20 Awesome Snacks To Bring To Disney World

Bringing your own snacks to Disney World has a few different advantages. There is no rule against bringing in your own food and it is often welcomed.

One of the biggest advantages to bringing your own snacks is a whopping saving of money on your trip. Though Disney World food isn’t just good to try at least once, it is an experience in itself. You can find a number of different interesting, innovative and cultural foods at Disney so it is worth trying out some of the foods they have to offer.

However, we all know that children and sometimes adults need a little snack at times. There is also the value of bringing your own snacks if you have dietary requirements or are Vegan/Vegetarian, Paleo or Keto. Here are our best snacks to bring to Disney World.

Can You Bring Snacks Into Disney World?

The cost of a trip to Walt Disney World can get expensive fast, however, there are some easy ways to cut down the cost, one of which is bringing your own food to the park.

The cost of food at Walt Disney World varies greatly depending on where you choose to eat, however, roughly you’ll find a snack such as a churro cost around $9 inc tax, a drink costs around $4, a fast food meal costs around $15 and a sit-down meal costs upwards of $30.

Food, drinks and snacks are permitted at Walt Disney World with some exceptions such as; no alcohol, no food that requires heating (except babies bottles) and no glassware. You’ll need to tell security during the bag screening process if you have any food items with you.

For babies, glass baby food wares/jars are allowed and you can heat baby food using the microwave at the baby care centre only. It’s against Disney’s rules for staff members to assist you in reheating food in any way. That includes, in the hotel, restaurants or any of the parks.

If you have a medical certificate then you may be able to get a pass to allow you to bring in some of the restricted foods. I’d always suggest speaking to the Disney cast team at Guest Relations about this in advance.

Depending on the snacks you bring to Disney World you may find it beneficial to bring them in a cooler bag or box – the year-round heat in Florida is stifling and can quickly ruin certain foods if not stored correctly.

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle. Water at Disney World is free. You can fill your water bottle up at the drinks fountains or get a cup of water from any of the quick service locations. Alternatively, bottles of water can be purchased for upwards of $3 per bottle from the majority of the snack carts located around the park.

You could opt to store your food in one of the lockers situated around the Disney World parks. However, this can come with a certain amount of stress as you’ll be required to go back to the locker when you want to pick up the food.

Lockers cost between $7 and $9 for 24 hours and a require a $5 key deposit. The dimension of lockers at Disney World parks is 11 by 9 by 16 inches.

Consider checking the measurements of the bag or cooler box you plan to bring with you in advance, to ensure they’ll fit comfortably inside the locker.

If you have medical issues such as dietary restrictions or allergies the being able to bring food into Disney World with your specific dietary requirements in mind reduces stress and makes the entire trip much easier.

However, remember that Disney World inspects all bags going into the bag and reserves the right to allow or disallow any luggage whatsoever from the park.

So if you’re unsure about anything to do with the food your bringing into the parks or your park bag, check with Guest Relations in advance to avoid disappointment.

However, you might find that the benefits of bringing snacks into Disney World are more financial. With counter service meals retailing for around the $15 mark, and buffets costing upwards of $40 per person eating at Disney World with your entire family can become very expensive, very quickly.

If you’re nervous about eating at the parks, don’t worry. Walt Disney World has an incredible reputation for accommodating all dietary requirements.

Just discuss the nature of the allergy or requirement with your server in advance – again if you’re worried and want to prepare in advance, speak to guest relations who will be able to assist you further.

Benefits To Bringing Food & Drink To Walt Disney World

Here are some of the benefits we’ve found to bringing food and drinks into the park;

  • Medical Issues – If you have medical issues that include allergies or dietary restrictions then bringing your own foods and drinks that fit your specific strict dietary requirements helps reduce stress and medical issues reduce stress when it comes to finding a suitable full meal inside the park.
  • Money – Bringing your own food into the park can significantly help you to cut costs on your trip. While a bag of chips inside the parks will be around $4, you can buy a multipack of 28 in advance at the likes of Walmart for that same $4!
  • Fussy Eaters – If you’re from outside of the USA then you might find the foods inside the Walt Disney World parks to be different to what you might experience elsewhere in the world. If you’ve fussy eaters, then take the risk out of a $7 snack and bring a range of snacks from Walmart (or another grocery store) that all cost less than $7 in total. From there they are bound to find one they like.

Useful Tips For Packing Snacks To Bring To Disney World

It can be all well and good getting the snacks and the food ready to take but you don’t want to get to the park and realised you have to hold something to stop it spilling or you can’t eat it because you don’t have the equipment.

These are a couple of things you might want to pick up to save you some hassle in the long run. Things like cutlery, napkins and cups can be found in the parks to save you having to buy them.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes and tissues are handy if you have children but can be handy if you plan to have a little picnic while in the parks.

Resealable food bags

I love the idea of using these to create smaller portions for smaller people. A great way of saving money at Walmart and on snacks as a whole is buying the bigger packs and creating your own portion bags.

The saving of using the resealable bags over buying prepacked portions can be huge, you can also re-use the bags everyday to save waste and money.

I feel like this is one of the better tips as so many times I haven’t finished a bag of crisps or nuts and wanted to save them for later. You can use these to hold any snacks you wish to take including carrot battons, cucumber battons, nuts or biscuits.

Small Plastic Tupperware Tubs

These are super handy for keeping items contained, stop any leaks in your backpack and hold items that are a little more messy.

If you are making use of a kitchen in your accommodation and are cooking, make the most of your leftovers and take them in little containers to the parks.

Reusable Cutlery set

Taking a set of reusable cutlery is super handy if you plan to do plenty of picnicking and don’t want to use the one time use plastic in the parks, (I know Disney works hard on recycling as much as possible) but still every little bit we can do helps right?

Though I would suggest taking meals and snacks that don’t require cutlery, mostly to make life easier. Though if you use them often on other trips and you are used to packing them I would definitely use them.

Plan ahead

Whether you are packing meals like sandwiches or just snacks, pack your backpack for the parks the night before so you can get out the door seamlessly and have one less thing to think about.

Get the portions and snacks ready so you can get up and go.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Though not a snack bringing your own bottle saves you on buying drinks, bottled water and saves you money along the way. Having a water bottle to hand is essential for when we hit the parks, we find them so useful and don’t like to be without them.

This is also a great way of staying hydrated throughout the day, to get children to drink more look at buying the Robinsons Squash’d mini dilute pods to add a little flavour to the water.

We used these on our trip for our wedding and we wish we had taken more! They were so handy to have and it was a great way to get the kids to drink plenty in the heat.

Pack things you will actually eat

Buy snacks that you already like to eat and would buy at home as there is no point wasting money on foods that are potentially going to go to waste. If like us many of the brands and products are different to what you use at home, get the closest alternative to try.

Take a variety of snacks

The best thing to do is take a variety of snacks from savoury to sweet, fruit and veg and even nuts. That way you can keep alternating the snacks so you don’t have too much of one item.

Don’t be afraid to pack fruit and veg

Though it will be warm in the daytime you can take a small bag such as a lunchbox that can hold a dry ice freezer pack and your fruit and veggies to keep cool. You can then carry that in a larger backpack to keep everything together.

Throw in a special treat

If you plan to buy all your snacks before getting into the parks, look at buying a little treat to make the day feel special. This way when the kids ask for that cinnamon bun at $7 you can give them a tasty and exciting alternative that will have cost you a fraction of the price.

That way you can still have a great day without tantrums (hopefully) and you don’t have to worry about spending and ruining your budget.

Buy long-life products

If you can focus on products that have a longer shelf life and that don’t require too much refrigeration or preservation this can help make the most of your food and money. This will also depend on the length of your stay, you can then do smaller shops to top up your fresh items such as fruit and vegetables.

20 Best Snacks To Bring To Disney World

1. Chips/ Crisps

Go for ones that come in a can to make packing easier and stop them getting squashed.

Alternatively take them in a box to stop them getting too squashed and crushed.

2. Croissants & Pastries

-These are great if you or your children love a good breakfast style snack. Something I know we often like. These don’t have to be kept chilled and can be quite filling.

These are great also if you plan to make rope drop at any of the parks that morning and want to have a little morning snack to go.

3. Pretzels

You can get small bags of pretzels to snack on through the day to keep you going. They aren’t as fancy as Mickey’s face but still good.

4. Cereal/ Granola Bar

Cereal bars are great to pack into your bag for a quick and easy snack. They don’t require any refridgeration and are easy to store in your backpack. You cal also find a number of flavours and styles to suit what you and your family like.

You don’t have to worry about too much mess and you can get a variety for everyone to enjoy.

5. Breadstick & Cheese Dippers

To the people in the UK, this would be the Dairy-Lea dunkers but they are called Handy Snacks in the US.

You don’t have to worry too much about these been kept cool during the day and they add a little more flavour to the snack.

6. Ritz Crackers

Another handy little snack to bring to Disney World. These are flavourful and easy to carry around.

Not all children will want them but they can be stacked with some cheese and ham to make a mini sandwich.

7. Nuts

Though nuts can be a little more expensive you can buy some sandwich bags to split a larger bag of nuts to create portions for each day.

These are good as they have more protein in and can be a great little snack when waiting for a ride.

8. Squeezy Yogurts

These are great for a bit of added calcium throughout the day and kids love them, some adults too.

9. Fruit Roll-Ups

In the UK these are more commonly known as Fruit Winders but you can find alternatives in Walmart and other supermarkets.

These are great as they have a little added sugar but are fruit-based. They can be a little messy for younger children but it might keep them quiet for 5 minutes while you book your next fast passes.

10. Jelly Sweets

You can get things like Haribos in large packs but small individual bags, you can take a couple a day to keep everyone happy without having to haul a share bag around.

11. Smarties & M&M’s

Chocolate is always going to be tricky with the heat. You can pick up chocolate in shells to stop it from getting too melty and gooey. These also can be found in smaller bags to make it easier to spread out the portions.

12. Cookies

Oreos and Chips Ahoy are great as they can come in smaller packets so you can take the smaller ones to save you packing the big pack and having crumbs in your bag all week.

13. Popcorn

You can take a couple of different flavours mixed in one bag to make it more exciting but it makes great snacks to bring to Disney World.

Again you can buy large popcorn bags to save money and use reusable food bags to create smaller portions to take to the parks with you.

14. Jelly Fruit Pots

You can buy individual pots that are fruit jelly with fruit pieces inside, these are easy to carry around and eat for a snack or dessert. Just make sure you have a spoon on hand before tucking in.

15. Mini Salad bowl

Some kids love snacking on cucumber, tomatoes or peppers. Buy them and chop them up into small tubs to take to the parks with you.

My nephew loves snacking on pepper slices so things like this are great to take, especially so they can have some variety from the sweet stuff.

16. Cucumber/Carrot Sticks

Buy a pack or make your own and put in a little reusable bag to take with you and snack along the way.

We sometimes like a dip like hummus but this can be a little messy so that is something to consider.

17. Whole Fruits

Items like oranges, pears, apples and bananas are great as they can be thrown in a bag and taken to the park. They are fairly fuss and mess free to eat on the go and the core, skin and peel can be put in the bin.

I also think this is a great way of adding in one of your 5 a day.

18. Raisin Boxes

I love raisin boxes as they are so simple and so yummy and make the perfect on the go snack.

You can often find these in a large pack of 12 or more so they are perfect for popping in your park bag and heading on the rides.

19. Mangetouts & Sugar Snap Peas

These are so handy and tasty to have on the go, they don’t have to be cooked (unless stated on the packaging) and are easy to snack on.

20. Fruit Salad

If like us you like to have a variety of fruits in your diet you can make up a small container of fruit salad to take to the park.

This is a great idea if you are planning on a little picnic style meal anyway and gives you plenty of options of fruit to eat.

Where To Buy Snacks To Bring To Disney World

There are so many places you can buy your snacks beforehand. It all depends on your situation, where you are staying, do you have a car and how many people are going shopping?

Think about things like how long are you staying at Disney, how many days of your vacation will you be going to the parks etc. That way you can roughly guess what you will need and how much you will need.


We have always took a trip to Walmart to buy some essentials for our stay, most of the time it is for in-room snacks, drinks and tea bags. On our last few visits we have stayed somewhere with a kitchen area so we could make the most of eating at home instead of the parks. Even with the dining plan it is nice to be able to have something different and have a night off.

Not far from a cluster of hotels and shopping areas roughly 15-20 minutes drive from the main transportation area at Disney you can find a Walmart. It is fairly new in the last few years and has been great for us on our trips.

Like any American supermarket is it huge and you can find everything you need there. Depending on how long you are at Disney for I would make 1 trip per week, this is if you plan to have fresh food mostly. You can get suncream, aftersun, toiletries, drinks and every kind of food you can think of.

You can drive there or get an uber/taxi which is super easy as they drop you off at the door and help you with your shopping.


Target is more known for clothes and homeware but still has an area for food shopping. Here you can find a more limited range of food but still good if you plan to store up and get snacks to bring to Disney World.

This is a great place to go for quick and easy snacks as many of the items are prepacked and lunch kits. Finding some snacks to bring to Disney World will be simple and easy. There is a Target 5 minutes drive from Walt Disney World and is located within an area with restaurants and other shops such as Ross, Panera Bread, and Olive Garden.


If like many people you are staying on-site and have limited access to a supermarket we would find what we could at the on-site shop. If you aren’t on a dining plan I would suggest doing a big shop at Walmart and then buying small supplies from the on-site shop.

The on-site shops still hold plenty of good snacks and many of them are Disney themed, this is fun so your kids don’t feel like they are missing out. Also, you can buy a fresh fruit pot in the morning, store it away and then bring it out when you are in the park. The prices aren’t always too different but it can help you be prepared instead of waiting in lines.

That is everything on our best snacks to bring to Disney World. If you often visit the Disney parks and bring your own snacks we would love to know what you take and any tips you have to share. We would love to know your greatest hack for your Disney World trips.

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