Best Shoes For Universal Studios

Picking a comfortable pair of shoes is essential for your trip to Universal Studios. There is nothing more imperative (other than getting tickets) to think about for a day at Universal Studios. That being said, I have seen so many bad footwear choices over the years, so here are the best shoes for Universal Studios.

The biggest thing you want to remember is that you will be walking miles around the parks. It will be warm/hot (for the British anyway!) and you will want to be as comfortable as possible. Remember, comfort is key!

What Qualities Should I Look For?

You should look for a couple of qualities in the best shoes for Universal Studios. Knowing what to look for can help you decide what is best for you and what you need and see if that already exists within your wardrobe.

I wanted to point out these qualities so you can go through your shoes first before heading out to buy a brand new pair.

  • Comfortable – Ask yourself are they comfortable for a full day?
  • Stability – Do they give my foot and leg the stability it needs?
  • Thick Sole – Does it have a thick sole and cushioning?
  • Lightweight – Are they fairly lightweight?
  • Do they dry easy? – This isn’t essential but something worth thinking about for rainy days and water rides.

Best Shoes For Universal Studios

I decided to break this up so you can see what shoes you want to be packing at a glance and why these are the best shoes for Universal Studios.

Remember that if you plan a trip to Universal Studios Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood, you will still encounter similar weather conditions and just as much walking and exercise.

Sports Shoes/ Trainers

Trainers are my number one choice when looking at the best shoes for Universal Studios. Trainers and sports style shoes are probably the easiest and comfiest shoes to wear for long days around the parks.

Trainers are built to be supportive and work well on a field, court, or running. Tennis shoes/ trainers are probably the best shoe style for Universal Studios as you will be doing a lot of walking.

Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more are all quality shoes used by professional athletes every day. If they are good enough for them, they are good enough for you.

Another great brand is Sketchers, they aren’t as popular in the UK as they are in the USA, but they are great! They are super lightweight and easy to put on and off, making them great for those who struggle with walking anyway.

Sandals For Women

Sandals may see a very loose and broad term, but I wanted to go over this in detail. I once wore my flip flops for an evening (3-4 hours tops) at the park, and I regretted it. My feet hurt, my toes were sore, and it was painful.

When I say sandals, I mean those that cover your feet, are built up around the foot for stability and are built to walk in. Some brands that are good at this are Merrel and Birkenstock, other brands also do quality sandals, but these are the only ones I have used.

You want to look for a sandal with a thicker base/sole; this will give your foot and leg better stability and a softer touch down while walking. Also, if you can find a sandal that holds your foot in place over the toes and your ankle, this is great as you give your ankle and leg more stability over the day.

We recommend brands such as BirkenstocksMerrell and Sketchers, which all have supportive soles, thick straps and moulded shapes to support the ankle.

Sandals For Men

Sandals for men can be a little trickier depending on your style, foot shape and other preferences. Several brands, such as Birkenstocks and Sketchers, are more stylish and comfortable and practical.

Merrell is much more practical for hiking and walking, so the foundation and style is quite different to the other types. These are just some of the brands and styles we recommend, but if you have a pair at home you pull out for holidays that are comfortable and work well, pack those before buying another pair (unless you want to, of course!)

Boots For Women

Boots are a just in case it is cold kind of shoe. Though not to diss Boots as they are highly practical and comfortable. I personally wouldn’t choose to wear boots around the parks, but they are a good alternative.

They are perfect for people who tend to have weaker ankles; the taller boot style will give the ankle more support throughout the day.

This is also great if you want to wear a shoe with a little more coverage.

There are plenty of brands out there that are excellent quality for the best shoes for Universal Studios. Boots used for hiking and walking are great as they have stability with plenty of movement. However, these can be pretty heavy for feet to carry around all day.

Boots For Men

Being from the UK, I can’t believe anyone would want to wear boots in Florida, but it happens, mainly if you are used to warmer climates, you are local, and the winter months are cold for you, or you like to wear boots over other styles of footwear.

Though I don’t know the most suitable as I haven’t personally worn boots to Universal Studios, these are a couple of the most recommended styles and brands.

Slip On Trainers & Pumps For Women

Slip-on shoes or pumps are often bundled in with trainers, as some people call them. And it is easy to see why they are pretty similar and very much look the same though they aren’t. These styles of shoes are more glamourous and trendy looking shoes. They are often more fashion-based and change styles, colours, and fashion trends.

Though these aren’t as high up on my best shoes for Universal Studios, I would still recommend them. They can be great if you wear them right, pick a good brand, and wear them in beforehand.

They can be an excellent idea for older people who might only do a little walking, whether on a scooter or in a wheelchair. And also for teens who are a bit self-conscious of going total geek on trainers.

You can find easy, lightweight pumps like Sketchers Go Walks, which are highly popular, easy to wear and easy to clean. Styles like these can be found in name brands which are great for walking around the parks.

Slip On Trainers & Pumps For Men

Some people call them slip-on shoes or pumps are often bundled with trainers. And it is easy to see why they are pretty similar and very much look the same though they aren’t. These styles of shoes are more glamourous and trendy looking shoes. They are often more fashion-based and change styles, colours, and fashion trends.

In my opinion, there are just as many nice quality brands with nice trainers for men on the market; I often prefer the men as they aren’t bright pink and purple, but overall they have some suitable styles.

I would recommend taking a pair or even two of trainers you already own and are comfortable in, and you like. That way, you can be sure that your feet will survive walking around the parks.

Tips For Picking Shoes For Universal Studios

  • Pick shoes you already own and have worn in weeks/months prior to your trip.
  • Choose shoes you don’t mind getting a little damp from water rides.
  • Pick a shoe with a good fit around your feet – this will help you walk better and give you fewer aches and pains the next day.
  • Find a shoe that is flexible, this will make walking easier and so much more comfortable.
  • Remember to pick shoes that won’t fall off easy or that you can take off easy for rides that leave your feet dangling.

Best Shoes For Universal Studios For Children

Even though they are small and probably spend most of the time in the pushchair, they need suitable footwear. We all know that when children start walking, the right fitted footwear is essential. Well, that doesn’t end just because you are at Universal Studios.

Picking footwear for children can be challenging as they often don’t want to wear what you choose (I know it can be frustrating). So I decided to put together a little guide to help you pack the right kind of footwear to help your little ones have the best time on holiday.


There are some excellent water fountain areas within Universal Studios so having a pair of sandals on or in your bag for your children is super fun. You can let me run around free in the water without worrying about their feet getting rough, or an accident happening.

Styles that cover the footwell and strap around the ankle are great choices. That gives them more stability and means they are less likely to lose a shoe or fall over. In addition, Crocs, Merrell and Keen are excellent choices as they are quality made and can withstand the water and running around.


I swear by trainers for adults and children; they have to make the best shoes for Universal Studios as they have never let me down. I know trainers are also a good choice as you see so many people wearing them.

Trainers for children are essential; they are probably the comfiest shoes and will be the best support throughout the day. Make sure you pack a pair already worn in and shaped to your children’s feet. That way, they will be comfortable for most of the day and won’t get too tired (fingers crossed).

There are several brands and styles to choose from, but you will know what is best for your children as parents. Pick some that they are already comfortable wearing and if you plan to buy new ones, get similar to their past shoes (if they liked them, of course) and break them in well before you go.

That is everything you need to know about the best shoes for Universal Studios. If you have a favourite pair, brand or style, let us know in the comments below. If you have any further questions, let us know!

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