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Cheapest Bike Rental Amsterdam – The Best Companies & City Cycling Routes

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Updated: February 2019

Amsterdam is like many places in Europe an expensive place to visit. However, thanks to this article on the cheapest bike rental Amsterdam you can be sure that one thing that won’t break the bank is the ability to fit in, in Amsterdam with a bike of your very own.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest ways to see the city of Amsterdam is by cycling around. This is a very popular form of seeing the city which means there’s plenty of choices when it comes to cycling routes around the city, rental companies and cycling tour guides.

Amsterdams Cycling History & Culture

There are more than 800,000 bikes registered in Amsterdam, more than half of which are over 12 years old – which really should tell you something about Amsterdam’s fantastic mend, reuse and repair culture.

With almost 30 rental shops in Amsterdam along with 140 bike shops, competition is strong, driving down the prices to help us find the cheapest bike rental in Amsterdam.

Being mostly flat and having a moderate climate has all aided the growth of cycling in Amsterdam which began prior to World War II but saw a huge boom during the 1970’s when the government began funding and promoting the cycling infrastructure.

Bike Hire Amsterdam – Cycling Rules / Safety

Before we can even get into finding the cheapest bike rental Amsterdam, we need to talk about the cycling rules and safety. The sheer number of bikes in Amsterdam can be intimidating, to say the least. However, we hope that with a couple of hints and tips you’ll be all set to cycle your way around the beautiful city of canals.


Most of the older bicycles in Amsterdam feature the old fashioned breaks. They require you to back-pedal to break and don’t have levers on the handlebars.

Traffic Rules

As we mentioned, cycling in Amsterdam for the first time can be intimidating. So don’t make things worse for yourself, instead, stick to the traffic rules. Stop for red lights, ride on the road rather than the path and avoid any distractions.

If you fail to do any of the following then you may find yourself being pulled over by the police.


Trams have the right of way in Amsterdam. Just be careful when cycling over tram lines. They are on the road and the gap in them is often the perfect size for a bicycle wheel to get stuck. Try to ride over them at an angle to avoid this happening.


Use your hand to signal whether your turning left or right or stopping. With a high density of cyclists, it’s important to warn others what you plan to do before doing it so they can allow you space to move and avoid a collision.

Your hand signals don’t have to be anything special or fancy, just something to let people know what you plan to do.

Lock Your Bike

Whether you plan to leave your bike for a couple of seconds or a couple of hours, always, always, always lock it. Lock it to something solid such as a tree, traffic sign or one of the many bike racks scattered around central Amsterdam.

Theft and vandalism is a common problem when it comes to bicycles in Amsterdam so it’s important to protect yourself and your bike wherever and whenever you can.

Cheapest Bike Rental Amsterdam

It’s not just about the cheapest bike rental Amsterdam but also about the service and location that’s most convenient to you. While you might save €5 between rental companies if the cheapest bike rental Amsterdam is across town then you’re probably going to end up spending an hour or two (or more than €5) getting there.


Bike4U rents classic Dutch city bikes including such brands as Gazelle, Batavus and Union. If you’re travelling around Amsterdam with children then Bike4U provides you with children’s seats suitable for those up to the age of 10.


If you’re over in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam then your most local bike rental shop is going to be Ajaxbike. It’s located at Albert Cuyp market and the Heineken Experience. The prices are very competitive and it’s just 5 minutes bike ride from downtown Amsterdam making it a perfect starting point for a city cycling route.


MacBike is the longest-serving bicycle hire shop in Amsterdam having served the tourists and locals of Amsterdam for more than 25 years. There are five MacBike shops scattered across Amsterdam each offering a wide range of high-end bikes including electric bikes and bikes for children.

Rent A Bike Haarlem

If you’re going slightly outside of the centre of Amsterdam and looking to explore Haarlem then you’re best renting your bike from Rent A Bike Haarlem. It’s just a five-minute walk from the train station. Once you hop on your bike it should take you as little as two minutes to reach the centre of Haarlem.

Yellow Bike

Yellow Bike has been providing bike hire Amsterdam since 1990. The staff are amazingly friendly and super knowledgeable and will assist you in pointing out ‘the must-visit sights’ of Amsterdam. Yellow Bike has two rental locations within the centre of Amsterdam (one of which is currently closed for refurbishment).

Black Bikes

Established in 2005 and with more than 13 rental locations across Amsterdam is Black Bikes. Known for their excellent service, a wide variety of bicycle options and affordable pricing. The stores are open until 8 pm on weekdays and 7 pm on weekends which makes them the perfect Amsterdam bike rental company if you’re planning on staying out a little late. They also provide insurance from just €3 that protects you against both damage and theft.

Alternative Bike Hire Amsterdam

Tandem Bike Hire Amsterdam

If you’re looking to hire a tandem bike in Amsterdam then I’d recommend checking out the online independent bike hire website BimBimBikes. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to the internet or the limited selection of Tandem bikes aren’t available on BimBimBikes I’d suggest visiting MacBike.

MacBike is one of the largest bike rental companies in Amsterdam with more than 2,500 bikes to choose from.

Hybrid Bike Rental Amsterdam

If you’re looking to rent a hybrid bike in Amsterdam then I recommend checking out Weil Rent. Where you can expect to pay around €45 for the day or €120 for the week. Alternatively, check out BikeCity who have designed a Hybrid bike specifically for the specifications of cycling in Amsterdam and beyond.

Hybrid Bikes at Bike City include 28″ wheels with 8 speeds as well as Ortlieb waterproof pannier bags. Making this the perfect choice for longer journeys.

Amsterdam Road Bike Rental

If you’re looking to rent a road bike in Amsterdam then be sure to visit Black Bikes. There are 14 Black Bike locations around the city of Amsterdam making it a convenient choice. Bikes can be booked online in advance to ensure stock is available.

Electric Bike Rental Amsterdam

Finally, if you’re looking for an electric bike rental while visiting Amsterdam then visit A-Bike where electric bikes are available for €22.95 a day. Helmets and panniers can also be rented for €2.95 each per 24 hours.

Renting an electric bike is the perfect choice for someone who isn’t wanting to physically exert themselves or for those looking to go on an extended cycling trip around Amsterdam.

Cheapest Bike Hire Amsterdam – Cycling Tours

Guided Cycling Tours In Amsterdam

If you don’t fancy cycling around Amsterdam on your own, consider joining one of the many tours available. Some of the bike rental shops listed above offer tours, alternatively, there’s a range of tours offered by locals listed below.

The benefit of going on a cycling tour of Amsterdam is the extra information you’re likely to pick up on the way that you otherwise may have never heard about. Off the beaten track spots that tourists don’t know about.

Cycling tours of Amsterdam can last anything from 1 to 5 hours, so there’s bound to be something to suit your cycling and fitness ability.

Cycling Routes In Amsterdam

If you fancy going out into Amsterdam on your own on a bike, then consider going on one of these pre-determined cycling routes which will take you past some of the best sights in the city.

Parks & Van Gough Museum

You’ll begin your trip in the neighborhood of Oud-West. Visiting De-Hallen where you’ll be able to park your bike underground for free and enjoy some of the culinary delights before heading off to one of Amsterdams largest parks; Vondelpark.

From there you’ll head towards the city center, calling at the Van Gough Museum while snapping a photo at the famous I Amsterdam sign. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in this area then be sure to check out the fantastic Vegan Junkfood Bar.

East Docklands

You’ll begin your bicycle journey around Amsterdam at the Botanical Gardens; free to enter for IAmsterdam card holders or €5.50 for adults otherwise. Next, you’ll take a short trip across the road to Amsterdam Zoo (ARTIS) before heading on the ‘bulk’ of the journey that will take you out over the Easter Docklands, round Zeeburgereiland En Nieuwe Diep before heading back into the centre of Amsterdam via the Shopping Mall & NEMO Science Museum.


Central Amsterdam sightseeing on a bike isn’t the cycling experience I’d recommend – yet it’s the most popular. The main reason I wouldn’t recommend it is simply due to the amount of traffic and chaos which can quickly take the fun out of the cycling in Amsterdam experience. However, being the most popular cycling route I feel as though it simply had to be included.

You’ll start at Centraal Station where you’ll take in the beauty and architecture before hitting your first museum; the cheese museum! After this, you’ll visit Anne Frank Huis (if you plan on going inside be sure to book in advance) from there you’ll visit 3 more museums as well as a Catholic church before finishing your trip with a cold drink in Amsterdams Ice Bar.

For further inspiration as to places to visit during your trip to Amsterdam then be sure to check out our list of the best photo spots. You could easily walk or cycle to many of these places in the space of just one day.

We hope this article has gone a long way to answering all of your questions and more when it comes to bike hire Amsterdam & the best cycling routes in Amsterdam. However, if there’s something you feel that we’ve not covered that we should, contact us or leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Heading to Amsterdam and looking to hire a bike for the day? Maybe you looking into a bike hire tour in Amsterdam? Check out the cheapest bike rental Amsterdam with the best companies and best cycling routes.

Heading to Amsterdam and looking to hire a bike for the day? Maybe you looking into a bike hire tour in Amsterdam? Check out the cheapest bike rental Amsterdam with the best companies and best cycling routes.

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