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Disney Park Bag Essentials

There are so many things I can think of to take to Disney parks. There is a lot to think about when you think about packing for your holiday nevermind packing for a day at the park, it can get overwhelming.

I think it depends on what you plan to do, if you have the dining plan or your buying food and if you are planning on saving money. This is a list of everything I can think of you would want or need on a day trip to the parks. If you are looking for a list of what to pack on your next Disney trip check out our packing list for all the help you will need.

Disney Park Bag Essentials


When I say important I mean these are the items you will need to get into the park. Things like your wallet, ID card, tickets/magic bands, and cash. These are the main things as I feel as long as you have these things the rest can be bought.

  • Tickets/ Magic Bands
  • ID / Drivers License
  • Credit Card/ Cash


I broke this down just for people to be able to really check things off their list. I generally go through these categories when I am packing my Disney park bag essentials.


Though you can buy these items you want to make sure you aren’t hunting around in the shops when you could be meeting your favourite characters. We found having one bag that had everything in and was only used for the Disney park bag it meant everything was there when we needed it.

  • Suncream – You can take a full size or bring a smaller size to cut down on the bulk. (Fill the small bottle up at the end of every day from a large suncream to save you buying another)
  • Hand Cream
  • Baby wipes/ Wet Wipes
  • Lipbalm
  • Anti Bacterial Hand Gel


  • Hat
  • Ponchos – great to have if you plan to stay dry even on the water rides
  • Towel
    Bag For Wet Clothes
  • Autograph Book
  • Snacks
  • Walkie Talkies – Someone pointed out this is helpful for non-US visitors if they don’t have reception or feel at home features.
  • Pen For Autographs
  • Ponchos – great to have if you plan to stay dry even on the water rides
  • Misting Fan – You can get these in the park but much cheaper at Walmart
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel – You can get super thin ones that roll up small, thin and easy to carry around.


  • Dilute Juice – if like our kids you want them to drink plenty of water in the heat but they don’t like it, we took a small squeezy dilute juice in the bag. This made it easy to get our bottles filled up and saved money on drinks.
  • Playing Cards or handheld games – great for entertaining kids in queues
  • Kids ID Tags
  • Bottles of bubbles – saves you buying one of the expensive ones in the park.

What To Pack For A Day At The Water Park

This will be different from your Disney park bag because you won’t want to take as much and it may be in a different bag. If you want to make sure your wet clothes don’t get everything else wet use resealable bags to hold the wetsuits while getting back to your hotel.


Some families will go in their swim gear and clothes and then go home in the same clothes. If you don’t want to do that you can take a small bag with spare clothes to travel home in.

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Swim Diapers/ Nappies
  • Water Shoes / Flips Flops
  • Dry Clothes – you can travel in your dry clothes and change when you get to the park.
  • Swim Suits
  • Beach Towels – These can be rented at the park or sometimes supplied at Disney hotels.
  • Goggles
  • Earplugs
  • Floatation toys /Armbands
  • Bag for wet clothes to go in.


Don’t underestimate remembering your toiletries. Even if you have to buy the odd item on your trip, remembering the majority will go along way to making your day easier, more fun and be better on the bank account.

  • Suncream
  • Lipbalm
  • Hand Gel
  • Wet Wipes

Tickets, Money & More

  • Tickets / Magic Bands
  • ID
  • Cash / Credit Card


  • Waterproof Camera – Case
  • Phone
  • Power Bank & Cable


  • Water Bottle – There are so many water bottles on the market and I am currently on the hunt for a new one. If you have ones you use already that are practical use those.
  • Snacks
  • Kids ID Tags
  • Water Toys
  • Any medical supplies – this is if you take tablets for any condition at intervals in the day, knee/leg braces etc.

That is everything on our Disney park bag essentials. We hope you have found this helpful and helped you remember everything you will need. If you have any essentials you feel you have needed in the past be sure to leave us a comment and we can add it in to help others.

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