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Afternoon Tea At The Grand Floridian

Tea cup and tea cosy at Grand floridian tea room

If anyone knows us well, knows we that we love Disney. This is our 3rd visit to Walt Disney World and there is always something new to see and experience. This time we decided to book a table at the Grand Floridian tea room. The Grand Floridian Hotel hosts afternoon tea daily in the Garden view room.

There is also something new to do at Disney and no matter what your age is, you can be involved. It comes as no surprise that we loved visiting The Grand Floridian Hotel and the Garden Tea Room.

Getting There

Staying On-site At Disney

Depending on where you are staying depends on the route you will take to get to the Grand Floridian Resort. If you are staying at a Disney Resort you can get the Disney shuttle bus to the hotel directly or to Magic Kingdom. Once at Magic Kingdom you can catch the smaller boat over to the Grand Floridian.

Staying Off-Site Hotel

If you staying off-site at one of the nearby hotels or aparthotels then there is a couple of ways to get to the Grand Floridian. If you are lucky enough to be staying at a hotel that has a shuttle service to and from the Disney parks included you can use these to your advantage.

You can get the hotel shuttle to the transportation centre and get the monorail or ferryboat over to Magic Kingdom. From there you can the smaller boat over to the Grand Floridian Resort, this is the more scenic route.

If you are just wanting to get there with little fuss once you get to the transportation centre you can get the monorail to the Grand Floridian Resort directly.

Staying In a Villa

If you are staying in a villa you can drive to the Grand Floridian. The Grand Floridian offers up free self-parking for guests that are coming to dine, shop etc.

An alternative if you aren’t driving, you can get an Uber or Lyft to the transportation centre at Disney and get the monorail from there.


There is no denying that the resort is impressive, even looking over at the resort from Magic Kingdom it looks beautiful. Once you arrive you will be heading to the Lobby and main reception area, either way, you get there you will walk the windy paths through the resort.

Marble stone floor of Chip at the grand floridian tea room

Once at the reception area you can look around and take in the stunning design of the building. The lobby is a large area filled with soft chairs, sofas and tables for guests to sit and relax.

marble stone floor of Mrs.Potts at the Grand Floridian tea room

The Grand Floridian tea room is located to the end of the reception area. While waiting for your table make sure to look around the reception area to spot some of the finer details such as the large birdcage and the marble images of Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty And The Beast.

The atmosphere is lovely and calm, with gentle acoustic versions of Disney songs in the background. There is also a bandstand area above the Grand Floridian tea room that will play every so often, which is great to hear.

The lobby area at the Grand Floridian tea room

There is also a piano in the middle of the lobby area that gives the experience a whole new level of luxury.

Grand Floridian Tea Menu

Once we were seated by our lovely waitress we were handed a menu and our napkins were placed on our laps. The menu came with 3 options. Each one was different and offered up the same base but with added extras such as champagne.

We all chose to have the Bedfordshire menu as this was the base package at $50 per person. The menu was set out so you would get the same sandwiches but you could choose the tea you would like and the dessert. 


Within the menu, there was a wide selection of different teas. You could get anything from Gold Tipped English Tea to Nutty Chocolate Tea. 

Tea and teapot cosy at the Grand Floridian tea room.

While Cora doesn’t usually drink tea she chose the Nutty Chocolate tea, it both smelt and tasted of chocolate. I chose the Gold Tipped English Tea as I didn’t want to stray too far from what I know.

It was interesting to see the variety and flavours of tea available. The tea came in a large pot and was poured for you, the pot was then covered over with a Garden view tea room cosy.

There were approximately 3 to 4 cups of tea from the one pot, plenty to get through lunch. There was also milk and sugar provided on the table all in the English rose china.


We were handed a small plate of assorted finger sandwiches to start. These included curried chicken, an onion tart, cucumber and more.

The sandwiches were presented beautifully on a small plate and each looking as delicious as the next. My favourite had to be the onion tart or the curried chicken sandwich. The curried chicken sandwich was also Cora’s favourite.

Selection of sandwiches at the Grand Floridian tea room

I liked that you got more filling and flavour than bread which made the sandwiches stand out more from one another. The presentation was wonderful and really enjoyed trying new flavours of sandwiches.

Sweets & Cake

Lastly, we were presented with a beautiful cake stand full of sweet treats. This included the dessert choice you picked when ordering, along with the jam tart, warm scone and spreads.

Cake stand with scone and jam tart at the Grand Floridian tea room

The cake stand will come with food for 2 people. The 2 bottom plates will have 1 scone, spreads and jam tart for one person. The very top plate will have the dessert of your choice, for us this was the selection of pastries.

The selection of pastries at the Grand Floridian tea room included a swan with berry mousse. It also had 2 macaroons and a chocolate covered strawberry.

Selection of pastries at the Grand Floridian tea room

My favourite of the sweets had to be the warm scone and jam tart. They are beautifully made and presented wonderfully on the tray, they also taste delicious. The scone came with 3 spreads, clotted cream, jam and lemon curd.

Jam tart and Scone with spreads at the Grand Floridian tea room

As always we’d love to know what you thought of the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian – let us know in the comments below.

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