9 Centre Parcs Activities You Should Try On Your Next Visit

Looking for a Center Parcs activities list for adults, then you’ve come to the right place.

We decided to come to Center Parcs for our honeymoon to explore a little more of what they had to offer couples and adults.

I will admit I found it hard to find things for us to do eventually we relaxed and found just as much fun for us as there is for the kids.

Center Parcs Activities List For Adults

Below are some of the activities available at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest we found suitable for adults only or for couples and groups.

Some of the activities are open to children and families too but we found them just as fun for us too.

If you are looking for complete peace and no children you are definitely going to the wrong holiday resort.

Pottery Painting

I have never been pottery painting and I can say I would happily go again. It was such a relaxing time just painting away and not having to worry about anything else.

At the time of our arrival, there were a couple of families in the studio and we did have a crying child at one point but it was fine.

We booked the session and then went to the studio and bought our piece of pottery.

We were then shown what to do and then we could just paint away. Once we were done we passed our finished piece to the staff for it to go in the kiln.

We went the next morning after 11 to pick up our pottery, it was wrapped up and placed in a paper bag ready to carry back to our lodge.

The staff were really helpful as we used vouchers to book our session and to buy the pottery pieces.

We only had £50 or £100 and change isn’t given when using vouchers, one of the staff told us we could get our vouchers changed over at Guest Services.

They were flexible on time which was handy for us and meant we could use our vouchers for smaller purchases.

The staff were extremely helpful and friendly and made you feel right at home. I would definitely say this is one of the best Center Parcs Sherwood Forest activities for adults.

I chose to do the fairy lantern house and Cora chose the cat bowl. Here are our finished items.

Adventure Golf

We didn’t get the chance to try out the Adventure golf but one afternoon passing it was full of golfers.

This is something that is quite popular with adults, especially when the loser buys dinner.

You can book Adventure Golf at any of the help desks within the village, Jarden Des Sports and Guest Relations.

Pedalo Hire

These come as a four-seater so really only great if you are as a family or with friends. You can hire a pedalo or an electric boat to explore the lake.

You can hire these from the boathouse which is located near the Village and the Pancake House. This is a great way to have a lovely romantic ride out with your other half and enjoy the views.

Willow Weaving

We booked this at the same time as the Pottery Painting and was suggested to us by the woman at the booking desk.

This is activity is based over by the country club and Foresters Inn, the workshop actually takes place in the nature centre.

We struggled to find out where exactly we needed to be and in turn got a little lost. No one else was booked onto the same time slot as us so we had the instructor Sarah to ourselves.

As we only have a small car we chose to work on one trellis together. Willow weaving is one of the more creative Center Parcs Sherwood Forest activities has to offer and one of my favourites.

We arrived a little late after getting a little lost but we were told it was fine, there was no rush and they are quite relaxed over in the nature centre.

Sarah talked us through what we would do and got us started.

It was great fun and simple to do once you got started. I really enjoyed it and actually looking to find a course near home to do.

Sarah took us through the willow weaving and even had a chance to speak to her about some of the other things she does. 

The activity is for 8-year-olds and upwards but quite often it is mostly teens and adults that do the activity.

I would definitely recommend booking onto willow weaving as the staff were friendly and it was simple fun.

Twilight Session At Aqua Sana

This came recommended by a friend who regularly holidays at Center Parcs and takes time to have a night off. Unfortunately, on this trip, we could not go to Aqua Sana as Cora was ill.

We could have gone but run the risk of others getting ill. There are 3 Twilight sessions available with different price ranges and different packages.

Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs Longleat

The different sessions are the Twilight Treat for 2, Twilight Taster for 2 and the Twilight Escape for 2.

These packages are perfect Center Parcs Sherwood Forest activities for adults as there are no children permitted and it makes a great time to relax.

Twilight Taster For 2

The session price is £49 per person

  • Access to our Spa from 4pm – 9pm
  • A glass of bubbly each on arrival
  • Complimentary towel and robe hire
  • Free spa discovery sessions

Twilight Treat For 2

The session price is £55 per person. This is for 18’s and above.

  • Access to our Spa from 4pm – 9pm
  • A delicious platter of antipasti to share
  • A glass of bubbly each
  • Complimentary towel and robe hire
  • Free spa discovery sessions

Twilight Escape For 2

The session price is £75 per person

  • Access to our Spa from 4pm – 9pm
  • Tranquillity Scalp Massage (25 minutes)
  • Complimentary towel and robe hire
  • Free spa discovery sessions


We booked a session for an hour at the leisure bowl for 5.30 in the evening. In the same building, there was a junior disco happening and the leisure bowl was quite busy.

We were accidentally booked in for the night after but we could fit in a time slot they had spare that evening.

Eventually, we were given the very end lane which was fine but as we were near the door many people stood in the area that was for us.

There were pushchairs parked in the way as many were coming in for the children’s disco.

I would suggest going to bowl at the Jardin Des Sports as that will be quieter and not as cramped.

We choose to go bowling quite early in the evening which would explain the busy time with families.

I would still suggest this as one of the Center Parcs Sherwood Forest activities for adults as you can book a time later in the evening or earlier in the day to avoid the family disco.

Tennis, Badminton or Squash

All these games are generally 2 – 4 people games, they can be played as a family or just the adults.

You can book a time slot on one of the many courts at Jardin Des Sports or head over to the country club to use the outdoor tennis court.

If you like to keep fit and enjoy doing a sporting activity even when on holiday this is a perfect one to do.

You can check if you are booking into a busy time slot and amend your timing to avoid busy periods if you wish. If not you can enjoy an intense game and head to the sports bar for a drink afterwards.

Swimming On An Evening

After doing some research and finding not many answers I asked around a couple of people about different activities.

One of our friends pointed out that the best time to go swimming is in the evening, this is due to most of the families already heading back to the lodges for the evening.

This activity is included in your booking and so is a free place to go on your stay.

The swimming area within Sherwood Forest includes an indoor swimming pool with slides, raft rides and a dining area for snacks and drinks.


There is a small outdoor area which has a jacuzzi and rapids river. Both areas are highly enjoyable to use through the day and in the evening when it is a little quieter.

Wildlife Walk

As the walks happen later in the evening or very early morning they often are quiet with bookings and in the off-seasons practically empty.

These are great to do if you are looking for something a little different, as we headed to the nature centre for our Willow Weaving we noticed that the area was so quiet due to many people heading to the Village area instead.

As the Country club and nature centre are further away there are fewer people and more peace.

You can go on a walk to watch the wildlife around the woods and learn some interesting facts about the local birds, small creatures and more.

We also got to see plenty of wildlife at our patio doors. 

That is all I have for the Center Parcs Sherwood Forest activities for adults. If you have stayed at Sherwood Forest before and took part in any of the activities we would love to know what you did.

We are already looking forward to going back to see what other activities we can do. If you have any suggestions on what to do and where to go let us know in the comments below.

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