Best Water Bottle For Disney (Kids & Adults)

One of our biggest ways to stay healthy, hydrated and save money is by taking your own water bottle for Disney World. There are a vast number of water fountains to fill up your water bottle in and around the parks including in queues for rides.

We have always packed a bottle even if just to use for emergencies on a short trip. Since there are so many different styles, types and makes of water bottles out there, I decided to break it down into categories to give you the best water bottle for Disney World.

Water Bottle Lid Types

We decided to break it down into lid types which is everything from the wide mouth to straw opening etc. Depending on who you are buying for in the family may depend on what you are looking for.

Personally feel like the straw/sippy style lids are best for kids, they can use them while walking or just use them easier. It means fewer spills on clean clothes, less hassle opening, and closing and they can use them independently.

Below I am going to list the lid types and pros and cons to each style. Some of the bottles with added lids may come off into two parts making the bottle easier to clean and fill.

Wide Mouth

Wide mouth water bottles are pretty standard, these are probably best used for adults. The wide mouth means you get more water into your body at one time.

Pros: The wide mouth is easier to clean with fewer parts to wash, they are also much easier to fill at water stations.

Cons: The wide mouth tends to let more water out than your mouth can catch, meaning you can end up splashing your body.

Narrow Mouth

Narrow mouth is pretty much the same as wide mouth but a smaller diameter in the opening. Again can be used for adults and children for a number of day to day activities and holidays.

Pros: They are much easier to drink out of and easy to clean.

Cons: They are harder to fill up at water stations.

Flip Cap

Flip caps are good if you want to avoid leaks. They are just a normal bottle but have an added layer to hold in moisture and spills. These are great for day to day life for kids in backpacks etc.

Pros: Easy to use and family-friendly.

Cons: Harder to clean, a little more difficult to fill up at a water fountain.

Screw Cap

Screw caps are very much like narrow mouth water bottles but are styled in the way plastic bottles are made and sold. These are good if you want something quick simple and easy. They can also come in great styles and materials which make the drinking experience better.

Pros: Simple design, easy to clean.

Cons: A little fussier to use when on the move, two-handed opening.

Straw Lid/ Quick Access

These are bottles that have a built-in straw, nozzle to drink from or a push -up system. These are generally good for people who are looking to have a water bottle for working out. They are also a great style for children and on the move activities which makes it perfect for Disney World.

Pros: Easy to use, can use with one hand, no spills.

Cons: Harder to clean

Best Glass Water Bottles

I have never used a glass water bottle but after doing more and more research it looks like it is one of the best bottle materials out there. Glass has many upsides, it is naturally made, easy to clean and gives a more natural taste to your drink.

When looking for the best water bottle for Disney World glass may seem a little extreme. It can be much heavier than the alternatives on the market and it isn’t best suited for children. If you are looking for adults and don’t mind having a little extra weight I would definitely look at buying a glass water bottle.

Mui Colour Bottles

Though I haven’t yet had the chance to try the Mui glass water bottle myself I have heard great things. Many users have remarked on the quality of taste from using the glass water bottle.

They, unfortunately, wouldn’t be my top choice for the best water bottle for Disney World as they are glass.

However, they do come with rubber casing/sleeves to help protect them.

Though I feel glass water bottles are great, I feel that they aren’t the best water bottle for Disney World. They would be too heavy, bulky and would require more looking after.

Buy Here: Mui Glass Water Bottle

Best Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminium again is another more sustainable water bottle material we have been using for years now. It is more commonly known to be used for bottles for hiking, walking, and outdoor sports.

They are also great for insulating but some do have a downside. If you decide to buy an aluminium water bottle make sure it is BPA free. Some contain a plastic spout or plastic lining which can contain BPA.


Chilly’s have been recommended to me by a number of fellow travel bloggers. They are said to be really great for keeping cool drinks cool and hot drinks hot.

They are handy sized bottles and easy to use. They are a narrow mouth lid style which is great for adults but may not be as useful for children.

I feel like Chilly’s would be one of the best water bottles for Disney World as they are easy to clean, easy to fill up and easy to use.

They are also child-friendly and durable.

Buy Here: Chilly’s Aluminium Water Bottle

Best Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic has been a stable material in many of our household products for years. Plastic has been used for many things and even if we all cut down from using single-use plastic and move to reusable plastic bottles I feel that is a good start.

Plastic is probably where most people will go for their water bottles. If you are buying for children then plastic is probably going to be the best water bottle for Disney World. They are much easier and safer for children to use and easier to carry around in a bag.


Camelbak actually has a few different varieties from quick access sippy lids to narrow mouth lids. These are easy to fill up and easy to clean with replaceable nozzles to keep the bottle longer lasting.

We have had two of the different styles such as Eddy and Chute. I personally liked the Chute as it was easier to drink from and I managed to drink more with that bottle. The eddy is a little harder to clean as it has a nozzle to drink from, daily cleaning will help stop any germs collecting there.

They have a whole range for children with colourful designs and styles to keep everyone happy.

If you were to pick a plastic bottle I would say this is one of the best water bottles for Disney World. They are easy to carry as they come with a handle, or you can clip them onto your bag.

They are light and well made and fun to use, these are better suited to children as they come with an easy sipper at the top and are spill-proof. You can get ones that even come with a soft close lid perfect for throwing in a backpack if you prefer.

Buy Here: Camelbak Plastic Eddy Water Bottle

Buy Here: Camelbak Children’s Plastic Eddy Water Bottle


Naglene is another brand I haven’t yet tried but many fellow travel bloggers and friends use this brand and have said amazing things.

The bottles are generally quite large and are made to hold a substantial amount of fluid. I have seen them in person and held one and they are big.

These would be great if you are looking to use this as a backup in your bag or to top up smaller bottles.

Or just for mum and dad to use, they are generally wide mouth openings too. If you tend to drink a lot of water anyway this is the best water bottle for Disney World as you can carry so much with you and not have to refill too often.

Buy Here: Naglene Sports Water Bottle

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel is becoming a popular reusable water bottle. It has many benefits and due to putting up a fight against plastic, many are swapping plastic for more sustainable alternatives.

I think I am really sold on using a stainless steel bottle. They are lighter than glass but also give you a better drinking experience. The water can stay clean, fresh and you don’t have to worry about finding a bottle that is BPA free.


Camelbak has recently been introducing steel water bottles.

Using their traditional well-loved designs but in steel. They have some great alternatives to plastic within their range.

These also can be used for hot drinks if you plan to also use this bottle for warm drinks throughout the day or even for picnic days.

Personally, I would advise this style as one of the best water bottles for Disney World on the market.

Buy Here: Camelbak Stainless Steel Chute Water Bottle

Buy Here: Camelbak Children’s Eddy Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen is working hard to make a change in what we drink from and how we see reusable water bottles.

The bottles are solely made from steel and are made to last.

They have an extensive range that doesn’t just cover water bottles but thermal wear, flasks suitable for hiking and outdoor adventures and child-friendly designs.

The water bottles are great as they keep your drink cool for longer and keep the taste of water clean and fresh. The water bottles, thermal flasks and sports bottles all come with different style lids to suit every need.

Buy Here: Klean Kanteen Thermal Flask

S’Well Bottles

S’well is another brand that is popular on the market. They make vacuum sealed water bottles and many reviews boast of the taste and long-lasting temperature of the drink.

The bottles are a little more expensive than the Chilly’s and are the same style. If you are looking for a higher-end brand this may be the one for you.

My only downside to the S’well and Chilly’s style bottles is that they don’t have a clip or handle.

Making it harder for children to hold onto especially in a busy place and while on the move.

Buy Here: S’well Water Bottle

Helpful Tips

  • Look at having a bottle with a handle or clip for children. Making it easier to carry and hold.
  • Bottles with a handle can be clipped onto bags using carabiner clips.
  • Straw/narrow mouth and sippy style water bottles are easier to use especially for younger children.
  • If water isn’t their thing take the Robinsons drops juice to fill up on the go.
  • There are water fountains located all over the parks to help keep guests hydrated, even in the queues for rides.
  • You can also request a CUP of water from the refreshment stands – be clear to ask for a cup as that is free.
  • Take at least 2 water bottles within a family of four, this way you can keep topping up and sharing between you frequently. If you can and want to take one per person do so, especially in the height of summer.

That is everything you need to know how to pick the best water bottle for Disney World. I hope this has really helped you decide what you want from a water bottle and style options. Though it may seem overwhelming it can really help you narrow down your choices and make choosing a final product easier.

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