What To Pack For Disney World In April

Wondering what to pack for Disney World in April?

We’ve been to Disney World in April three times now most recently when we got engaged and then again the following year for our wedding.

In our opinion, it’s one of the best times to visit Walt Disney World.

However, like any time of year, knowing what to pack to ensure maximum comfort and style can be difficult.

We’ve therefore put together this guide to help you decide what to pack for Disney World in April.

These packing tips are suited to both men, women and children.

T-shirts & Vests

I have worn a variety of tops and vest and each had a good quality and some had more bad qualities.

I really like wearing vests and find them really comfortable, the only downside is that they don’t give me coverage over my shoulders which leaves me getting burnt. Even with suncream, this is something I like to try and avoid so I alternate my days in a vest so I am not leaving my shoulders open to the sun too much.

Fabrics that are stretchy, made of cotton or thin materials are great for taking to Disney. I always like to pack t-shirts that are stretchy and loose so I can eat all the snacks I like and not feel uncomfortable while at the parks.

Disney themed t-shirts are our thing, we love looking at all the different t-shirts people have bought, made and are wearing. This is probably one of our favourite things about Disney World.

Shorts & Skirts

Shorts are my go-to item to pack for Disney World in April, they are easy to wear, comfortable and sit perfectly with the weather forecast.

Shorts that are made from thin fabrics, jersey fabric, denim or cotton are great. I have a couple of different pairs that I like to take. Shorts with pockets like denim shorts are my personal favourite as I like to be able to have my phone in my pocket safely.

Top Tip: If you want to wear a skirt but not chance flashing your underwear, find a pair of shorts that fit well underneath and wear them.

This also helps if you struggle with the heat and your legs rubbing together.

I don’t recommend wearing anything too full or flowing if you plan to get on and off rides, due to the hazard of getting it caught. These styles can be really nice for strolling around Boardwalk or Disney Springs in the evenings.

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Trousers & Leggings

Not everyone is comfortable in shorts or skirts, if you prefer to wear trousers in hot weather look at wearing light fabrics such as 100% cotton, linen and stretch fabrics they use in work out gear.

Linen and cotton are natural fabrics so they are naturally breathable and great for warmer climates. Find a style that is comfortable, full length, cropped or mid-calf.

Personally wouldn’t advise anything too flared or long as you may find you trip over them and can be a hazard when getting on and off rides.

I would recommend wearing work out leggings, trousers and cropped trousers for a day at the parks as they are super flexible, great for when you feel hot and sweaty and go with so many different styles of tops and shirts.

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Jackets & Jumpers

April is lovely and warm (or some might say hot) in the daytime but it can often experience tropical rainfall. Like any hot country, there is expected rainfall that is short and sweet. Through these times you can shelter away in the restaurants and under canopies or you can wander around in the rain.

While we don’t advise to walk around in the rain we suggest taking a light rain jacket or poncho.

One of the best parts of Disney World is the fireworks (just watch, you can thank me later).

The evenings are still warm but dropping from the daytime temperatures your body will find the evenings quite chilly. We recommend taking a jacket, hoodie or long sleeve top to put on during the evenings. This way your body stays warm and you can enjoy your evening.

Top Tip: We generally go to the parks later when we plan to stay and watch the fireworks, this way we don’t have to have a full day carrying around a jumper or jacket.

Anything from a jersey hoodie, light fleece jacket or long sleeve jumper is suitable to keep you warm in the evenings. I wouldn’t take more than 1 per person in your suitcase and save space for bringing back souvenirs and bargains. Even better wear your warmer layer while travelling so you can save space in your luggage.

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Personally, footwear is the most important thing when packing for Disney World or any trip for that matter. I always love to wear trainers and take a couple of pairs of shoes with me.

Top Tip: Try not wear the same shoes for your whole trip, change up your footwear every other day to make sure your feet don’t get sore and stuck in that mould.

Disney World is extremely draining on the body and can be really hard on your feet, especially if you pack a lot into your day. There are only so many rests and sit-downs that will alleviate the pain from your feet.

Packing the right shoes for Disney World is simple enough when you know which the best are for you. Finding a shoe that works for you and with you is important.

I always recommend wearing trainers around the parks, they are lightweight and easy to walk in. They are also built for walking and running so they give your ankle and leg the support it needs. Brand such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Merrell Make great footwear and use great technologies to support the body.

Running trainers and pumps are great as long as they have a deep sole which provide cushion and support to your feet.

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Sandals are also a great option if you like to have a more open shoe. Brands such as Merrell And Birkenstocks are great examples of quality footwear that are both comfortable and supportive.

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Suncream & Lipbalm

I always always always get sore lips when we travel so I always like to keep a lipbalm on hand. I especially like to have one that has SPF protection to protect my lips from burning and cracking.

Top Tip: Make sure you have a bottle of suncream in your park bag ready to top up throughout the day.

Suncream is a vital item on our what to pack for Disney World in April, the weather is getting hotter and can be really warm especially if you are from more cooler climates.

We like to buy our suncream as we arrive but you can often find great prices online.

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Swimming Gear

I can’t imagine a trip to Disney world without at least going swimming or to the water parks once. Most resorts and hotels havea swimming pool for guests to enjoy.

I recommend taking 2 sets of swimming shorts/bikinis so that you can have one to wear while the other is drying.

We found that we were quite spontaneous about when we wanted to go swimming and so needed to have a clean dry costume ready for when we did. We recommend taking a morning or a day to do something different like swimming or going to the water parks to give your body a little rest.


We pack a small array of toiletries for our trip, usually things we use daily and then some extras such as suncream and aftersun.

Top Tip: If you are travelling with children, keep a small supply of things such as Calpol and plasters for emergencies.

If you plan to go to Walmart or Target to pick up some things such as food or towels you can find toiletries and medicines there to save you using space in your luggage bringing them over.

Sunhats & Caps

One of my obsolute must haves for what to pack for Disney World in April is a hat or cap of some sort.

I have a Monster’s University hat I got in Disneyland CA and I love it!

I love to have a hat on had as the sun in April can still be very hot so I like to make sure I have some shade for my head, face and neck.

If you don’t like caps look into a sunhat or something similar as they will also provide shade and cover you from the sun.

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Download your free Ultimate Disney Packing List printable sheet here.

Feel free to print off the ultimate Disney packing list downloadables, go through them and cross off anything you don’t need to pack or don’t intend to take.

This will help get rid of some of the text so you can clearly see what you have packed and haven’t packed.

Well, there you have it, our what to pack for Disney World in April. If you have any questions or think there is something else I could add in let us know in the comments.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Disney Orlando crowd calendar to make planning easier for you.

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