Destination Guide: Center Parcs

Center Parcs is a well known and popular holiday village company here in the UK and Europe as a whole. We have had the pleasure of visiting a number of times and found many advantages to having a break here in the UK.

Based on our past visits we have been able to put together a number of guides full of helpful information, tips and tricks to help you out on your stay.

Center Parcs Advice

There are a number of ways to make the most of your trip to Center Parcs. There is always a big question of what to take and pack. You can never be too prepared but if you know you are planning on doing plenty of cooking at your lodge you can pack accordingly.

If however, you do need to stock up on bread, milk or logs for the fire you can do so at the village market in the main hub area. The prices can be a little more expensive but if you are only needing the essentials it shouldn’t be too bad.

Center Parcs offers a service which is great for people who are traveling light, making a celebration from their stay or simply want some fresh food waiting for them. That service is the welcome packs, these are a set bundle that you can buy and they either get delivered as you check in to your lodge or are already waiting as you arrive.

Things To Do

It is well known that there are an endless amount of things to do from outdoor activities, fitness activities, family activities and so many more. Center Parcs doesn’t just have to be for families as we spent our honeymoon there experiencing all the fun things there were for adults to do.

Within the Plaza at Center Parcs, there is a number of things to do but the main one that I was impressed with was the swimming pools, water slides and jacuzzi areas. The swimming facilities at Longleat Forest include a subtropical swimming paradise with warm waters, lots of trees and fun for everyone.

Aqua Sana is the perfect place to relax before leaving the blissful peace at Center Parcs. We obviously were feeling a little worse for wear on the Sunday of our trip.


The beauty of staying at a Center Parcs resort is the comfort of knowing you can spend the night in like you would at home or dine out at the many restaurants.

There is a villa to suit everyone and every size party, larger parties will be split into 2-3 villas but will be located next door to each other. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived as it was a home from home.

There was everything you would essentially need including baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, cleaning equipment and a toddler bed. The lodges are fully equipped with everything you need to cook a meal, clean up after yourself and more.

While you don’t have to bring your own food and cook there is everything you would need to make a full meal and not struggle (unless your a chef and have a very equipt kitchen).

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