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Dining At Planet Hollywood London – A Bite Straight From The Movies

Things you MUST order at Planet Hollywood London

It’s no secret Helen and I love America. So, we jump at the chance to experience any part of America whilst at home in England. Food especially, where BIG foodies!

So when Planet Hollywood invited us to try out their menu in their London restaurant how could we possibly say no?

Planet Hollywood is similar to the Hard Rock Caf? in the sense?it has locations all around the world for you to visit. That, of course, brings out the competitiveness in me to want to visit them all, and this is number four after Planet Hollywood Disneyland Paris, Planet Hollywood Disney Springs, Florida and Planet Hollywood, New York.

Planet Hollywood History

Despite a rather short history (I’m saying that as it’s just about as old as I am… *wink*) Planet Hollywood has had a rollercoaster ride. The brainchild of former financier, real estate developer and film producer Keith Barish. The design of the restaurants was to model that of the Hard Rock Caf? (another one of our all-time favourite places to eat). However, instead of featuring musical memorabilia it would feature movie memorabilia.

The first Planet Hollywood restaurant opened its doors in New York on the 22nd October 1991. With backing from famous faces including Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Demi Moore.

Right now there are a total of six Planet Hollywood restaurants around the world, two resorts and one dedicated merchandise store.

Where Is Planet Hollywood London?

Planet Hollywood London relocated in 2009 to a premier and highly extensive multi-story restaurant in Haymarket. The restaurant’s close proximity to a number of theatres makes it an ideal place to eat before or after a show.

There are two tube stations located just metres from the Planet Hollywood Resturant in London. The first?and the nearest tube station is Picadilly Circus which is home to the Bakerloo and Picadilly lines. From the station, it’s around a five-minute walk to the restaurant.

Alternatively, Charring Cross tube station is just a ten-minute walk to the restaurant and is home to the Bakerloo and Northern line.

Planet Hollywood Menu

Gluten-Free Menu

I have to mention this. You see despite neither Helen nor I have an intolerance?to gluten. However, I know how important it is to those who do have intolerances to gluten to find great food while dining out.

I was therefore so very impressed to find a whole section dedicated to those with these intolerances. Making the menu viewing and ordering process very simple, and straightforward.


Planet Hollywood has a fantastic and highly extensive drinks menu. It’s not often Helen and I go somewhere without one of us driving so we took this opportunity to sample a number of the cocktails on offer at Planet Hollywood.

Keeping in theme with the restaurant the cocktail menu features drinks named after famous movies and movie characters.

Helen and I both started things off with a Planet Cooler. This cocktail is served in a tall glass and features Midori, Malibu, Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Orange and Cranberry Juice. It’s such a traditional cocktail in my eyes, plenty of fruity flavours, and a rainbow of colour in a glass – it went down a treat!

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So much so Helen decided to stick with this as her drink of choice for the night…

Planet Cooler at Planet Hollywood London

I’m a sucker for trying as much of the menu as possible. Especially when I know it’s a place we’re not going to visit often. Using this to my advantage I also tucked into the Iron Man cocktail. I kept on theme with the fruity alcohol. This time featuring; Bacardi Carta Blanca, Malibu, Bacardi Oakheart and Bacardi Carta Negra. All of this was twisted together beautifully with some pineapple juice and lemonade.

Ironman cocktail at Planet Hollywood London
Ironman cocktail at Planet Hollywood London

Don’t forget that you can get any cocktail in a fancy Planet Hollywood glass if you’re looking for a souvenir to take home!


Determined to make it to the desert, and in full knowledge of the portion sizes at Planet Hollywood. Helen and I chose to share a starter.

We decided on the chicken crunch. Four tender pieces of crispy chicken served on a bed of grated carrot. The fancy serving bowl was a great added touch and the dijon mustard was a great side if you fancied an added kick to the flavour.


At any restaurant, we always aim to have something we couldn’t make at home. Something special, uncommon. Back in Dallas, TX I got a Mac ‘n’ Cheeseburger. That’s right a burger, with Mac ‘n’ Cheese in it!

I was under the belief that I’d never be able to find that in the UK… However, Planet Hollywood proved us wrong. Which is why I simply had to order the Mac Attack;?Planet Hollywood burger topped with hickory smoked bacon, five cheese mac ?n’ cheese, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and crispy onion straws.

Helen, on the other hand, went for a classic Bacon Cheeseburger. We could have upgraded to celebrity {280 grams}. However, we needed to ensure we had room for dessert. Nevertheless, the classic burgers were both more than enough. Full of succulent flavour and very, very filling!

Both burgers came with a side of fries… I thought I was super special when I found a has fry in my tin of fries but Helen had spotted something pretty damn cool on the menu. Planet Hollywood serves its fries as a trio assortment. That’s normal fries, hash fries and curly fries… How cool is that?


I’d been eyeing up the promotional leaflet on our table for one dessert in particular throughout the meal. Which is why I had no hesitation when we were asked: “Would you like to order any dessert?”.

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I’m talking about the Chocolate Comet Super Nova Shake. “Take our classic hand-dipped chocolate milkshake and bombard it with all manner of chocolate yumminess and our double chocolate brownie frosting, candy, chocolate peanut butter cups, brownies and a cookie straw ? tell your taste buds that they have landed on a good planet”

Again, we decided to share…

Although I sort of which we hadn’t… In fact, I wouldn’t have minded a year’s supply of these things to go!

Interior Decor

As I mentioned in the introduction. The premise of Planet Hollywood was the ability to dine amongst some of the most famous costumes and props in the industry. It’s safe to say that Planet Hollywood didn’t disappoint on that promise.

Below are just a small sample of the many costumes and props on show… Honestly, the rest you simply have to see for yourself.

12-year-old me came out in seeing the famous T Birds jacket from the hit film Greece.

Just as seventeen-year-old me was impressed by the many Austin Powers costumes and props. In fact, that brought up in conversation that Helen has actually never seen Austin Powers (clearly been living under a rock)… This needs to change!

Finally, one for the horror buffs. A genuine razor-sharp finger knife that was worn by Robert England in the filming of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Planet Hollywood Shop

The Planet Hollywood store in the London restaurant isn’t the largest by any means. However, it’s still stocked with the Planet Hollywood merch essentials. Including glasses, t-shirts, hoodies, golf balls and more…

Helen and I were both super impressed by Planet Hollywood London. We spent the vast majority of the journey back to our London hotel discussing just how great the whole experience was!

We’re visiting London again in a months time with my entire family to celebrate my brothers 21st Birthday. Having bragged about the meal with endless photos in a group chat they’ve simply insisted we have to visit with them.

I really think that’s some of the beauty of eating at Planet Hollywood. It provides great opportunities to take shameless selfies and photos. It’s more than just a restaurant it’s an experience, and in that it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Thank you to Planet Hollywood for hosting us!

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