How To Get From Las Vegas To Hoover Dam (Quickest & Cheapest)

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon during a trip to the nearby city of Las Vegas. In an effort to save money we spent an extensive amount of time researching the most affordable transport options.

We found that cycling is the cheapest way to get to the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas as it’s completely free. However, not everyone will want to make the 80-mile round trip on a bike. In which case, driving is the second cheapest option and costs $4 each way with gas prices of $4 per gallon.

Personally, we opted to take a private tour. While this was more expensive at $90 per person (including the onward journey to the Grand Canyon) it was significantly more convenient.

We couldn’t cycle as we were traveling with my elderly parents (and are significantly out of shape!), and hiring a car was both an additional cost on top of the gas price as well as an additional hassle which wasn’t worthwhile in our opinion.

Car45 min$4Hire A Car
Taxi45 min$44Book Online
Bus1 hour$65Book Online
Bike3 hours$0Hire A Bike
Costs and duration are averages. Exact durations and costs will vary depending on the class, date and time of travel.


If you’ve driven to Las Vegas, then driving from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam is going to be the cheapest and most convenient way to take this journey. There are a number of benefits to driving from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam however, my personal favourite is the freedom of choice.

Being able to stop at gas stations, idyllic locations and take as much time or as little time in each location as you’d like when compared to a bus tour for example.

Depending on the traffic you’ll be looking at around 45 minutes each way for the journey between Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. The distance between the two landmarks is around 39 miles depending on the route you take.

The cost of a one-way journey will likely take somewhere around one gallon of fuel (depending on the size of your car, number of passengers and route etc.) and with current gas prices at around $4 per gallon, this puts the cost of the trip at just $4 each way.

Ultimately making this the cheapest way to travel from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam.

To minimise the amount of time you spend in traffic, it’s advisable to leave Las Vegas prior to the 8am commuter rush at around 7am.

When it comes to parking at Hoover Dam, we recommend parking at the Hoover Dam Parking Garage and Visitors Centre which is situated just one minute away from the Dam (81 Hoover Dam Access Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005).

If you’re not driving to Las Vegas, then you could still drive to Hoover Dam by getting a rental car.

Rental cars in Las Vegas can be booked in advance online, picked up at the airport or at your hotel. With a range of different hire car companies available in the US, we’ve never struggled for availability.

Many of the perks that come with driving your own car to the Hoover Dam also come with renting a car. Not to mention the additional flexibility for the remainder of your trip allowing you to head out on other day trips from Vegas.


A taxi is perhaps the most expensive and luxurious way to travel from Las Vegas to Hoover Damn. However, the cost can be reduced significantly by splitting it between the rest of your party.

Right now, the average cost of a one way trip for four on Uber from Las Vegas to Hoover Damn would be $44.

While this isn’t the cheapest option it does provide you with the option of travelling at a leisurely pace, and without the stress of driving.


The most common way in which tourists travel between Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam is on a bus tour. In most cases, you’re picked up directly from your hotel and taken with roughly 30 other passengers in an air-conditioned shuttle bus.

We personally took the GrayLine Tour which also included the onward journey to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Bus tours come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so be sure to check online to find the right one for your budget, party and destination requirements.


If you’re looking for a true adventure while in Las Vegas then consider cycling your way to Hoover Dam. Provided you bring your own bike then the cost is zero.

However, if you find yourself wanting to take on this adventure without a bike available in Las Vegas consider hiring one for as little as $40 a day.

Cycling from the Las Vegas Strip to Hoover Dam takes approximately three hours each way depending on your fitness level.