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Travel From Ciampino Airport to Rome – Buses, Taxis, Trains & Group Travel

Budget European?airlines love Ciampino Airport, which is why late August we found ourselves on a flight there with Ryanair. Situated around a 35-minute drive from the city centre of Rome, it’s easily accessible?by a number of different modes of transport.

In this post, we’ll be covering how you can travel from Ciampino Airport to Rome. I’ll be including budget options, stress-free options and the best options for group travel. Of course, you can use this post in reverse or book return journeys if you’re also looking to travel back from Rome to Ciampino Airport.

Travel From Ciampino Airport To Rome In A Taxi

Unfortunately, while getting a taxi from Ciampino Airport to Rome might seem like a stress-free option. It isn’t. Generally, speaking taxi drivers in Rome know how to take advantage of tourists. So you’ll often find yourself haggling with the driver if not about price, then the location in which your hotel is situated. However, if you’re still looking to opt for the private transfer option I do have some workarounds.

How Much Is A Taxi From Ciampino Airport To Rome

The Italian government has set a fixed price for a taxi from Ciampino Airport to Rome of ?30. This includes up to 4 passengers, all luggage, and any extra charges. While it is illegal for drivers to charge you any more than this, they often do.

Pre-Book A Taxi From Ciampino Airport To Rome

You’re much more protected from any potential scams when getting a taxi from Ciampino Airport to Rome if you choose to pre-book your taxi in advance. While the cheapest pre-booked taxi I found from Ciampino Airport to Rome is ?42 each way it’s also highly unlikely that you’ll get the expected ?30 charge if you go to the official taxi rank.

Ubers In Rome

Ubers are available in Rome (new users use coupon code CWHFJ) however, the basic lower fares are unavailable. Instead, Uber services start with Uber Black. The average price is therefore around ?42 each way.

Uber has specific directions on how to order a car from the service at any airport in the world and Ciampino is no different. Once you’re ready with your luggage you can request the service, and once the driver arrives he will come inside the terminal to collect you.

Travel From Ciampino Airport To Rome In By Bus

For many, the cheapest, most hassle-free way of travelling between Ciampino Airport and Rome is by bus. Ciampino airport is relatively small, so finding the bus operators couldn’t be much easier. Once we’d picked up our baggage and got through customs (around 10.30pm) we saw three bus operator booths directly in front of us.

I started by going to the cheapest one who was advertising the transfer at ?5 per person. However, the next bus wasn’t leaving for another hour, being late in the evening and with such a small difference in price between the three. I opted to try the other booths.

To which I was informed that there was a bus leaving for ?6 per person each way in just 10 minutes. I ran to Helen who was picking up some dinner from the small caf? around 10 metres from the booth, and when I got back the shutters had gone down. Determined not to wait another hour for a bus, we proceeded to head outdoors and follow the signs for the bus.

Luckily, there’s only a small number of bus stops at Ciampino Airport so walking there with your luggage and working out which one you might need couldn’t be much easier. We figured that because we still had around 7-minutes until the bus was expected to leave, we could get to the bus stop and ask to pay as we boarded.

All buses from Ciampino to Rome leave from either Stop 1, Stop 2 or Stop 3. There was a bus waiting outside stop number one with a large queue. We joined the queue and minutes later the woman from behind the booth inside the airport appeared. She took tickets from people in the queue but in some cases, people were also paying cash.

Luckily, the bus easily had room for two extra passengers and we were charged no extra for not having purchased our tickets at the booth. So, if you do get to Ciampino Airport and the booths at the bus stop are all closed, do head outside to see if any buses are available or queues are formed at any of the bus stops.

The bus itself was modern, clean and quiet. It took around 35 minutes to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome. However, I’ve been informed by other travellers that this can vary tremendously depending on the time of day you’re travelling. The bus will stop at one stop only, Termini. Termini is the central train station where you’ll find both public buses, private buses, trains and the metro (both the A & B line).

To see the full timetable of the Terravision bus service from Ciampino to Termini or to book in advance you can visit the Terravision website.

Travel From Ciampino Airport To Rome On The Train

With a number of changes and a bit of manoeuvring required, I wouldn’t advise taking the train from Ciampino Airport to Rome – especially if you have a lot of luggage. However, if you’re planning on going from Ciampino perhaps to somewhere just outside of Rome it might be your best option.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a train station at Ciampino Airport. Instead, you’re going to need to take one of the two bus services;


ATRAL bus tickets can be purchased inside Ciampino Airport or on the bus itself. The bus departs every 40 minutes and costs ?1.20 per person (plus an additional ?1.20 per item of luggage).


COTRAL buses depart from the airport every 10 minutes, tickets cost ?1.10 with no extra cost for luggage. Tickets can only be purchased in advance for this service from the small shops just outside of Ciampino Airport.

The bus journey from Ciampino Airport to Ciampino train station takes approximately 5 minutes. From there you’re able to get a direct train to Termini. Tickets cost ?1.50 and trains leave every 5 to 8 minutes with the journey taking approximately 15 minutes.

Group Travel From Ciampino Airport To Rome

If you’re travelling as part of a group or a large party between Ciampino Airport and Rome then the most hassle-free and affordable method of transport is going to be a pre-hired minibus.

We recommend booking on the Hoppa service. It’s a service we’ve used for transfers (bus, taxi and minibus) around the world. We found that you could get a minibus seating up to 8 people for under ?60 each way. At full capacity that’s just ?7.50 per person.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Rome then we recommend The Yellow Hostel for those on a budget and Hotel Barocco for those looking for a little added luxury.

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