15 Best Water Bottles For Walt Disney World (Kids & Adults)

Drinks can be expensive at Walt Disney World, yet it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated in the parks to ensure that you can comfortably experience all the magic during your visit, especially in the heat and humidity that Florida often provides.

Thankfully, water is free inside the park at water fountains and in cups at quick-service restaurants. As such we highly recommend bringing a water bottle with you on your trip.

1. Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is one of the biggest names in water bottles offering a range of different-sized bottles in a variety of colours.

These water bottles aren’t the cheapest on this list but they are very high-quality and a worthwhile investment for Disney and beyond.

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2. EcoVessel

These EcoVessel insulated water bottles are available in two different sizes and five different colours.

Meanwhile, the hidden handle ensures that you can comfortably carry your water bottle with you wherever you go.

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3. Bindle Bottle

The Bindle Bottle is both a water bottle and a storage container, which makes it the perfect choice for those looking to bring as little as possible into the parks.

This water bottle is available in four different sizes and eight different colours.

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4. Chilly’s

Chilly’s is a well-known water bottle brand that has recently released it’s latest design.

These water bottles are leak-proof and made from BPA-Free stainless steel.

Meanwhile, the double-walled vacuum insulation ensures drinks stay cold for at least 24 hours.

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5. Disney Frozen Water Bottle

This Disney Frozen water bottle is perfect for kids and is super affordable.

The bottle is available in two different styles both of which feature Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

This bottle is made from 100% BPA-free non-toxic plastic and has an easy-to-use flip-up straw to help children stay hydrated throughout the day.

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6. Under Armour Playmaker

The Under Armour Playmaker is one of our favourite water bottles when out and about.

This water bottle is a whopping 64oz, comes with two handles and is available in more than ten different colours.

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7. SIGG Children’s Drinking Bottle

This SIGG children’s drinking bottle is the perfect choice for kids.

It’s available with a multitude of different Disney characters and is made from BPA-free aluminium.

This bottle also features a leak-proof lid and is super durable.

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8. Camelbak

CamelBak is another popular brand in the water bottle industry, that is known for producing high-quality products.

This Chute Mag vacuum insulated bottle is the original design and is double-walled to help keep your drinks cool.

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9. Simple Modern Disney Water Bottle

Simple Modern has a range of different water bottles for kids and adults, and these Disney character designs are no exception.

Available in a standard 14oz size, the water bottles come with a straw lid that helps to prevent spills.

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10. Yeti Rambler

Yeti is another well-known water bottle brand, and this rambler insulated bottle is one of the best designs.

Available in 18 different colours, the bottle is 36oz and vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cool.

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11. Corkcicle Disney Princess Tumbler

This Corkcicle Disney Princess tumbler is perfect for adults who are looking to get a Disney-printed water bottle of their very own.

The water bottle is 16oz, and has a triple-insulated lining to ensure that your drinks stay cool for at least 9 hours.

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12. Simple Modern Star Wars Water Bottle

These Simple Modern Star Wars printed water bottles are perfect for fans of the Star Wars franchise.

This water bottle is 14oz and comes with a straw to help minimise spills.

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13. Umite Chef

Umite Chef has one of the most affordable stainless steel insulated water bottles currently on the market.

Available in more than ten different colours, this water bottle comes with a leak-proof straw design that makes drinking super easy.

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14. Simple Modern

Simple Modern is one of the best-known brands in water bottles and has a range of different sizes and designs suitable for both kids and adults.

This particular water bottle is 22oz and comes with a straw lid.

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15. Thermos Funtainer

This Thermos Funtainer comes in a range of different designs including Pixar Cars and Frozen.

The bottle is 12oz and has been made with durable, dishwasher-safe materials.

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