Best Time To Visit Hamburg, Germany

The best time to visit any location, in my opinion, is always personal preference and Hamburg is no different. That said if you’re only visiting Hamburg for one day.

I figure it would be nice if the weather was nice enough so that you could truly see the beauty of this city as you walk around it. The best time to visit Hamburg really depends on what you are aiming to do.

We have been to Hamburg twice now, once in February and once in June. We also did completely different things on each visit we got a good feel of Hamburg in general.


The weather is probably one of the biggest factors of deciding the best time to visit Hamburg. No one wants to be stuck inside when they went to explore, though a little rain and cold shouldn’t stop you.

Summer, of course, is going to be the most popular time of year to visit so why not look at going springtime and late summer. This way you are still getting an essence of summer without having to deal with the winter snow unless that is what you are looking for.

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May through to October is the warmest months, it’s also the main tourist season. For this reason, you may find higher accommodation prices and busier attractions. November through to April is the fall and winter seasons, with fewer crowds and variable weather.


There are of course peaks in the year that make accommodation prices. The most popular time to visit Hamburg will be summer, this is when most schools are on holiday and when the weather is the best. There are also other times of the year to look out for.

Our Superbude St Pauli Hamburg experience

There will be big events that will determine how busy Hamburg would be at that time. You can google ‘Hamburg Events Present Year’ which will bring up events going on. This will help you stay clear of those events or even give you an idea of when you want to go.

There are also many different styles of accommodation to check out from hotels, hostels, Airbnb and more. Depending on what kind of accommodation will also depend on your nightly prices, along with the duration of your stay.

If you are wanting to spend 1 week + look at Airbnb as you will get a better quality of accommodation for the money. Anything under a week look at hostels/hotels.

You can also avoid certain peaks in hotel prices if you search around the different areas of Hamburg. There are a number of different neighborhoods you can stay in that will give you different experience and accommodation styles.


If you are heading to Hamburg to see the sights and explore the attractions then this may influence when you visit. There is no definitive information to say that any of the attractions are open fewer hours in winter than summer. If this was going to be a deciding factor for you then I believe you can visit year-round to most attractions.

Things like the boat tours around the harbor may vary due to snow and dropping temperatures in the winter months of December and January. Attractions and festivals that happen around seasons will help determine the best time to visit Hamburg.

If you are planning on visiting the bulk of the attractions which are buildings, monuments and museums then you won’t be restricted on a specific time of year. There are also other attractions such as the street art of Hamburg that is worth exploring.

One thing I am itching to do in Winter Germany is visiting the Christmas Markets. There are several that happen just in Hamburg along that each happens in different neighborhoods and have different themes. These will be a factor of tourists flocking to the area, these generally run from the end of November until the end of December.


If you are looking for the best time to visit Hamburg I would hit early spring and late summer if you are still wanting to enjoy the weather. If you don’t really care about the weather then I would aim for early winter or late winter/early spring to get the best of winter weather.

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