The Ultimate Disney Packing List

To say we are huge fans of Disney is an understatement, and our ultimate holiday includes at least one Disney park, no matter where in the world we might be… We have been to Walt Disney World Orlando 3 times now and loved it every time.

Though I have never really struggled with packing there are key items you want to make sure you take. With spending long days at the parks, walking a lot and being in hot weather you want to make sure you are comfortable and practical. For that reason, here is our ultimate Disney packing list…


The Best Shoes For Disney World

The most important thing about your Disney packing list is that you need to remember to pack smart. You can take as much as you can fit in your suitcase but pack wisely, starting with your feet. It is good to pack comfortable footwear as you are spending all day on your feet.

Best Trainers For Disney World

Ideally, you want to pack trainers, these will give you maximum comfort and support. If you can pack more than one pair as you will need to change up your footwear so your feet don’t get sore.

Best Flip Flops For Disney World

Pack a second pair of trainers or shoes that you can walk a long distance in. Don’t forget your flip-flops or sandals for lazy pool days or just for an hour or two at the parks. We found that we would often visit the park after having a relaxing day by the pool and would opt to wear flip-flops.

Trousers vs Shorts For Disney


I have seen a number of different styles that people like to wear, it is mostly what you find comfortable. Especially in the heat, you want to remember that you need to take the weather into account. We chose shorts throughout the holiday. I mostly wore my denim high waisted short as they had good pockets whereas Cora wore her Lakers shorts.


I took a number of pairs of shorts as they were the easiest thing to wear. They are much more practical than skirts. Shorts will have pockets, they are much more practical for going on rides and they are better in warmer weather. I took 4 pairs of shorts including some Disney inspired jersey shorts to go with my white Mickey Mouse T-shirt.

2 young women stood at Pandora at Disney - Ultimate Disney Packing List

If you aren’t into wearing shorts but still want to keep cool we also wore loose baggy trousers or what we call temple pants. I traveled in my leggings from Craghoppers as they were thin and flexible. I have seen many people wear work out trousers as they are comfortable and made for athletic activities. If you are unsure what you feel better wearing take a couple of items and try them out.

2 young women standing infront of the Disney castle smiling - Ultimate Disney Packing List

Disney T-shirts

Disney, Disney and more Disney. I won’t lie we binged on buying Disney t-shirts in preparation for our trip. It was much easier and cheaper to buy them here at home than when we got to the parks. It is like an unwritten rule that at least one of your garments has to be Disney inspired. There will be lots of families with matching t-shirts, some do it for fun and others do it in case of losing a family member.

2 young women stood at the side of the Disney castle - Ultimate Disney Packing List

We didn’t mind buying cheap t-shirts as they really get worn to death while on holiday. As we were using suncream every day we noticed small stains appearing around the neck and sleeves of our t-shirts. So if you are worried about your best dress getting dirty I would leave it at home.

Custom Disney T-Shirts

When you are walking around Disney you will see so many custom t-shirts. Lots of families get custom t-shirts printed so they are all wearing the same colour. It makes it easier to spot one another in the crowds, also you will se plenty of mum, dad etc t-shirts. You can find some generic ones in the local Walmart or you can get them done before your trip.

Shirts / Blouse

While we wore plenty of t-shirts Cora’s mum opted for blouses and cotton shirts. Cotton shirts can be a great alternative to t-shirts as they can be less clingy, look smarter and the fabric can be more flattering. Linen shirts are also a great alternative to t-shirts as they are thin, breathable and easy to dry.

Best Dresses For Disneyland

If you are looking to dress a little nicer for an occasion or just to wear something different I would pack playsuits over dresses. Playsuits are a really good idea to wear as they are more dressy but still practical. I would suggest wearing only ones that are covering on your shoulders and not too tight because Disney has some wonderful food to eat.

young woman sat with statue of minnie and Walt Disney - Ultimate Disney Packing List

My Daku dress was great as it had pockets, was great in both chillier evenings or the hot days. It was made from Nosilife technology meaning it is both insect repellent and sun protective fabric. I would definitely look into getting a dress that is going to be both comfortable and easy to wear during the hotter climates.

young woman standing wearing a dress on holiday - Ultimate Disney Packing List


Best Suitcase For Disney

We all know that when it comes to packing for Disney that you want to have plenty of space to take and bring back goodies. As there will be so many suitcases to try and spot on the conveyer belt you want to make sure yours stands out. To make sure you have the best suitcase for Disney look for something that will stand out and colourful.

If you are travelling from home to the airport and to the hotel the luggage doesn’t need to fit too many requirements. Depending on what you prefer you can go for a hard case or soft. We found some great floral suitcases by Tripp at Debenhams for our last trip to Disney World. These we found were the bet suitcase for Disney as the smaller cases were hard shell and came with 2 compartments inside. The largest suitcase was a soft shell with compartments and is great for keeping everything organised.

Tripp Black Holiday 6 Large 4 Wheel Suitcase
List Price: £79.50
Price: £59.50
You Save: £20.00
Price Disclaimer

Another brand we have used before and my parents use is IT. They are known to be the worlds lightest suitcase with a wide handle. Though I don’t feel the lightweight suitcases are all that great and after a couple of rounds of holidays they start to bend out of shape or just give up altogether. I do think the hard shell suitcases are much more sturdy and longer lasting.

If you are wanting to use what you already have why not find something like a luggage cover to help make it stand out. You can find different styles, colours and prices on a variety of platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

Best Backpack For Disneyland

You will want to take a backpack to Disneyland to your sun cream, suncream, water and maybe food supplies. While I went through bag check many times, I noticed one thing – many people packed way too much for a day at the park. Almost every time I went through bag check I was complimented on how light and simple my backpack was.

If you are on the hunt for a great durable and versatile backpack check out my review on Craghoppers luggage and backpacks. The Kiwi Pro backpacks are great as they have lots of compartments to keep everything organised and safe.

I would advise on taking a backpack to carry the simple things such as some snacks, suncream, water and things like sunglasses and hats. There isn’t much more I can think of needing when at a Disney park if your bottle runs out of water you can find fountains to fill up. There is plenty of places to buy food and drinks and even places to buy essentials like hats and suncream if you forget.

The best part of visiting Disney with a backpack that is that the majority of the rides accept bags. As none of them are high or extremely fast or goes upside down there is no need to store your bag in a locker. If you are looking for something a little more themed there are plenty of places you can find Disney bags such as Primark, Walmart, Loungefly and Target.

Tip: If you already have a backpack that you want to use but want to add some Disney magic to it, look at adding something on. There are multiple ways you can add some Disney colour to your bag such as iron on patches, pin badges or a keychains.

Disney World Fanny Pack

If you aren’t a big fan of backpacks or don’t need to take much with you a great alternative is a fanny pack. If you are from the UK we call them bum bags. These are great if you are only needing some money and phone or camera. They are super practical as they are small and easy to carry, they can fasten through your waistband loops that you don’t ever loose it.

Best Purse For Disney

While you might not think this is all that important, it can be. This is mostly aimed towards people from outside the USA and will be using a different currency than their own. On our last trip to Disney world we found that our super cute 3D Chip purse wasn’t very practical. It was too small for anything and became too much fuss. So when we return we want to be going back with the best purse for Disney to save us time and (lost) money.

There are so many different purses you can use, depending on what you need. If you are staying on site and using your magic bands for the Disney Dining Plan you won’t need much in terms of cash or cards. But if you still like to keep these to hand I would look for something that has everything. If you plan to take a diaper bag or a backpack I would find something that holds the key things you need and combine everything into one bag.

I would say you would want to have space for debit cards, paper money and change. These need 3 individual sections to keep your purse clear and easy to use. Also add on a wrist strap as this is great if you are planning on holding your purse for a while.

Best Diaper Bag For Disney World

I know that packing light when you have a baby/toddler in tow isn’t easy and you want to be as organised as possible. Having the best diaper bag for Disney world will make the biggest difference to your day. As you want the day to be hassle free you want to make sure that you diaper bag can hold everything you need. Including diapers/nappies, bottles, wipes and extra clothes will all need to have a home in the bag.

The best way to keep everything organised and easy to have to hand is for everything to have a place or pocket. For me the best diaper bag for Disney World would have to be the RedKite Change Me Sodbury Messenger Bag. It comes with a changing mat and is a great style and easy to carry around. 



Whether this is a straw hat, big floppy brim hat or a simple baseball hat. Spending all day in the sunshine your head is bound to get burnt. Take it from me, I have done this every time we go on holiday so it is best to take a hat and wear it. If you need some convincing I found these adorable Mickey and Minnie hats in Primark. Or get yourself one of the amazing Monster University hats which are sold in the parks for $24.95 plus tax.

2 young women wearing minnie and mickey hats - Ultimate Disney Packing List

Best Poncho For Disney

You now be thinking I am getting a little confused, trust me on this one. If you like the water rides but your not so sure about getting bet then I would pack a poncho. You can find ponchos is shops such as DollarTree (US) and Poundland (UK). They are readily available to purchase at Disney for rainy days or for the water rides. You will find them in most of the clothing/gift stores for $9 each. The best poncho for Disney has to be the cheaper ones you will find in Poundland and DollarTree. This is a massive saving and more than likely will only be used once or twice.

If you are looking for something that can be reused all week long in the rainy time of the year then I would suggest Wal-Mart camping section or Amazon. WalMart have them available for roughly $1 and Amazon have themed ones.

Disney Magic Bands

We only started using Disney magic bands on our 3rd time to Walt Disney World. We decided to treat ourself and get a magic band to make life easier for ourselves. If you are staying on site in a Disney resort hotel you will have magic bands included with your stay.

Disney magic bands aren’t exclusive to those who stay at Disney resorts. They can be bought from majority of the shops at Disney. You can use the app on your phone to transfer your ticket from your card to your Disney magic band. You can then use these every time you visit Walt Disney World. If you would like to save a little money you can get used Disney magic bands on eBay before you go.

Best Misting Fan For Disney

There are so many misting fans you can find that are both Disney themed and not. On our second trip to Disney we purchased a misting fan for $20 roughly. When we no longer needed it we sold it on eBay for roughly £15. The next time we went we bought a cheaper misting fan from WalMart for roughly $5-$7. As we didn’t feel we used the second one that much I am glad we didn’t pay as much for it. The best misting fan for Disney is the the fan sold at the parks as the water is a mist and not a squirt but if you are looking to save money I would opt for the Walmart  cheaper one.

Disney Pin Trading Lanyard

Finding a Disney pin trading lanyard can be so simple. You can either find them while you are there, especially if you are looking for a particular one. You can also find them online in places such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

Disney Pin Trading Pins

Buying and finding Disney pin trading pins is a little harder to start. As they are very particular and have the rubber Mickey backing (these are the official ones) they aren’t commonly found online. You can buy them second hand on eBay and Etsy but they are usually rare or expensive. While the Disney pin trading pins in the park aren’t cheap they are great to get started. They have starter packs that are great to get anyone started in the trading game.


Best Camera For Disneyland

We have been to Disney World 3 times now and every time we have either used our iPhones or our Canon G7X mark ii to take pictures. If you are after good quality shots and video without breaking the bank or taking anything too bulky I would suggest the best camera for Disneyland is the Canon G7X mark ii. It is easy to use, lightweight and small, great to pack away into a bag or even your pocket.

If you are looking to get more high end quality photos I would suggest trying out the Canon 600D. With interchangeable lens you can get the quality you are after. It is also great as it is still lightweight compared to other DSLR cameras.

SD Card

There is nothing worse than being picture happy and then your SD is full. If you are planning on taking a camera and getting plenty of pictures take a spare SD card. You can find a small plastic case for them to fit in so that they don’t get lost.

Spare Batteries

Again spare batteries can be an ultimate life saver. If you plan to do any filming or take plenty of pictures pack extra batteries to make the fun last longer. Also if you pack rechargeable camera batteries, don’t forget the charger.

 Mobile Phone

Don’t forget to take your phone, though I don’t tend to check social medias while I am at Disney I use my phone for so much more. I use it a lot to take photos and videos, we also rely heavily on the Disney App to book fastpasses, find places to eat and to see where you want to go.

Portable Mobile Phone Charger

I love taking pictures on my phone especially at Disney world. As we focus so much on getting pictures of everything around us we often lack on photos of us together. So I often use my phone for this and character meetings but this often kills my battery. I generally take a portable mobile phone charger to charge my phone on the go. We use the Varta 18000 power bank as it is light, slim and lasts a long time.

Babies & Children

Best Stroller For Disneyland

There is definitely no right or wrong when it comes to strollers. There are so many options and it really does depend on what you want. If you are unsure about what stroller to use I would go with what you feel most comfortable. If you are looking for the best stroller for Disneyland would have to be the Chicco Oh La La Stroller. It is lightweight and compact, it folds up and can stand folded up, it includes a raincover, washable cover and basket.

Best Stroller Fan For Disney

There are so many things you need to consider when deciding on a stroller fan. Noise, safety and battery life are just 3 of the things to consider. That is why I found the for Baby Stroller to be the best stroller fan for Disney. With a low noise level you have the best chance to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep. The stroller fan also can be recharged by USB to save you needing to buy batteries. It also includes a covered case to save any little figures getting caught or hurt near the blades.


Best Sunscreen For Disney World

There is a lot to be said for sunscreen and I think it can be a very personal thing to get. We have usually bought a brand we are familiar with or something a friend has recommended. Though there will be times that you think you won’t need it but you always do. The sun can be particular harsh on your head, face and shoulders as you are upright and walking around all day. This for me is one of the most important things to remember on your ultimate Disney packing list.

It is good to research what sunscreen is best in the Florida sunshine climate. Considering that the weather and suns rays can get very hot it is best to have a sunscreen with an SPF no lower than 30 and no higher than 50. You also want to get a sunscreen that is physical, meaning it repells the suns rays and doesn’t absorb them. You can also look for water resistant, that will give you 40-80 minutes coverage.

I found that the Garnier Ambre Solaire is one of the best suncreens for children. It doesn’t boast about being water proof but does state it is water resistant. It has great reviews from parents and would be a great fit for the Florida sunshine. For the adults you can use the normal Garnier as the technology and formula are the same.

Hand Sanitiser

My sister is a big fan of hand sanitiser, she takes it everywhere. It is always good to have but I have never experienced an area or bathrooms at Disney that were untidy or dirty.

Water Bottle

A water bottle isn’t a must but I would still advise it. If I have a bottle on me I tend to drink more water and in the height of summer it can be very hot. The best part about taking a water bottle is that there are water fountains scattered around the parks to fill up. There are also fountains located in the queues for the rides so that you can fill up along the way. It is also great as it is environmentally better and means less waste.

Personally I have used the Camelbak Chute as it is easy to use, sturdy and a great size. The water bottle is easy to carry or clip on by the loop to a backpack. The lid is connected on a plastic loop attached to the water bottle so you never loose your lid. They come in a wide range of colours so you can have one for everyone without getting confused.

Well there you have it, our ultimate Disney packing list. If you have any questions or think there is something else I could add in let us know in the comments. Also don’t forget to check out our Disney Orlando crowd calendar to make planning easier for you.


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