14 Best Travel Cribs & Beds For A Tall Toddler (2023)

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Our son Oliver has just turned 18 months old. Yet he’s already above average in both weight and height at 34″. Subsequently, when we travel (which is a lot) he either comes into our bed or sleeps in a travel crib.

Back home, he sleeps in his own large crib and changing routine to sleep in our bed is impractical not to mention uncomfortable. Yet, many standard travel cribs are now too small for him and see him touch the sides with both his head and his feet – which is again, no doubt uncomfortable for him.

Subsequently, we’ve done a lot of research around travel cribs specifically designed for tall toddlers. Something that’s likely to take him from 18 months until around 3 years (when we’ll likely feel more comfortable with him sleeping in his own bed when travelling) and found a few different options.

Most airlines allow you to bring two pieces of luggage for infants complimentary. We often check-in our own travel crib and a car seat since our Babyzen YoYo stroller fits in the overhead bins. However, you’ll always want to check with the airline specifically since policies vary.

1. Baby Joy 2-in-1 Foldable Travel Crib

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 45.5 L x 31 W x 27 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 11 pounds

This foldable travel crib is great. Not only does it have a compact design, but it also doesn’t require any complicated assembly or additional tools. All you need is to take it out of its carrying bag and unfold it.

The Baby Joy crib doesn’t take up much space when stored inside its bag. You can comfortably put it in the car trunk or the plane’s overhead compartment.

What’s more, it’s incredibly lightweight. So, whether you carry it over your shoulder or pack it inside your luggage, you don’t even feel it there.

The Baby Joy travel crib is strong enough to fit a tall toddler of up to 33 pounds. Inside it, your toddler can sleep at night or play during the day. Plus, its zipper door and mesh sides allow you to observe and interact with your kid at all times.

In addition, the soft mattress guarantees your kid’s comfort while sitting or sleeping. It’s also removable and washable, which is quite convenient. In fact, the huge plus is that you can remove and wash the entire crib fabric.

2. Baby Björn Travel Crib Light

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 44 L x 24 W x 32 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 11 pounds

When traveling anywhere with kids, your main concern mostly revolves around where they can sleep. In a hotel room, the free toddler cribs are usually in bad condition, supposing you find one available. That’s when a travel cot comes in handy.

BabyBjörn travel crib is your indispensable companion on family road trips. It’s soft and comfy, with an extremely easily foldable structure.

It comes with a soft removable mattress, and you can set it up in just a few seconds.

Just like Baby Joy’s, this crib has mesh sides and is machine washable. Yet, it doesn’t have a zipper door, which means it has no easy access for your little toddler to use.

Having said that, BabyBjörn’s travel crib sits directly on the ground. This is a great advantage allowing it to hold toddlers of all sizes with no weight limit. So, you can let your kid jump up and down without having any safety concerns.

3. Joovy Room2 Large Portable Playpen

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: ‎39.75 L x 39.75 W x 31 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 29.6 pounds

This is one of the largest toddler travel cribs available on the market and is an excellent choice. It doubles as a spacious 10-square-foot bed for tall toddlers and a fun daytime play spot. It also comes with a waterproof sheet, which is convenient for any playing mess or a leaking diaper.

As you might notice, the Joovy Room2 travel crib is quite heavy. Unless you plan to ship it inside your luggage, it may not be the best option for you to carry around.

Otherwise, it has the perfect size, especially for a twin. Plus, it has two front wheels for easy mobility.

The mesh windows on this crib enable you to observe your child from all around the room. That said, the mattress may not be as thick and soft as you might think. Yet, it’s not too thin or weak to be comfortable.

As for the maximum weight, this crib holds up to 25 pounds. This is a bit more limited than the two previous products. However, it’s still good enough for an average toddler.

4. Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: ‎45.5 L x 31.5 W x 25.5 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 15 pounds

The Guava Lotus crib is many parents’ top pick, and it has it all. Its folded weight and size are perfect for traveling, especially on airplanes. Plus, it folds into a backpack for the ultimate convenience and hands-free carrying experience.

Setting up this travel crib is quite simple and direct. It’s also a GreenGuard Gold-certified product, meaning it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is completely safe for your child to use.

Just like the Baby Joy crib, the Guava Family Lotus has a large side door you can unzip open when it’s playtime.

Moreover, it comes with a soft foam insulated mattress that helps your toddler get a good night’s sleep. Since the mattress is in direct contact with the floor, there’s no weight limit for using this crib. Yet, you might need to consider thicker padding for heavier children.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, this crib is hassle-free. The entire fabric is removable and washable with a two-year warranty as a guarantee.

5. Baby Delight Go With Me Portable Crib

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 44 L x 23 W x 26 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 15.25 Pounds

This travel crib is yet another easy-to-set-up product. You can unfold and lock its corners into place in under a minute. It has all the great features that put it among the best travel cribs, from the mesh sides to the zipper door and breathable soft mattress.

It’s also lightweight with removable fabric that you can wash over and over. So, no need to worry about any messes your kid makes.

The weight and size of this foldable travel crib make it perfect for families on the go.

Whether traveling abroad or just visiting grandma’s house, it always comes in handy.

Having said that, the crib has a maximum weight recommendation of 50 pounds, which is ideal. Yet, you might need to consider buying an extra mattress for better comfort. That’s because the crib’s existing mattress may be a bit too thin for a heavy child.

6. 4moms Breeze Plus Portable Crib

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 43 L x 30 L x 31.5 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 28.5 pounds (bassinet and changing table included)

This is another travel crib that’s more on the heavier side. Yet, it offers great space, especially for a tall toddler. The 4mom Breeze Plus comes with a removable bassinet and a detachable flip changer. So, it’s perfect for your kids from an early age.

You can open and close this travel crib with a simple push-and-pull movement, making it highly convenient.

Additionally, the removable bassinet holds babies of up to 18 pounds. Opening just two zips, you can convert it to a crib and playpen suitable for up to 30 pounds of weight.

As for the diaper-changing detachable surface, it sure makes your life way easier, especially when your kid starts getting heavier.

However, if you think these extra pieces aren’t necessary for your already big kid, you can always purchase the crib without the attachments.

Though the heavy weight may be a turn-off for many parents, others may actually appreciate the positive aspects of the product.

7. Chicco Alfa Lite Lightweight Travel Playard

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 43 L x 29 W x 25 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 12.5 pounds

The Chicco Alfa Lite is among the lightest travel playards with a minimalist design. It’s easy to snap on, fold, and zip away into its super convenient travel bag. It’s also completely see-through with a zip-open side panel, just like many other options on the list.

It helps to know that this playard is GreenGuard Gold certified, ensuring the air quality around your baby. Plus, you can zip off the entire fabric and throw it in the washing machine for super easy cleaning.

What’s great about this playard is the security. You can buckle up the opening zipper to the crib’s leg to ensure your little toddler doesn’t reach it.

Additionally, the mattress pad also has its own buckles for extra safety. As is the case with many travel cribs, some parents report that the mattress may be too thin for their liking. However, it’s nothing that a simple mattress pad can’t fix.

8. Graco Pack N Play On-the-Go Playard

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 39.5 L x 28.25 W x 29 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 21.43 pounds

Despite its suspiciously low price, the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard is fantastic. It has a sturdy, firm frame forming a spacious area for your toddler to sleep and play inside freely.

This playard comes with a detachable bassinet, yet you can fold it while the bassinet is still attached. It also has a snap-on pouch on one side, making a cute little storage.

As for the mattress, it has four corner straps with the same snap-on buttons to keep it in place.

The folding mechanism of this playard is quite impressive. It utilizes a push-button feature for hassle-free packing. The crib’s wheels and feet fold in as well, facilitating a much more compact fold than other products.

However, it’s not as quick to set up as the other options on this list. What’s more, the compact design doesn’t compensate for the fact that it’s much heavier than its counterparts.

9. Bugaboo Stardust Portable Playard

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 33.5 L x 38.8 W x 25 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 16.98 pounds (including the extra bassinet)

This is one of the small size, compact portable cribs on this list. This may be a huge advantage for many traveling parents. After all, you never know if the place you’re staying at has enough room for such an item.

That said, some people may argue that the Bugaboo Stardust Playard is too expensive for its size. It’s a fair point, but this little devil packs many more additional features than meets the eye.

It opens and folds in an accordion-style mechanism, making the process super quick.

Plus, you don’t have to take the mattress out to do that. Not only does this save time and storage space, but it’s also great from a sanitary point of view.

You just need to keep in mind that this crib may not fit your growing toddler for as long as the other options do. So, you should think wisely when shopping for such a product.

10. REMI Portable Playard

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 40.5 L x 26 W x 28.5 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 20 pounds

This playard isn’t super lightweight but is manageable for short-distance travel. It easily folds and unfolds with a simple hand push. In addition, it comes with a duffle-bag-style carrying case that holds the crib, bassinet, mattress, and sheet.

REMI portable playard has a slim and chic design with the option to buy many accessories. In addition, It has a GreenGuard Gold safety certification. 

The easy-to-zip mesh bassinet is suitable for kids up to 20 pounds of weight. As for the triple-layer air mesh mattress, it’s machine washable for easy and convenient cleaning.

Just make sure to remove the inside boards before throwing the mattress in the washing machine. The REMI playard has a zip-up side plane for easier access to cuddle your baby to sleep.

However, make sure your child is able to climb in and out of it without falling, as the crib is a bit high off the ground. Finally, the mattress might not seem comfortable enough for your kiddo to sleep on, which is a considerable disadvantage.

11. Dream on Me Travel Light Playard

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 40.5 L x 27 W x 26 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 10.5 pounds

This is one of the lightest travel cribs to make the list. Don’t let its cheap price fool you into thinking it’s not a high quality product. It’s perfect for your child to stay inside wherever you go.

The Dream On Me playard has a super simple aluminum frame with mesh sides and a padded upper rail.

It folds down easily and fits into a durable travel tote bag with a zipper that comes with it. Moreover, it has a secure locking system for extra security.

That said, you may find that it requires more assembly steps than its counterpart. Nonetheless, it’s nothing an average person can’t do.

The included mattress is about one inch thick but isn’t too stiff for your toddler to sleep on. You can secure it in place using four corner clips and detach it for easy cleaning.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the Dream on Me travel playard is highly durable, offering extremely good value for money.

12. Sleepah Foldable Travel Crib

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 45 L x 24 W x 25 H inches
⚖️ Weight: 10 pounds

By far, the Sleepah foldable travel crib is the lightest on the list, but it doesn’t mean its quality is any less. This crib is free of any chemicals and has multiple safety certificates, ensuring your kid’s well-being.

The design of this awesome crib is great. It’s foldable and easily portable inside a special backpack or any large piece of luggage.

The Sleepah crib comes with a soft waterproof one-inch mattress for reasonable cushioning. Plus, the entire fabric of the playard is removable and machine washable.

Setting this playpen up isn’t as easy as other one-push cribs. Yet, it’s not that challenging. All you need to do is insert the four legs in place, expand the crib open, and snap the frame locks into place.

There’s no weight limit for this specific crib. However, you may need to get extra padding for the mattress, as it’s a bit too thin for some children to sleep on.

So, this travel crib can become many parents’ top choice for being such a lightweight product with a low price point.

13. Joovy Gloo Portable Travel Tent

🛏️ Type: Pop-up
📏 Size: 44 L x 25 W x 18 H inches for the regular size and 51.5 L x 28 W x 24.5 H inches for the large size
⚖️ Weight: 3.9 pounds for the regular size and 5.5 pounds for the large size

Although it’s more of a tent than a crib, this product serves the same purpose of providing your kid with a safe place to play and sleep. The Joovy Gloo portable travel tent is absolutely spectacular to take everywhere.

It’s a tent-style bed that pops up once you remove the securing band around it. For first-time users, it can be a bit hard to fold. However, you can do it in five seconds once you get the hang of it.

This portable travel tent comes in two sizes, the regular size fits children up to three years, and the large size fits toddlers up to five years old.

It also comes with an inflatable mattress that provides cushioning between your kiddo and the ground. You can take the Joovy Gloo tent to the hotel, garden, or even the beach. You don’t have to worry about the sun because this tent has a UPF50 sun protection canopy.

14. Lumiere All-in-One Lightweight Travel Crib

🛏️ Type: Foldable
📏 Size: 41.5 L x 29 W x 26 inches
⚖️ Weight: 13 pounds

This ultimate travel crib is a great option suitable for kids from age 0 months. It’s lightweight and comfortable, with a large zipper gate that opens the whole crib side. It’s also extremely easy to set up, yet not as quick as other options on this list.

The Lumiere All-in-One comes with a one-and-a-half-inch thick breathable foam mattress and a waterproof mattress cover.

Inside the crib’s package, you can also find two fitted sheets, a removable bassinet, and a white noise sound machine.

Despite the constant travelling, this lightweight portable travel crib is sturdy and can last for years. Plus, the entire fabric is easily removable and machine washable for ultimate convenience.

Just like other cribs that sit directly on the ground, the Lumiere All-in-One has no maximum weight limit. This means you can continue to use it until your toddler becomes too tall.


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