15 Incredible Magic Kingdom Snacks You Need To Try

I don’t know about you but I kept seeing amazing pictures on Instagram and Facebook of delicious looking snacks at Walt Disney World. But when I go to find them I never can! After doing plenty of hunting and tracking down I have created a reference list for anyone who is looking for these magical snacks. Here are the best Magic Kingdom snacks and where to find them!

I decided to stick to the snacks that are generally on the menu for the full year at Walt Disney World, many stay the same for quite a period of time and when they change the post will be updated. I haven’t included snacks at Magic Kingdom for special events such as Halloween, Christmas as these change year on year and is often tied to a special event or ticketed event.

15 Incredible Magic Kingdom Snacks

Trying out all the different restaurants, drinks and of course snacks is a serious game at Disney World.

Many of the snacks and meals are Disney world are based on cultures, themes and characters and they often release special editions and limited time released to celebrate events and film releases.

Any of the special one off snacks haven’t been listed and just the snacks that can be found year round in Magic Kingdom.

1. Mickey Pretzel

You can find these dotted around the park on various carts serving churros and drinks. You can get the Mickey Pretzel plain or with a tub of cheese to dip.

I would suggest getting the cheese dip as the pretzel can be a little much and dry without it. I would also share it with someone if you can as it is quite large.

Location: Numerous carts and stands around the park.

Dining Plan : Accepted

2. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Over at Sleepy Hollow, you can find the waffle sandwich and other variants on the entrees menu. Sleepy Hollow is found in Liberty Square to the left of the castle by the Hall of Presidents and the Liberty Bell.

If you are wanting to sample a few of the best snack at Magic Kingdom I would suggest sharing this one with someone. Though it isn’t huge, it is big and means you can keep some space free for other treats too.

Location: Sleepy Hollow, Liberty Square

Dining Plan: Accepted

3. Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots

Friar’s Nook is found in Fantasyland next door to Storybook Treats and the Princess Fairytale Hall. These are both delicious and filled with every bit of flavour you could dream of.

The chicken tots are a great thing to share with someone or between a few of you if you are doing a tasting tour around Magic Kingdom. This had to make the best snacks at Magic Kingdom as it is a little bit of everything in one.

Location: The Friars Nook, Fantasyland

Dining Plan: Accepted

4. Pork and Shrimp Egg Rolls

At this particular cart there are other egg rolls such as vegetable. Though these had to make the best snacks at Magic kingdom as they are so good.

There are a really light and easy snack if and great portion size so you can snack happy for the rest of the day.

Location: A cart in Adventureland

Dining Plan: Accepted

5. The Rapunzel Eclair

I absolutely adore Rapunzel and love a good eclair so this is a perfect match for me! The eclair is on the dessert menu in Pinocchio’s Village Haus in Fantasyland – located just off to one side of the carousel.

This is also a great location to stop for lunch or dinner as there is plenty of choices and option for all the family. Best of all there are seats that overlook the ride “Its a small world”, you can also hold up signs for people on the ride to read!

Location: Pinocchio’s Village Haus, Fantasyland

Dining Plan: Yes

6. The Mickey Donut

This donut is huge and is what I can only describe as the large donut that can be found around the parks along with two normal sized donuts for the ears.

It comes in 3 flavours – strawberry, chocolate and vanilla all topped with sprinkles. It is doughy, delicious and delightful. You can find the Mickey donut at Adventureland in a few different places.

Location: Cheshire Cafe, Fantasyland

Dining Plan: No

7. The Mermaid Donut

Life wouldn’t be right without a little treasure from the deep ocean below, would it? This is a normal-sized donut covered in purple icing and topped with white chocolate treasures.

You can find this beautiful donut in Prince Eric’s Village Market located opposite Ariels Grotto and Under The Sea ride.

Location: Prince Eric’s Village Market, Fantasyland

Dining Plan: No

8. The Cheshire Cat Tail

Thes Cheshire cat tail is a pastry braided with chocolate running through it with the pink and purple icing drizzled on the top.

You can find the Cheshire Cafe near the Mad Tea Party ride to the right of the castle through Tomorrowland.

Location: Cheshire Cafe, Fantasyland

Dining Plan: No

9. The Peter Pan Float

Though not techinically a snack as it is more of a drink I wanted to add it as one of the best Magic Kingdom snacks.

The floats are a happy medium between drink and snack and are great for cooling you down on a hot day. The character and themed floats are the most popular as they are so fun and innovative.

Location: Storybook Treats, Fantasyland

Dining Plan: No

10. The Lost Princess Cone

This is a lemon soft-serve ice cream topped with adorable edible flowers. This one has changed a couple of times over time but the basis of the cone is the same.

Location: Storybook Treats, Fantasyland

Dining Plan: No

11. Redd’s Revenge Float

This again is probably classes as a drink but it is amazing! It is brought to you by the good people of Dole.

It is made up of DOLE Whip Strawberry Soft-serve, Fanta Strawberry and a chocolate pirate hat.

Location: Sunshine Tree Terrace, Adventureland

Dining Plan: No

12. Mickey and Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundaes

These are so popular with guests and make a great souvenir to take home. After eating everything out of the kitchen sink many take them home to use as planters, bags, display boxes and more.

Though while doing my research I couldn’t find a specific price. The adorable dessert can be found in Plaza Ice Cream Parlour on Main Street U.S.A.

Location: Plaza Ice Cream Parlour, Main Street USA

Dining Plan: No

13. Dole Whip

The iconic dole whip had to make the list as it is something people flock around the parks to find and try.

We actually tried our first dole whip the same day we got engaged, you can see it in my hand in the photos much to Cora’s dislike! (she asked me to put it down)

This is made from Pineapple from the well known brand and is a huge fan favourite.

Location: Aloha Isle, Adventureland

Dining Plan: No

14. Bacon Mac & Cheese Fries

These fries are to die for! Casey’s Corner is always popular with guests and is often recommended as a place to go for something to eat. These are a larger snack but so worth the try!

They have a couple different variations along with hot dogs to try but these are the must try on the menu.

Location: Casey’s Corner, Main Street USA

Dining Plan: Yes

15. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Tell me what is better than a fresh waffle, covered in delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread topped with fresh fruit? erm.. nothing.

This is one of the best Magic Kingdom snacks to have and it would be great to share, so you can taste test more snacks around the park! I love that this offers a little bit of everything and is filling too.

Location: Sleepy Hollow, Liberty Square

Dining Plan: No

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That is everything on our best Magic Kingdom snacks. I hope this has been helpful and you can now go and try those amazing snacks.

If you have a favourite in any of the parks let us know in the comments below. Also if you know of any other great places to eat leave us a comment and we will definitely check it out on our next visit.

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