailed images of the carvings.

There is a PhotoPass opportunity here in front of the tree.

Harambe Market

You will find the Harambe Market area over in Africa, near the lion king show. Harambe is a beautiful place to get some pictures. There is the man made river that runs through and so you can hop to one side of the bridge as you enter Africa and get a great shot of the view.

The river is one of my best places to take pictures at Disney World as it is such a stunning view. It catches the colour of the trees and the backdrop of the ride in. It all looks too real and tranquil to be in the middle of a theme park.


Heading into Asia from the main area of Animal Kingdom there is a bridge. It does get a little crowded but is worth the wait as there are some stunning views through the gaps. There isn’t much space for a great selfie but just after the bridge, you can catch the river in the background by a walled area.

There is also another bridge heading out of Asia towards the Finding Nemo The Musical. This one tends to be a lot quieter as not many people walk this way. There you will find a serene spot to get a picture or two.

My final spot is located in the amphitheater that is located opposite the Expedition Everest ride. This is usually where we meet up with family after we have been on the ride. It is often quite quiet during the day as not many people will use it.

It is used for seating for the light show that happens in the evening. Though it makes a stunning background for the best places to take pictures at Disney World.

Hollywood Studios

Pink Wall

The pink wall is famous with Disney World fans and so many people flock there to have a picture taken. If you are looking for a pop of colour or just a something a little different or you want to see the hype check it out. The wall is located by the old Toy Story Midway Mania entrance.

Toy Story Land

This whole area in general for me if a huge playground of places to take picture at Disney World. Due to the immense imagination and creativity, there are endless places to take super fun pictures.

Shrink yourself down to toy size and start having fun, there is a giant Pixar ball, cards to hide under and plenty of blocks to sit on. Head to the quieter areas to get the best chance of a person free picture. Here is also a great place to see some of the characters walking around making is one of the best places to take pictures at Disney World, you might just get to meet Jessie and Woody!

There is a PhotoPass opportunity on your way into Toy Story Land on the right hand side.

Echo Lake

Echo Lake if you didn’t know was the lake that is in the middle of the area where Frozen – Sing Along show is and Dockside Diner. This does have a giant Dinosaur in it but it just makes it so much cooler.

Here you can stand pretty much on part of the perimeter of the lake and get a good shot. I chose to stand at the side with Frozen Sing Along facing me and my back to the lake. This is one of the more calmer best places to take pictures at Disney World.

Chinese Theatre

Ever wanted to visit the Chinese Theatre? Well, your chance has arrived, I think the Chinese Theatre can be completely bypassed by certain generations sadly. As the crowds head off to Toy Story Land and now Galaxys Edge you can get a perfect picture in front of the theatre.

Image From

If you stand further forward away from the theatre you can fit more into the background and get a better view of it.

Don’t worry about what you are wearing so much as everyone dresses different and comfort is key at Disney World. If you are stuck on what to pack, check out our ultimate Disney packing list for help.

That is everything for our best places to take pictures at Disney World. If you have your own spot that you love and head to every time let us know in the comments. We would also love to know which park has the best places to take pictures at Disney World.

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