Best Time To Visit Disneyland Paris

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The best time to visit Disneyland Paris isn’t the same for everyone.

For some, the best time to visit is when the weather is sunny but not too hot, for others, it’s when the prices are the cheapest and for people like me visiting Disneyland Paris is best when the parks are filled with Halloween or Christmas decor.

Luckily, we’ve been to Disneyland Paris multiple times during different times of the year over the past decade.

Therefore regardless of what you’re looking for from your trip, we’ve got the best time you should visit.

Best Time To Visit For Good Weather

If you want to visit Disneyland Paris and enjoy the excellent weather.

I’m talking minimal to no rain, warm but not hot or muggy then the best time to visit is from April through to early June.

The parks are also open later during these months, and it stays light until 8pm sometimes even 9pm so you can enjoy more time in the park each day.

Provided that you’re also able to skip any school holidays, bank holidays and Easter you should also be able to get relatively affordable hotel prices too.

Another travel window to consider for relatively good weather is September through to October.

However, this window can be a little bit more hit and miss as we head into the fall and winter months so proceed with caution.

Best Time To Visit For Smaller Crowds

If you’re looking to minimise the amount of time you spend waiting in line for the best rides or stand elbow to elbow with other Disney fanatics watching the parade then you’ll want to consider travelling to Disneyland Paris in the off-season.

The off-season generally runs from January through until the beginning of July with a couple of outlier dates (bank holidays, school holidays, Easter etc.).

However, we’ve found that the quietest time to visit Disneyland Paris is often the beginning of January through until the end of February.

Just be warned that the weather during these weeks can be incredibly cold, and include bouts of rain and snow.

Crowd levels will start to pick up a little bit around Easter but in general, you’ll find that April and May are still quite quiet too.

Of course, one downside to visiting during the off-season is that some attractions may be closed for refurbishment.

So if there’s a specific ride you’re dying to go on, make sure it’s open before you book your tickets.

Best Time To Visit For Cheaper Prices

If you’re looking to maximise your value for money when visiting Disneyland Paris then there are two times you’ll want to look at visiting;

#1 – The Off-Season

As discussed above, this is the quietest time to visit the Disneyland Paris resort, although it can be cold, wet & see some rides closed for refurbishment.

You don’t need to book months in advance to get a great deal when visiting during the off-season since availability is usually incredibly high with both hotels and airlines competing for your custom.

#2 – During Disneyland Paris Promotional Periods

Disneyland Paris regularly runs promotions for those able to book roughly six months in advance.

These promotions often provide great value for money for those looking to stay on-site at a Disneyland Paris hotel.

While this often isn’t as cheap as staying elsewhere in the Chessy region we’ve often found it’s the best time / way to book if you are looking to stay in one of these fantastic resorts.

Best Time To Visit For Halloween Decor

The exact dates that Disneyland Paris decorates for Halloween vary each year with specific dates being provided usually around June – August.

However, we’ve generally found that the park begins decorating the last week of September and takes the decor down during the first week of November in preparation for the Christmas decor.

As such if you’re looking to experience the magic of Disneyland Paris during Halloween then you’ll want to book to visit between the beginning of October through to the first week of November.

However, keep in mind that not only are the crowds inside the park higher during this time, but the weather is also significantly colder.

Of course, this doesn’t take away from the magic of seeing the park covered in colourful pumpkins and purchasing some magical fall decor.

Best Time To Visit For Christmas Decor

Much like Halloween, the exact dates in which Disneyland Paris decorates for Christmas varies each year with specific dates usually being provided around August time.

However. we’ve generally found that the decorating begins during the second week of November and runs until the first week of January.

As such the best time to visit Disneyland Paris for the magic of Christmas is usually late November or December.

Personally, we opt for late November over December since;

  • The weather is usually slightly better (albeit still bitterly cold)
  • The crowds are usually smaller (although still higher than what you’d experience in January through to June)
  • The prices of hotels and flights are usually more reasonable (again specifically compared to December)


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