Review: CityBox Oslo Hotel & CityBox Bergen Hotel

Inside the City Box Bergen Hotel Room

During our stay in both Bergen and the capital Oslo, Norway we decided to stay in CityBox Hotels. Norway is by no means a cheap place to visit, and both of these CityBox hotels came with affordable price tags and good reviews.

The hotel’s amenities and layouts are very much mirrored making the only thing different about our stay in Bergen to Oslo the location. For that reason, we decided to give CityBox hotels a post all of their own…

CityBox Oslo – Location

CityBox Oslo Norway is one of the most centrally located hotels in Oslo. It’s a 5-minute walk from the major train station. It has a tram stop outside its door (we didn’t use the tram so can’t comment further, unfortunately).

Being so centrally located meant that City Box Oslo also benefitted from a 7/11 convenience store within 100 metres. As well as fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway all within 500 metres.

CityBox Bergen – Location

CityBox Bergen is located a 10-minute walk from the bus station and the train station. It’s central location also provides you with great access to the city centre, again just a ten-minute walk. Opposite the hotel, you’ll find a range of shops and restaurants.

Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t maximise the location in terms of the amazing views of Bergen. However, I fear doing so would increase the price of this hotel significantly.


The Citybox Oslo hotel was clean and comfortable. The rooms were simple and basic but had everything you could possibly need. We had the most comfortable double bed, however, it came with two single duvets which we found to be rather strange.

Especially at a time of year where we really needed to maximise the warmth in that room!

There were plenty of small touches that made the room unique such as the tags on the bedding and curtains. There were small bedside lights on each side of the bed, one over the desk for working and bright ceiling lights.

Inside the City Box Bergen Hotel Room


The bathroom was very clean and looked quite new. There was a towel rack and hooks for hand towels. The bathroom also came with handwash but no other toiletries were provided. There were hand towels, bath towels provided and were very soft.

The bathroom was very clean and well kept, mostly due to it looking quite new. We didn’t have a hairdryer in the room but managed to get one from the staff.


The hotel is a self-check-in, check-out hotel. This reduces staffing costs and allows the hotel to pass the savings on to customers by offering the rooms at a reduced rate.

I’m personally finding that a lot of the hotels Helen and I stay in at this moment are adopting this method and I enjoy it.

Upon arrival, we simply needed to enter our booking code to receive our key. From there we were directed to our room based on the clear signage of the hotel. There are staff still to hand if you need anything further.

I found an office on our floor to get a hairdryer as there wasn’t one in the room at the time.

The WIFI in the City Box Oslo hotel was complimentary.

Check-in at the hotel is from 3 pm onwards, with check-out at 12 midday. However, upon arriving we were able to check-in early as our room was ready. I particularly appreciate hotels that are willing to do this if the room is ready as it can make such a significant difference.

Also, the late check out of 12 midday is perfect for those who enjoy a lay-in or don’t travel until later in the day.


It seems that the City Box brand is well aware of the cost of living in Norway. They have therefore gone out of their way to include a kitchen within the lobby area.

They may have only been basic with a kettle, toaster and microwave. However, for many (us included) this was enough. And if you’re after a late-night snack, the kitchen is also home to a vending machine filled with chocolate snacks and fizzy pop.

There is plenty of microwave and kettle friendly meals you can find in the supermarket or 7/11 to keep you going.


If like us your looking for somewhere to stay in Norway that doesn’t break the bank then I’d highly recommend staying in either CityBox Oslo or CityBox Bergen. As always we’d love to hear from you if you’ve stayed in either of these hotels – or recommend that we check some others out on a future visit to Norway. Let us know in the comments below.

CityBox Oslo Hotel & CityBox Bergen Hotel

Helen Harrison



The most beneficial part of Citybox for us personally was the use of a kitchen. The room and bathroom were great, very comfortable and had some great features.


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