25 Best Rooftop Bars In Manchester

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Manchester is situated in the northwest of England and is the country’s second-largest city. Home to an extensive international airport and one of the most famous football teams in the world, Manchester United.

However, there’s more to this incredible city than just an airport and a football team (or two). Built on top of a rich industrial heritage, you’ll find an extensive number of offices, museums, bars and restaurants.

To help you experience the best of what Manchester has to offer during a trip, we’ve put together a list of the must-see rooftop bars in the city.

1. Roof Garden Playground at Great John Street Hotel

📍 Location: Great John Street, M3 4FD
📞 Call: 0161 831 3211
⌨️ Learn More: Great John Street Hotel

Above the classy Great John Street Hotel, you’ll find one of the best rooftop bars in Manchester, the Roof Garden Playground.

This superbly appointed bar offers a chance to relax and enjoy the fine views of the city in an exclusive location.

The Roof Garden Playground is a short distance from the city centre and is a great choice for a date or simply catch-up with friends, and definitely one for your shortlist.

2. Honest Burgers

📍 Location: 36, Bridge Street, M3 3BT
📞 Call: 0161 676 3890
⌨️ Learn More: Honest Burgers

Whoever thought of twinning a top-class burger joint with a rooftop bar was a winner!

Honest Burgers is not your usual fast-food outlet but one that offers quality burgers made from the finest beef and served by simply delightful staff.

The superb burgers – there are vegan options, so everyone is catered for – are simply unbeatable, and the lovely rooftop bar area is the perfect place to take a snack and time out.

3. Tre Ciccio

📍 Location: 4a Moss Lane, Altrincham, WA14 1BA
📞 Call: 0161 414 0196
⌨️ Learn More: Tre Cicco

Tre Ciccio combines authentic Italian cooking and a stunning roof terrace to make for a wonderful dining destination.

This out-of-town restaurant is one you will absolutely love. Located in Altrincham, a charming suburb of Manchester, Tre Ciccio is worth the journey for the best Italian meal in the Northwest.

The rooftop terrace is simply sublime, and, in the summer, when the sun shines, there’s nowhere like Tre Ciccio for a relaxed and enjoyable meal with drinks.

4. The Ivy Spinningfields

📍 Location: The Pavilion, Byrom Street, M3 3HG
📞 Call: 0161 503 3222
⌨️ Learn More:  The Ivy Spinningfields

If there is a Manchester rooftop bar that really comes alive at night, it’s the beautiful terrace at The Ivy Spinningfields.

The terrace is fitted with firepits that add to the already glorious atmosphere of this exclusive yet welcoming bar and restaurant.

Rightly described as ‘an enchanting oasis in the heart of Manchester’, we recommend The Ivy for quiet drinks on the rooftop, or you can head down to The Ivy Asia on the 2nd floor and enjoy cocktails while being entertained by top DJs.

5. The Deansgate Tavern

📍 Location: 321 Deansgate, M3 4LQ
📞 Call: 0161 833 1873
⌨️ Learn More: The Deansgate

If a traditional pub is your thing, then you can’t go wrong with The Deansgate Tavern.

Located bang in the centre of Manchester, this long-established pub offers something different with a wonderfully equipped roof garden from which you can watch the hustle and bustle of the city below while enjoying drinks and a meal.

Like many of Manchester’s rooftop bars, you could pass every day and not know it exists, but once you try it, we guarantee you’ll be back to this friendly and welcoming city centre delight.

6. YES

📍 Location: 38 Charles Street, M1 7DB
📞 Call: 0161 273 2725
⌨️ Learn More: YES

A short walk from the centre of Manchester takes you to YES, a wonderfully hip and trendy bar and restaurant.

Choose from one of the lively rooms on different floors where live music is your entertainment or head to the charming rooftop terrace for unrivalled views of the city.

YES is a great place to relax after a hard day at work or somewhere to let your hair down and party. It harks back to Manchester’s heyday as a music city, and the combination of cheap drinks and vegan kebabs – plus superb pizzas – makes this a must-see venue for visitors.

7. SkyLounge at DoubleTree

📍 Location: 1, Piccadilly, Auburn Street, M1 3DJ
📞 Call: 0161 242 1000
⌨️ Learn More: SkyLounge at DoubleTree

The private rooftop terrace SkyLounge at Doubletree is one to note if you are looking for a rooftop venue for an event or celebration.

Sitting between Piccadilly Station and the historic Piccadilly Gardens, this quite amazing roof space is surrounded by high glass windows that give you a stunning view of the city at night.

Luxuriously appointed and atop a Hilton-managed hotel, this is a genuine premier venue that you need to experience when in Manchester.

8. Club Brass at Hotel Gotham

📍 Location: 100, King Street, M2 4WU
📞 Call: 0161 413 0000
⌨️ Learn More: Club Brass at Hotel Gotham

This exclusive members-only club is on top of one of the most impressive buildings in Manchester, Hotel Gotham. Open only to members and residents of the hotel; there is no more quaint and unique rooftop bar than Club Brass.

The atmosphere is delightful when you walk out on the seventh floor to the superbly designed terrace, and with windows all-round, there are amazing views of the city centre.

9. South Terrace and Lounge at King Street Town House

📍 Location: 10 Booth Street M2 4AW
📞 Call: 0161 667 0707
⌨️ Learn More: King Street Town House

A short walk from Club Brass at Hotel Gotham is King Street Town House, another exclusive Manchester hotel that features a private roof terrace.

Usually, the South Terrace and Lounge at King Street Town House is only open for hire. However, you can occasionally find that it’s open to hotel guests – in which case, you’re in luck. As this has to be one of the most beautiful of all Manchester’s rooftop locations.

Heated and with a canopy, this glorious rooftop garden is a place to relax and watch the busy city lives below.

10. 20 Stories

📍 Location: No 1, 1 Hardman Square, M3 3EB
📞 Call: 0161 204 3333
⌨️ Learn More: 20 Stories

The gloriously chic and stylish roof terrace at 20 Stories is right in the heart of the historic Spinningfields region of Manchester.

This popular cocktail bar and restaurant serve everything from full meals to afternoon tea, with a decidedly British influence on what is a wonderful menu.

Looking out from the terrace gives you a fabulous view of the city, and in the winter, it is kitted out as an ‘après ski’ destination and offers a simply charming escape from the world below.

20 Stories is one of those places where once you have experienced it, you won’t be able to stay away.

11. El Gato Negro

📍 Location: 52 King Street, M2 4LY
📞 Call: 0161 694 8585
⌨️ Learn More: El Gato Negro

The wonderful tapas bar at El Gato Negro is located on the roof of a Manchester townhouse close to the centre of the city.

What makes this roof terrace special is not just the amazing food and great range of drinks, but the retractable roof.

Regarded as among the best rooftop bars and eateries in the city, El Gato Negro is the place to go for a relaxed and enjoyable meal and drink with friends or to wind down after a working day in a delightful environment that is welcoming and warm.

12. The Con Club

📍 Location: 48, Greenwood Street, WA14 1RZ
📞 Call: 0161 696 6870
⌨️ Learn More: The Con Club

Another Altrincham venue worth a visit is The Con Club. Altrincham is regarded as a premium area to live in and is also home to some of the finest restaurants and bars in the Northwest.

This converted working men’s club is a delightful and often overlooked place to eat and enjoy a drink, and the rooftop tipi is simply stunning.

Beautifully furnished and bang in the town centre, The Con Club offers a superb menu including a variety of dishes and is the place to hang out for drinks with friends.

13. Terrace NQ

📍 Location: 43, Thomas Street, M4 1NA
📞 Call: 0161 819 2345
⌨️ Learn More: Terrace NQ

One of the most popular Manchester rooftop bars is Terrace NQ, which is three separate rooftop spaces in one location.

This delightfully informal bar and restaurant located in the heart of the city serves excellent pizzas and has an incredibly fun and exciting atmosphere.

Terrace NQ serves a selection of guest ales for those who enjoy their beer, and the design of the roof gardens gives them a lovely ambience with plenty of plant life adding to the occasion.

Cocktails are also on the menu, and it’s a popular place for city workers to wind down after a hard day.

14. BrickHouse Social

📍 Location: 11-13 New Wakefield Street, M1 5NP
📞 Call: 0161 236 4899
⌨️ Learn More: BrickHouse Social

There is something for everyone at BrickHouse Social, including an elegant roof terrace that is simply a delight to experience.

Pizza is the way to go here, plus a recommended bottomless brunch, and there’s a pool room, indoor bar, and a trendy nightclub in the basement.

Located in the busy and lively Oxford Road region of the city, BrickHouse Social is the sort of venue that will make you a regular very quickly and one that visitors to the city should make a point of checking out.

There’s a sort of American diner vibe going on here that makes it even more relaxed and enjoyable.

15. Lower Turks Head

📍 Location: 36 Shudehill, M4 1EZ
📞 Call: 0161 834 2910
⌨️ Learn More: Lower Turks Head

Manchester’s Northern Quarter has a rich cultural history of which the Lower Turks Head is a part.

Owned by the Joseph Holt Brewery, this traditional pub is not one you would expect to host a roof terrace. Yet there it is, in the middle of this wonderfully alive part of the city.

With a fully heated roof terrace adorned with art from local artists, this is a truly unique place to hang out with friends and enjoy a few beers and a meal.

Friendly and community orientated, The Lower Turks Head continues Manchester’s tradition of pubs, but with that added touch of outdoor space.

16. Big Hands

📍 Location: 296 Oxford Road, M13 9NS
📞 Call: 0161 272 7309
⌨️ Learn More: Big Hands

Located bang in the middle of the Manchester music venue region is Big Hands, a fun bar that has a fantastic and unique atmosphere.

The Oxford Road location puts Big Hands firmly in student territory, too, being close to the city’s universities, and the rooftop terrace offers superb views of the local skyline.

This is not a bar to visit for a quiet drink but one that will get you in the mood with music playing and a lively vibe throughout.

If you’re heading to a gig in Manchester, Big Hands is the pre-gig destination of choice, and you’ll find it to be a welcoming and different experience to many local rooftop venues.

17. Hatch

📍 Location: 103, Oxford Road, M1 7ED
📞 Call: 07586 111640
⌨️ Learn More: Hatch

Hatch isn’t a bar as such but a collection of retailers in the food, drinks, and other markets. With many rooftop bars and eateries within this curious and enjoyable Oxford Road venue, you’ll find something for everyone here.

Hatch is more a destination for a day or night out and is unique in the city.

Cleverly employing shipping containers as retail outlets – many with drinking and eating spaces on top – Hatch is great to explore and features pop-up bars and food vendors as well as having more than 30 permanent retailers within. Loved by locals for its fun and relaxed approach to life, this is the perfect place for a catch-up with friends.

18. The Ape and Apple

📍 Location: 28-30 John Dalton Street, M2 6HQ
📞 Call: 0161 839 9624
⌨️ Learn More: The Ape and Apple

Another Joseph Holt pub with a charming roof terrace, The Ape and Apple, is a traditional pub that has a modern feel to it, especially on the gorgeous roof terrace that looks out over historic John Dalton Street in the centre of the city.

The Ape and Apple are frequented by sports lovers as large screens show football and other sports and are a great venue for a few select beers.

The rustic feel of the roof garden is a perfect choice for the pub, and the food and drinks are sensibly priced too. This is one of the most popular rooftop drinking spots in this part of Manchester and can get lively at weekends and in the evening.

19. BrewDog DogHouse

📍 Location: 18-20 Fountain Street, M2 2AR
📞 Call: 0161 467 1003
⌨️ Learn More: BrewDog DogHouse

The BrewDog brand has helped revive the art of brewing craft ales, and in its Manchester venue, DogHouse provides the perfect place to savour amazing beer.

The beautiful roof terrace is a delight and surely one of the best in the city and exudes the cool and trendy atmosphere that BrewDog is all about.

With a great snack menu as well as a fabulous choice of drinks, this friendly bar is one that will have you coming back for more, and there’s also a hotel if you want to stay over. If ales are your thing, then DogHouse is simply a must.

20. Cloud 23

📍 Location: Beetham Tower at 303 Deansgate, M3 4LQ
📞 Call: 0161 870 1688
⌨️ Learn More: Cloud 23

The iconic Beetham Tower is the location for Cloud 23, a plush champagne and cocktail bar that occupies the 23rd floor of the building.

The views from the bar are simply spectacular, and the atmosphere is one that mixes sophistication with a relaxed vibe.

This unique sky bar is one of the best in Manchester and gets busy at prime times, so it’s always worth booking ahead if you want to experience the most amazing view in the city from a contemporary and hugely trendy bar. Go at night for the best spectacle.

21. Dukes 92

📍 Location: Dukes 92 at 18-25 Castle Street, M3 4LZ
📞 Call: 0161 839 8642
⌨️ Learn More: Dukes 92

One of the most popular bars in Manchester, Dukes 92 combines a canal-side location with a simply glorious outdoor dining area and an interior that is stunning. Converted from stables, this is one you simply must check out when you are in the city.

The terrace features a balcony that gives magnificent views of the prime Castle Street region of the city, and few areas of Manchester are as picturesque as this. With a great menu and a superb selection of drinks, Dukes 92 might just be the ideal place to enjoy a few outdoor drinks.

22. Barca

📍 Location: 8-9 Catalan Square, M3 4RU
📞 Call: 0161 839 7099
⌨️ Learn More: Barca

Another canal-side venue is Barca, a wonderfully lively bar and restaurant with a glorious terrace. Frequented by locals who enjoy the lively and trendy vibe delivered by live DJs, Barca offers a varied menu with a choice of full meals and snacks as well as a drinks menu covering all tastes.

The views of this attractive part of the city are second to none, and you’ll find the atmosphere friendly, relaxed, and enjoyable. This is a casual bar and a great one for catching up with friends over a few drinks and a light meal.

23. G-A-Y

📍 Location: 63, Richmond Street, M1 3WB
📞 Call: 0161 228 6200
⌨️ Learn More: G-A-Y

One of Manchester’s premier nightclubs – and possibly the biggest – is G-A-Y, and it’s the place to be when you’re in the party mood.

Part of the attraction is the huge outdoor terrace where visitors congregate to chat and have a drink, and it’s a late-night venue popular with students and locals.

G-A-Y may be the liveliest venue on this list, and it’s worth checking out if you are into clubbing, something that Manchester has been famous for across the years.

24. The Old Nags Head

📍 Location: 19, Jackson’s Row, M2 5WD
📞 Call: 0161 832 4315
⌨️ Learn More: The Old Nags Head

The beautifully crafted leafy roof terrace at The Old Nags Head is a delight.

A traditional pub in every way, the outdoor space gives this wonderful old building an added touch that makes it stand out from the many pubs across the city. While the interior is unusual in still featuring many rooms, the terrace is the place to be on warm summer days.

This is a great choice for meeting with friends and having a night out or simply popping in for a quick drink on the way home from work. The Old Nags Head retains the welcoming feel of a good British pub and is a nostalgic place to be.

25. Zouk Tea Bar and Grill

📍 Location: 5, The Quadrangle, Chester Street, M1 5QS
📞 Call: 0161 233 1090
⌨️ Learn More: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

The stunningly colourful outdoor terrace at Zouk Tea Bar and Grill features a unique and amazing ‘flower wall’ as its centrepiece.

Worth a visit for that alone, the magnificent and varied Indian and Pakistani cuisine must be the best in the northwest. Contemporary design and sleek modern furniture make Zouk Tea Bar and Grill a pleasant place to be.

For casual dining in a relaxed and utterly delightful atmosphere, Zouk Tea Bar and Grill makes an ideal choice, and the terrace is the best place to enjoy exotic and original dishes from afar.