Coral Executive Lounge Phuket International Review

While we were heading back from our two week trip to Thailand, we were flying back from the newly built International terminal at Phuket airport. We had tried out a number of the lounges on offer at the domestic terminal at Don Muang airport. With the newly built International terminal at Phuket Airport came new lounges, shops and service along with it. Here is our Coral Executive Lounge Phuket review…


While there are actually 5 lounges available in Phuket International airport this particular lounge is located on the 3rd floor near the smoking area. This is located right, after the security checks and straight towards the end and is outdoors. The actual lounge is indoors but you have to walk through the smoking area to get to it.

There is a second Coral Executive Lounge Phuket on the 4th floor, unfortunately, this was closed until 6 am so we used the alternative. Also on the 4th floor are 2 Thai Airways lounges as well as the Coral First Class lounge.

The Lounge


The Coral Executive Lounge Phuket was clean and had plenty of seating, it was a smaller space than I had expected and felt the furniture was a little more crammed in. As you entered there is a selection of tables with low seating for 3-4 people to each table surrounding the food area. Towards the back is 2 long high tables with stools and a couple more small tables.

The high top tables have plug socket stations to charge your phone and laptop but unfortunately, these were not actually working. Whether it was that they had not yet been linked up to the main because they are new or due to damage. There was one plug socket located on a side wall we could use but with a short wire, it was a little hard. The lounge felt a little cramped due to many people taking up more than one table and bags stacked up.


The wifi was free to use once you were in the Coral Executive Lounge Phuket, you needed a password which was on a notice as you entered. The wifi was good and was enough to get a little work done, download a couple of songs and reply to emails.

Food & Drinks

The drinks had a good selection of soft drinks, wine and beers kept in the fridges on the back wall. There was also an extensive selection of coffees from a machine, Harrods tea and fruit juices available. Though there was warm food available it was slightly disappointing, as it was breakfast time when we visited there was the choice of soup, chicken sausages, rice and french toast. It was a little underwhelming as the previous Coral Executive lounge we had visited in Don Muang airport was set to a much higher standard.

There were other foods available in the Coral Executive Lounge Phuket such as bread to toast with jam and marmalade, small pastries and cereal. There was also a salad bar with a number of dressings to accompany and a number of fruits available. There were fresh milk and butter kept in the fridges for the cereal and toast. The food was sadly a little disappointing and personally didn’t feel like eating much more.


Overall I was a little underwhelmed with the Coral Executive Lounge Phuket, whether that was because my expectations had been set high from previous lounges of the same company or the lounge itself. I found that the service wasn’t as nice as I felt ushered around while one of the staff was mopping the floor and was treated as an inconvenience.

The food was still good but would have liked to see more of a meal option for breakfast on the hot counter. The lounge itself was very clean and well kept and was a nice place to sit and relax before a long flight.


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