Can You Wear Crocs To Walt Disney World?

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The Walt Disney World Resort is home to a number of fun-filled large theme parks.

To comfortably enjoy these theme parks in the Floridan heat and humidity you’re going to want to make sure you’re dressed in comfortable clothing – especially footwear!

Luckily you can wear Crocs to the Walt Disney World theme parks, as there are no restrictions stating otherwise. However, you’ll want to ensure that you personally find wearing Crocs comfortable when walking upwards of 10,000 steps daily before committing to wearing them at the parks.

Even with the experience of wearing Crocs over long distances we still recommend packing a second (or third) pair of shoes so that you’re able to alternate between different styles and types on different days and for different activities during your vacation.

Are Crocs Allowed At Walt Disney World?

You are permitted to wear Crocs and other loose footwear such as flip-flops during your visit to any of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

That being said you may be asked to (or wish to) remove your Crocs (and other loose footwear) when on select rollercoasters inside the theme park to ensure they don’t come off during the ride.

Are Crocs Good For Walt Disney World?

Crocs can be a great choice of footwear for a trip to Walt Disney World.

However, they aren’t right for everyone.

During a single day at a Walt Disney World theme park, you’re likely to walk upwards of 10,000 steps (in potentially a range of weather conditions).

As such you’ll want to ensure that you’re comfortable wearing them over long distances.

Even if you have worn Crocs multiple times over long distances you’ll still want to consider any damage you might do to your feet if you experience both sunshine and showers during your visit to the parks.

Sadly, we’ve both experienced blisters from doing this at Walt Disney World parks in the past.

Can You Wear Crocs On Rollercoasters?

While you can wear Crocs on rollercoasters you may want to remove them while on the ride since they can come loose (and potentially off) very easily.

If your Crocs come off during the ride then they not only could injure another guest at the park but you also might not be able to get them back (or at least have to wait until after the park closes).

Can You Wear Crocs To Typhoon Lagoon?

Crocs are also permitted at the Typhoon Lagoon water park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

However, sadly you will only be permitted to wear them around the waterpark and not on any of the park’s rides.

Can You Buy Crocs At Walt Disney World?

Crocs are now available in a number of Disney-inspired designs and as such are available to purchase in a number of select locations across the resort.

Where exactly you can purchase Crocs within the Walt Disney World Resort varies throughout the year depending on a number of factors.

During our most recent trip to the Walt Disney World (September 2022) we found Crocs were being sold at;

  • The World of Disney, Disney Springs
  • Disney Outfitters, Animal Kingdom
  • Emporium, Magic Kingdom


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