12 Best Travel Baby Bathtubs (Portable & Inflatable)

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One of the most daunting things about making the switch from travelling either solo or as a couple to travelling as a family with a baby is the number of extra items required – and one such item is a bathtub.

Thankfully, there are a number of portable and inflatable bathtubs available on the market that make travelling with a baby bathtub slightly less daunting.

When travelling internationally it’s hard to warrant using the valuable space and weight in our luggage on a travel baby bath. Instead, we often use the regular tub, a (thoroughly cleaned) kitchen sink or a bathroom sink.

1. Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Baby Bath Duck Tub

πŸ‘Ά Age: 6 – 24 months
πŸ› Type: Inflatable

Is there anything more perfect for a baby bath than an inflatable yellow rubber duck? Munchkin has created an inflatable duck tub that also tells you when the water is too hot for your little one.

It has a textured non-slip material on the base along with a contoured headrest, allowing for easy hair washing.

Once the baby has been bathed, the toddler tub has a drain plug for getting rid of water.

The product also comes with suction cups so you can stick the tub to the bathroom tiles for easy drying. It is easy to transport, as it deflates and packs down to a convenient size that can be put in a suitcase or bag. It is only 200g so will not add too much weight to your luggage.

2. Babymoov Aquadots Inflatable Baby Bath with Bath Support

πŸ‘Ά Age: From birth upwards
πŸ› Type: Inflatable

The Aquadots Inflatable Baby Bath from Babymoov comes with bath support, making it ultra-easy to bathe your newborn. The infant insert seat keeps the little one up and out of the water for safety standards and comfort, allowing you to clean them with ease.

The inflatable tub has an air check valve system so it will not deflate whilst being used. Extra safety features that parents will love!

As your child gets bigger, the support seat can be removed and the tub can be still used for toddlers and older kids.

The drain hole at the bottom of the tub makes discarding the bath water a breeze. The Babymoov bath is perfect for small spaces and travelling, due to its size and how compact it becomes once deflated.

3. Swimbobo Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 5 years
πŸ› Type: Inflatable

This inflatable offering from Swimbobo is designed for longevity and to help the transition from a baby bathtub to a full-sized bath further down the line.

Available in two beautiful and bold colours, the also has a cute teddy bear design that children will adore. The thick and durable material also helps the product to remain long-lasting.

There is a comfortable pillow for the baby’s head and raised bum bump which will keep babies upright and prevent slipping.

For convenience, there is a side pocket on the side of the tub where parents can keep a bottle of shampoo within reach.

This baby bath will still be useful as your child grows, and if you add more children to your family. It is lightweight and easy to pack wherever you go, from grandma’s house to flying to another country on holiday.

4. Shnuggle Newborn Baby Bath

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 12 months+
πŸ› Type: Fixed

If you have a newborn who is suffering from reflux, this Shnuggle baby bath is perfect for you. It is one of the best options for keeping the baby in a more upright position. This means that the infant tub can help ease those issues associated with colic.

The bum bump is perfect for keeping the baby safe and the padded backrest keeps your baby warm.

It is compact in terms of size, making it easy to pop in the car for your travels, but also keeping the warm water at the preferred temperature for longer.

The water level is full with just 2 litres and it is lightweight and sturdy so carrying it to where you need it to be is simple. There is also a little plug allowing you to drain the tub once bath time is over.

5. Bestway Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

πŸ‘Ά Age: 1 month – 3 years
πŸ› Type: Inflatable

With a waffle structure that reduces the risk of slipping, this inflatable tub from Bestway is made from durable pre-tested vinyl material. Measuring 86 x 86cm (& 25cm in height) there is plenty of room for one child but it is a big tub for two if you have twins.

With a soft yet sturdy base, the tub is comfortable for leisurely bath times and water play.

There is a release valve making it easy to get rid of the water and it packs down to a condensed size for travelling.

If you accidentally catch it on a sharp point, there is a self-adhesive patch included for repairs.

6. Glenmore Foldable Baby Bath Tub

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 24 months
πŸ› Type: Pop Up

If you are looking for a stable baby bath with legs, this one from Glenmore could be ideal. Available in three different colours – blue, pink & grey – the foldable design means it can be easily stored away, whilst being sturdy and practical when in use.

With anti-slip feet, it has reinforced connecting brackets to support your baby and allow you to wash them easily.

There is a convenient hole in the top of the tub so it can be hung up on a hook when being stored.

It is also slim enough once collapsed to slot behind a door. It will not take up too much space in your car either.

It is big enough to take infants from birth right the way through their first two years so you do not have to worry about swapping out or buying another tub before they start using a regular bathtub.

7. Tomaibaby Baby Wash Basin

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 12 months
πŸ› Type: Pop Up

The size of the Tomaibaby Baby Wash Basin makes it a great option for youngsters. Designed to replicate a basin, it is made of non-toxic and tasteless material that is sturdy and has soft edges.

The bright colours are lush and exciting and the overall design is spot-on, taking inspiration from a cute bee.

The wings double up as handles so you can easily carry the basin to pour water down the drain.

As it is collapsible, is it a mere 4cm deep when folded. This can easily fit into a suitcase or holdall, or behind the seats of your vehicle. It could even live in your baby changing bag. It is so durable that it will last through many baby years.

8. Stokke Flexi Bath 

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 6 years
πŸ› Type: Pop Up

This Flexi Bath from Stokke comes in two sizes, standard and XL. They have the same great features, however, the XL is 25% larger. Perfect if you have multiple children!

The foldable design is ideal for easy storage and washing kids on-the-go. It is lightweight and portable so you can set it up wherever you need it to be.

One of the great features of the Flexi Bath is the removable plug. Not only does it mean you can drain the water quickly and easily, but it also changes colour depending on the water temperature.

This is a great visual indicator for parents. With a non-slip base, this is a great baby bath for your family.

9. INFANTINO Whale Inflatable Bath Tub

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 12 months
πŸ› Type: Inflatable

If you were not sold by the rubber duck at the start of this post, how about a whale? This 76cm long inflatable whale is the perfect tub for bath times.

The ‘bob-and-jiggle’ whale tail will provide lots of entertainment for giggly youngsters.

It even comes with 10 soft balls that float on the clean water, so your little one can have plenty of playtime fun with bath toys whilst you wash them.

This is a great inflatable infant bathtub to have in your luggage when you head away on holiday. It is also a fun one for grandparents to have at their homes when little ones come to visit. You will have as much fun with this one as your kids do.

10. Mommy’s Helper Froggie Collection Inflatable Bath Tub

πŸ‘Ά Age: From birth upwards
πŸ› Type: Inflatable

This inflatable bathtub from Mommy’s Helper has a great saddle horn to prevent your baby from slipping down. This is a fantastic safety feature that will aid your washing process.

The tub is covered in colourful cute frogs that your youngster will love pointing at and giggling about.

The material is soft, 100% Phthalate-free, and when inflated it is really comfortable for your little one.

This is a great blow-up tub for holidays and travelling. When it is dry it can be deflated and packed down into a small compact size and pushed into a corner of your suitcase until next time you need it.

11. Rabb 1st Baby Bathtub Foldable

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 24 months
πŸ› Type: Pop Up

Complete with a suspension support pad, the Rabb 1st Baby Bathtub is great for washing your baby in. The support pad has a non-slip surface and adjustable straps as an extra safety precaution.

The tub is really well insulated to keep the water warm for longer and prevent your child from getting chilly.

With the added feature of a thermosensitive plug, parents can be happy knowing the temperature is ok by checking this visual indicator.

It can be drained and air-dried before packing away. When folded it is just 33cm square, making it super easy to store in a cupboard, behind the bathroom door or pop back in the suitcase for the next hotel on your road trip.

12. HOMCOM Baby Bathtub

πŸ‘Ά Age: Birth – 6 months
πŸ› Type: Pop Up

The 2 in 1 HOMCOM bathtub grows with your child. For babies, who cannot yet sit up, the tub can stay shallow for safety and accessibility of washing.

When youngsters grow, the tub can be made into a deeper bucket-style bath, allowing for more water and more water fun!

Sitting on the incorporated stool is the best way for staying upright.

Children will love the crocodile design, complete with eyes! It is like they are bathing in the croc’s mouth! It has non-slip feet and support racks for balance.

There are so sharp edges and the curved design is great for comfort. The drain hole is ideal for discarding the dirty water and the tub can easily be air dried before it is collapsed and stored ready for another day. 


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